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MediaMonkey for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMediaMonkey

... MediaMonkey is the music and movie manager for serious collectors. It catalogs audio ... CDs, M4A, OGG, WMA, FLAC, MP3, etc. ... CD ripper, podcast manager, and downloader to build your library, ... DLNA server, and sync manager to share it. With built-in conversion functionality, ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Library Managers 2018-01-26 downloaded 454 times 15.49MB

RoboMirror for 64-bit systems

RoboMirror 2.1

... GUI front-end for the quite popular Robocopy.exe command-line utility for Windows. Robocopy is shipped with ... as free SDK tool for previous Windows versions (RoboMirror already includes it ... powerful yet free backup utility. RoboMirror's aim is to make Robocopy more accessible by ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2016-01-23 downloaded 18 times 1.2MB

Easy Password Storage for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardEasy Password Storage 4.0

... now that there are mobile versions and easy synchronization between devices. It is the only password manager ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2014-02-17 downloaded 98 times 4.09MB

NoClone 2014 Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardNoClone 2014 Desktop 6.1.43

... that can helps user to instanly find true duplicate files, duplicate folders, similar images, duplicate images, duplicate mp3 ... Search Similar Images in iPhone ... Search Duplicate Files Contents and Similar Files Regardless of File Name ... Find out and delete similar images, duplicate folders, movies, mp3, pictures and softwares instantly ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2014-08-13 downloaded 1153 times 5.64MB

FreeCommander for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFreeCommander 2009.02

... FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily ... work in Windows. Here you can find all the necessary functions ... to manage your data stock. You can take FreeCommander anywhere ... Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2009-03-10 downloaded 113 times 2.33MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardHeatsoft Automatic Synchronizer 2017.32.1.1

... folder mirroring and file synchronization utility that enables you to perform the automated ... is to provide fast, flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files on most ... filters for included and excluded files, specifying the comparison rules and setting to schedule, selecting the synchronization ... and log file options. Each job can be scheduled to run automatically at specified times ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2017-03-18 downloaded 112 times 3.07MB

Audio DJ Studio for .NET for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAudio DJ Studio for .NET 10.1

... Audio DJ Studio for .NET is ... .NET component that adds audio/video playback and mixing capabilities to multimedia applications. Summary ... Playback of several audio formats through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI ... Possibility to change the player volume and the sound card volumes. ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2018-08-19 downloaded 169 times 19.56MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEMS Data Comparer for SQL Server 3.0

... these differences. Flexible customization of the comparison and synchronization process will enable you to select tables and ... wizard, guiding you through the data comparison and synchronization process step by step, and ... Wide range of synchronization parameters ... Saving data synchronization script to file for future use ... the powerful utility for data comparison and synchronization of SQL Server databases. You can download EMS ... The comparison and synchronization algorithm is significantly improved and is optimized for ...

Economics - Business Databases 2010-05-20 downloaded 263 times 7.59MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFTP Voyager Software Development Kit

... The FTP Voyager Software Development Kit ... FTP capabilities with same engine used in the FTP Voyager client. The SDK exposes FTP Voyager ... amount of effort. Virtually all functionality displayed by FTP Voyager is accessible to your application through the SDK. ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2010-03-21 downloaded 129 times 12.62MB

C-Organizer Pro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardC-Organizer Pro 6.2.2

... fully featured solution providing an easy-to-use organizer complete with ... planner, events calendar, contacts list, password manager and notes. The software includes everything that you need in ... plan your day effectively, remind you of important appointments and events and, most of all, maximize your ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2018-05-15 downloaded 171 times 25.52MB

Alzex Personal Finance Free for 64-bit systems

Alzex Personal Finance Free 5.9

... Personal Finances is ... freeware personal finance manager for people on the move. Designed to ... computer and from the USB flash drive, the program lets you enter transactions ... budget, or overspend. The program offers various graphs to help the user analyze ...

Economics - Money Management 2016-04-24 downloaded 89 times 11.91MB

DBSync for FoxPro & MSSQL for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardDBSync for FoxPro & MSSQL 2.0.2

... and MS SQL to FoxPro database conversion and synchronization simply by configuring several options in ... database or not. The program provides high speed synchronization and gives the opportunity to select Insert, Update ... step with savable log files and run again synchronization with session files that keep all your settings. ... data migration process. To guide you through all synchronization stages and settings adjustment for Filters, SSH and ... database migration tool for data conversion and synchronization from MS FoxPro database to MS SQL Server ...

Economics - Business Databases 2008-01-17 downloaded 83 times 17.47MB

ShareContacts for Outlook for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardShareContacts for Outlook 3.31.0655

... Share and sync Outlook contacts on multiple PCs without Exchange server. ShareContacts is ... Microsoft Outlook add-in for synchronizing and sharing Outlook contacts. Sync contacts folders, sync address book, sync distribution ... few clicks. Synchronize and share Outlook contacts automatically or manually. Share different contact ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2016-03-08 downloaded 97 times 8.74MB

File Mirror for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardFile Mirror 3.3

... File Mirror is ... very fast and robust files and folders synchronization software for Windows. It compares time stamps and file ... sizes between the source file and the corresponding destination file and automates the ... replication of data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more. ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2009-10-16 downloaded 79 times 2.27MB

Network Time System for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardNetwork Time System 2.4

... Network Time NTP Server is ... NTP server for time synchronization that allows to sync of all computers and devices on the network ... clocks with Internet time servers or any other local source of synchronization. Network ... creation of custom exact time source in corporate network environment establishing interconnected server time synchronization system for ... each and every machine on the enterprise network. This powerful software solution is ideal for networks ...

