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Virus Alert 3D for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardVirus Alert 3D 1.01

... computers and exterminate viruses floor by floor. You control ... Assist Al in collecting discs to throw at viruses. Due to budgetary cut-backs some departments do not ... Viruses frequently infect computers. Once ... computer is infected it will spit out duplicates until there is ... horde viruses running through the offices. We frown upon these types of results here ... computer is disinfected, nearby viruses will be zapped. The management staff at Companytechco ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2008-01-16 downloaded 79 times 18.75MB

AnVir Virus Destroyer for 64-bit systems

AnVir Virus Destroyer 7.5

... every-day work Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager http ... Information about startup programs and services. Integrated database with Descriptions for ... 70 000 startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services ... network, memory and Laptop battery Get rid of viruses, trojans, spyware and malware that your antivirus missed ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-06-15 downloaded 92 times 1.72MB

McAfee Anti Virus Plus for 64-bit systems

McAfee Anti Virus Plus 2012.16

... is idle. All of which means, McAfee Anti Virus Plus won ... McAfee Active Protection technology inside McAfee Anti Virus Plus instantly analyzes and blocks new and emerging ... PC health. Get your copy of Mcafee Anti Virus Plus now to protect your PC ... Santa Clara, United States, 01.01.2012McAfee AntiVirus Plus offers proactive PC security to prevent malicious ... -McAfee Active Protection technology inside McAfee AntiVirus Plus instantly analyzes and blocks new and emerging ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2012-06-06 downloaded 53 times 130.67MB

Megaman Virus Mission for 64-bit systems

Megaman Virus Mission 1.0

Is a fight to the death between Megaman X and Magma Dragoon! A very fun turn based RPG Mega Man game. Mega Man is back to save the world. Will you help Mega Man to destroy the virus?

Games Play - Action / Shooter Games 2009-11-23 downloaded 54 times 6.01MB

Anti-Virus Helix for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnti-Virus Helix 8.2

... Web, at home or at the office, with protection against the most malicious threats on the Internet ... viruses, worms, and rootkits. Open e-mail, shop, and bank online ... support experts at the Lavasoft Support Center -Advanced protection against malicious threats ... viruses, worms, Trojans, bots, and more ... the burden of constant cyber attacks with real-time protection, keeping you safe from sneaky assault tactics like ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2009-01-09 downloaded 288 times 21.39MB

Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner

... 60-Second Virus Scanner is ... Even if you already have an antivirus software, it double checks the performance of your ... current solution. Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner takes full advantage of cloud scanning technology, which ... resources, and it works perfectly with any other antivirus software. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-03-08 downloaded 31 times 0.16MB

Zhelatin Virus Removal for 64-bit systems

Zhelatin Virus Removal

... Once the Zhelatin worm installs itself onto your computer, it sends ... account to all of your contacts. Additionally, the Zhelatin worm slows your computer, reduces your available system ... block execution of legitimate Windows programs, making its removal problematic. This bogus program encourages you to believe ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2015-07-07 downloaded 27 times 0MB

Zhelatin Virus Scanner for 64-bit systems

Zhelatin Virus Scanner

... The Zhelatin worm, also known as Worm. Zhelatin.DAM, is ... through malicious e-mail attachments. Like all computer worms, Zhelatin has the ability to replicate and spread copies ... and damage it can cause on your system. Zhelatin is usually included in an email attachment that ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2015-05-19 downloaded 31 times 0MB

Norton Anti Virus for 64-bit systems

Norton Anti Virus 2010.16.9.14

... Norton Anti Virus 2010 offers quick, responsive protection against all types ... secures your computer from without slowing it down. Norton Anti Virus updates every ... latest threats. Working quickly and silently in background, Norton Anti Virus requires very few memory and other resources. New ... concert to detect and block hacker attacks. Get Norton Anti Virus 2010 today to defend your PC ... Woburn, United States, 06.18.2010 Symantec Corp. releases Norton Anti Virus 2010. Norton Anti Virus software offers quick, responsive ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2010-06-24 downloaded 85 times 24.51MB

iSafe Virus Removal for 64-bit systems

iSafe Virus Removal 2.9.29

... iSafe Virus Removal is ... boost slow computers. Just by ONE CLICK iSafe Virus Removal will take any PC problems away. Key ... keeping PCs running smoothly and error-free. An All-In-One virus removal tool. It will keep your PC and ... safe, clean and efficient with just ONE CLICK. Browser hijacker removal, It can help you get rid of unwanted ... delta. Create and Protect your own default homepage Malware removal, It can detects and help you get rid ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-09-16 downloaded 55 times 0.61MB

FBI Virus Scanner for 64-bit systems

... protection engine shows notification in case of disabled virus protection. -File system and registry clean-up from detected ... protection engine shows notification in case of disabled virus protection. -File system and registry clean-up from detected ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2015-01-29 downloaded 51 times 0MB

UVK - Ultra Virus Killer for 64-bit systems

UVK - Ultra Virus Killer

... simple but powerful manual virus removal and system repair tool. It introduced many new ... repair section is one of the most important UVk features. It contains fixes and tools to perform ... section gives you several tools and tweeks for Windows repair. This includes user profile backup, ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2014-10-05 downloaded 105 times 5.23MB

DownloadRoute good awardSimple Virus Scanner Software 7.0

... Quickly scan your computer for viruses.Quickly scan your computer for viruses. ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-09-02 downloaded 79 times 0.76MB

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows 8.00

Dr.Web detects and cures viruses The Dr.Web anti-virus functions on infected computers; its exceptional resistance to viruses makes it stand out among other anti-viruses. There is no need to cure a system prior to installing Dr.Web; this is due to the product’s unique technologies for scanning memory processes and its outstanding ability to neutralize active infections. It can even be run from external media without installing i...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-03-10 downloaded 61 times 140MB

PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner for 64-bit systems

PC HomeRun ICE Virus Scanner

... to visit each PC and check it for viruses. Instead check all PCs at once by one ... spending only few minutes to scan network for viruses with ... scan engine. Get notification about remote PCs where antivirus protection is disabled or virus databases are out-of-date. ... protection engine shows notification in case of disabled virus protection. File system and registry clean-up from detected ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2015-03-09 downloaded 46 times 0MB

Multi Virus Cleaner 2011 for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMulti Virus Cleaner 2011 11.5.2

... Multi Virus Cleaner is ... stand-alone utility used to detect and remove major viruses and spyware. It is not ... substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather ... administrators and users when cleaning infected systems. Multi Virus Cleaner is regularly updated and can detect over ... 14,500 common viruses, worms, trojans and spyware ... all variants of the Sober, MyDoom and Bagle viruses). The program boasts ... fast, user-friendly scanner that requires minimal processing power and is an ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2011-05-13 downloaded 125 times 8.09MB

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2015 for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardAshampoo Anti-Virus 2015 1.2.0

... Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2015 provides sophisticated real-time protection without compromise. Heavy on security, light on resources, ... virus, trojan, spyware and other malware is automatically eliminated without slowing down host PCs. ... Real-time protection neutralizes attacks as they happen ... Multi-engine scanner with two scan engines for maximum accuracy ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2015-03-11 downloaded 322 times 169.03MB

TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014 4.8

... TownScape USB Anti-Virus is ... lightweight background anti-virus that was created primarily for Memory Sticks ... it will prove very effective at solving the virus problem that has existed for way too long ... We have released TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014, which is exactly what this unique ... means in time we may take of the "USB" in TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014, this will surely ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2014-05-10 downloaded 73 times 1.87MB

eScan Anti Virus and AntiSpyware Toolkit 12.x

... Free eScan Antivirus and AntiSpyware Toolkit to scan and clean your ... PC of virus, adware, spyware, trojans, registry errors and other malware. -Works with Windows ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2011-08-30 downloaded 49 times 104.27MB

DownloadRoute cool awardWinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus 1.65

... The program is the whole complement to your virus scanner. The great advantage is, that WinHKI Anti-Virus ... virus or worm, which have overlooked from your virus scanner or haven ... recognized, WinHKI Anti-Virus will join in. It examines files, which ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-01-21 downloaded 162 times 0.38MB

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010

... Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010 ... designed to remove all types of threats from computers. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010 ... Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010 ... br />Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010 ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2010-06-27 downloaded 52 times 70MB

Max Secure Anti Virus Pro 2012

... Max Secure Anti Virus is ... when you are online browsing the Internet.Max Secure Anti Virus has advanced features which protect the users PC ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2011-11-15 downloaded 46 times 102.33MB

YT Free Downloader Malware Virus Free 1.0

... Free YouTube movie and mp3 downloader. 100 ... clean. YT Free Downloader allows to download videos from YouTube and convert ... them to the most popular formats. Absolutely free of viruses, malware and other unwanted software. You ... to worry about the safety any more. YT Free Downloader is completely free for download and free ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Editors (Video) 2015-01-31 downloaded 98 times 0.59MB

... CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware provides comprehensive protection against viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs that ... Secure Now provides proactive protection by monitoring critical program functions and settings, and ... Automatic Email Scanning protects against viruses that arrive via email, before they can cause ... documents Keep your important files safe from harmful viruses. Keep your privacy to yourself Stop spyware from ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2010-05-20 downloaded 44 times 77.1MB

DrawBridge for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDrawBridge 2007

... email based threats, and justifies confidence in online shopping and internet banking. DrawBridge checks browser security whenever ... such as your bank or escrow provider. Firewall, virus scanner, and the seemingly endless stream of sketchy ... Drawbridge with other security measures such as firewall, virus scanner, and Internet Explorer security patches can you ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2008-07-15 downloaded 170 times 2.68MB

NetSupport Servicedesk for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardNetSupport Servicedesk 5.10.0001

... changes needed to support an upgrade are effected. ServiceDesk allows you to procure the components in advance, ... by transferring the IT information collected by your ServiceDesk to your contingency plans, identifying where critical users ... and revenue related PCs are located. Virus prevention and remedial activities are essential for any ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2017-07-06 downloaded 167 times 71751.61MB

Free Android Data Recovery for 64-bit systems

Free Android Data Recovery

... Free Android Data Recovery is ... to accidental deletion, improper handling, OS error, rooting, virus attacking and others. Easy to use, no prior ...

Sys Utils - Data Recovery 2018-01-23 downloaded 41 times 3.04MB

eScan AntiVirus Edition for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardeScan AntiVirus Edition 11.x

... that creep around the internet such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and range ... that creep around the internet such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and range ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2013-05-23 downloaded 973 times 178.23MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardA Data Recovery Software- QR for FAT & NTFS 13.0.0

... even if the data gets lost due to virus attack, file corruption, disk crash, accidental files ... recovery task without facing any difficulties. Freebie of Windows data recovery software is also offered to the users. Avail ...

Sys Utils - Data Recovery 2012-11-20 downloaded 131 times 3.5MB

Anti-Spy.Info adware remover for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnti-Spy.Info adware remover 1.8

... and anti-virus software. The process viewer tells you every hidden function of all dynamic ... other hacker tools and protects from trojans that stealthy add an autostart key. It eliminates the traces ... other hacker tools and protects from trojans that stealthy add an autostart key. It eliminates the traces ...

Privacy Protection & Security - AntiSpam & Anti-Spy 2011-06-23 downloaded 137 times 2.07MB

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