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Astra S-Nesting for 64-bit systems

Astra S-Nesting 2.0.0

... Astra S-Nesting software is intended for optimizing true shape nesting. The software can be used for cutting parts ... other sheet materials. All the features of Astra S-Nesting software were designed to make the nesting process as ... drafts and specifications. Astra S-Nesting is intended for true shape nesting and cutting of metal, fabric, leather, wood, stone ... other sheet materials. The main purpose of the cutting program is to generate NC data for CNC cutting ...

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Cutting Software Solution for 64-bit systems

Cutting Software Solution 5.2

... complete cutting software package for rectangular nesting and true-shape nesting. Both ... labels and reports as well, and export your layouts directly to CNC cutting machines. You can also ... just about any computer aided design system. Again, layouts can be quickly and precisely edited and data ...

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NestLib Automatic nesting software 2012

... high speed true shape automatic nesting software for optimizing material utilization while fitting two-dimensional shapes ... nesting, Automatic sheet size selection, Optimal nesting makes NestLib the best solution in the industry. NestLib is ... available in DLL form and also as online nesting service. Online nesting suits best for occasional users like ...

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Cheewoo Nest 2D for 64-bit systems

Cheewoo Nest 2D 2.5.1010.1029

... Performing 2D automatic true shape part nesting using advanced nesting engine. Several levels of packing ... rate can be selectable. Packing direction and minimum distance in between parts are ... also adjustable. Able to nest multiple stocks an parts. Using industrial standard DXF ... are any errors during shape DXF file reading. Nesting result can be saved as DXF ...

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