Computer Networking - Network Monitors 2018-05-11 downloaded 132 times 23.89MB

Solo Performer Show Controller SE 4.4

... system for live performances that plays background audio accompaniment, displays lyrics, and controls effects units. Musicians can ... create play lists of audio to use as background accompaniment for their performances. MIDI files may be ... audio or can be sent to an external MIDI device. Lyric displays can be added to display ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2010-03-20 downloaded 120 times 38.44MB

OLFolderSync for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardOLFolderSync 1.37

... The Outlook Add-In OLFolderSync can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook folder with anyone else ... background process facilitated by OLFolderSync synchronize messages. This allows you to easily synchronize Outlook ... new item is created or modified in an outlook folder, OLFolderSync automatically creates and sends ...

Sys Utils - File Compression & Encoding 2012-05-03 downloaded 126 times 17.97MB

Emsa Time Synchronizer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmsa Time Synchronizer 1.2.43

... Emsa Time Synchronizer is an useful time synchronization utility ... NTP client. Just one click and your computer clock is automatically set, using an NTP time server. ...

Computer Networking - Timers & Time Synchronizing 2016-07-17 downloaded 87 times 0.32MB

MirrorFolder for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMirrorFolder 5.1.310

... backup software for automatic synchronization and real-time ... Supports real-time as well as periodic synchronization at the specified time ... interval. It can also start synchronization automatically for removable drives when they are connected. ... It supports bi-directional synchronization option. ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2015-10-10 downloaded 101 times 3.84MB

DBSync for MS Access & MSSQL for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDBSync for MS Access & MSSQL 2.0.0

... server and MSSQL to Access database conversion and synchronization simply by configuring several options in wizard-like application. ... database migration tool for data conversion and synchronization from MS Access database ...

Economics - Business Databases 2008-01-17 downloaded 65 times 6.28MB

EMS DB Comparer for MySQL for 64-bit systems

EMS DB Comparer for MySQL 3.3

... ability to automate MySQL database schemas comparison and synchronization task using the helpful Console Application. Having EMS ... Ability to automate database comparison and synchronization using the Console Application ...

Economics - Business Databases 2010-06-04 downloaded 59 times 12.77MB

FTP Commander Deluxe for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFTP Commander Deluxe 9.21

... Award-winning file transfer ftp software for secure and reliable file transfer over FTP, ... FTPS and SSH. FTP Commander Deluxe supports multithreading data transfer, file synchronization and ... that user verification information can be intercepted. This secure FTP client provides full support for Shell Access, FTPS ... File Transfer Protocol using SSL ...

Computer Networking - SFTP & FTP Clients 2011-09-05 downloaded 110 times 3.27MB

EZOutlookSync Pro for 64-bit systems

EZOutlookSync Pro 3.1

... delivers industry strength for lightning fast and robust synchronization of large Outlook files between two or more ... computers. Supports synchronization with MS Exchange Server. The program offers two ... main synchronization modes ... both-way and unilateral. Along with synchronization, EZOutlookSync Pro can perform full backup of your Outlook ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2015-08-24 downloaded 75 times 2MB

Sync2 for Outlook for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardSync2 for Outlook 2.75

... computers now made easy with Sync2, powerful Microsoft Outlook synchronization add-in software. Sync Outlook personal and public folders. ... journal between multiple computers without Microsoft Exchange server. Sync Outlook with Google, Gmail contacts and tasks, sync Google ... calendar with Outlook. Clone and synchronize Outlook .pst data file using shared folder on LAN, ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2018-01-24 downloaded 335 times 18.22MB

DBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDBConvert for MS SQL & MySQL 2.1.0

... your needs. For data protection during conversion or synchronization process you can open SSH tunnel for secure ... database converter which performs MS SQL to MySQL and MySQL to MS SQL conversions. Features ...

Economics - Business Databases 2008-01-26 downloaded 91 times 12.51MB

Heatsoft ADCS for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardHeatsoft ADCS 2016

... very fast and easy-to-use Directories and Files synchronizer. ADCS is great application and substitute for MS Briefcase. ... It is ideal for keeping files synchronized between ... very fast method of backing up critical directories. Any drive that your PC can attach to ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2017-02-03 downloaded 77 times 3.26MB

InstantSync FTP for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardInstantSync FTP 4.0

... desktop tool for high speed file synchronization, moving, mirroring, replication, and remote backups over FTP. The underlying ... it perfect solution for web site updates and remote backups. The Sync Preview feature displays sync results without ... and attributes. The InstantSync accelerates file transfers with multithreaded transfer engine and on-the-fly file compression. It also ...

Computer Networking - SFTP & FTP Clients 2014-04-24 downloaded 94 times 20.08MB

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server 4.3

... powerful, fast and easy to use SQL compare tool able to complete any data comparison and ... Comparision and synchronization of system-visioned tables ... New comparision and synchronization options ... Comparison and synchronization of memory-optimized tables ... Generating comparison and synchronization reports ...

Economics - Business Databases 2017-12-22 downloaded 145 times 27.49MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardSolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin Home Edition 3.0.1802.22

SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin Home Edition is a fast and small tool to losslessly cut cut or edit out any part of AVI, WMV, ASF, WAV, WMA, MP3, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, AVCHD, FLV, MP4, MOV, WEBM, MKV files loaded to Windows Media Player. No quality degradation. No out of sync problems. No AVI size restrictions.

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2018-02-26 downloaded 148 times 15.98MB

HSLAB Free Shutdown Folder for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardHSLAB Free Shutdown Folder 2.0.4

... of important data, deletion of unnecessary temporary files, synchronization of data with mobile systems, and many others. ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2011-02-20 downloaded 89 times 1.84MB