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PC Startup Master for 64-bit systems

PC Startup Master 3.0.238

... PC Startup Master is ... system startup speed and enhance system response. PC Startup Master has compact, simple and customizable user interface enabling ... to do much with less steps, making PC Startup Master suitable for beginners which have no or little ... feature of PC Startup Master that helps in optimizing system startup speed by ... launching startup applications, greatly reducing impact on system performance caused by too many applications starting at the ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2015-08-24 downloaded 56 times 7.57MB

DownloadRoute good awardEmail Password Recovery Master 2.0

... end here. Email Password Recovery Master restores the inner balance of your life ... The program supports both offline software e-mail clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, ... Not only does Email Password Recovery Master recover email clients and browser passwords to ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2013-12-12 downloaded 194 times 2.1MB

EvJO Wallpaper Changer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardEvJO Wallpaper Changer 3.1

... EvJO Wallpaper Changer ... Scans directories for new wallpaper files ... Changes the wallpapers at Windows startup ... Stores multiple wallpaper's list ... Changes the wallpaper when Windows starts, every ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2010-09-10 downloaded 151 times 6.8MB

Appnimi Password Helper for 64-bit systems

... About Appnimi Password Helper Appnimi Password Helper is simple tool to help you to generate ... set the parameters easily before generate password Using Appnimi Password Helper Prequisites ... file Select the default settings while installing Run "Appnimi Password Helper" using one of the shortcuts on desktop or ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2014-11-18 downloaded 44 times 0.34MB

Don't Panic! for 64-bit systems

Don't Panic!

... Close (hide or minimize ... Close, hide or minimize as many programs as you want using the ... by executable filename or keywords present in the window title ... Predefined software paths ... includes paths for all Windows games ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2015-02-06 downloaded 62 times 1.16MB

Password Dragon for 64-bit systems

Password Dragon 5.0

... free, easy and secure password manager that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. ... free. No strings attached. Password Manager does not contain any spyware or ad-ware. ... Files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm. Remember only the master password. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2009-12-07 downloaded 0 times 0.72MB

Private Label Popup Blocker for 64-bit systems

Private Label Popup Blocker 2.1

... Master Resell Rights. You choose the private label company name, product name and website ... This popup stopper software monitors all open IE windows for ... button. Once you turn off Setup Mode, only popups from sites you have specifically allowed will be ... lets you choose whether to allow or permanently block popups from that site. Press Win ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2010-06-08 downloaded 58 times 2.47MB

LeexSpeed 2010 Professional for 64-bit systems

LeexSpeed 2010 Professional 1.8.4091

... Anti-Virus and Firewall Why Updated drivers ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2010-10-19 downloaded 23 times 183.69MB

1-abc.net Personal Information Center 4.00

... Many kinds of personal data can be organized on your computer. This program ... includes all features for creating and saving password data, private diary entries, birthday data, calendar entries, databases ... and personal addresses in one easy to use software suite. Instead ... can be to get access to all your personal data from just one program. With Password Organizer ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2013-02-14 downloaded 36 times 1.51MB

TuneUp360 for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardTuneUp360

... 1.PC Health Check FREE ... PC Security Checking and Fixing Check and fix issues which may threat your computer security. ... Redundancy Cleaner Clean your computer ... Privacy Protector Clean activity traces of hard disk private data. ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2010-12-16 downloaded 223 times 2.96MB

Easy LeexSpeed 2011 for 64-bit systems

Easy LeexSpeed 2011 6.7.2411

... this without any additional knowledge, just run the Accelerator. Keep your computer clean and accelerate its features ... modes of scan Clenup, create virtual disk and defragmentation disk Repair disk defragmentation and correct error in ... surfing Safe-eject and security flash Speed test and accelerator internet and network Installed and uninstall software Update ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2011-01-31 downloaded 25 times 46.45MB

PC Speed Master for 64-bit systems

PC Speed Master 1.6.21

... PC Speed Master is ... Registry Cleaner and PC Speed Optimizer that utilizes advanced technologies to analyze and fix ... PC errors and registry malfunctions. Download PC Speed Master and Scan Your PC for FREE ... PC Speed Master will LOCATE ...

Sys Utils - Registry Tools 2012-04-03 downloaded 32 times 16.8MB

Simon King`s MagicRAR for 64-bit systems

Simon King`s MagicRAR 8.5

... The Magic of MagicRAR Ever wondered how to compress files ... separate archive management utility. MagicRAR offers you the convenience of obviousness ... Real-Time Full Disk Compression Use MagicRAR Drive Press to safely compress your entire disk ... using proven NTFS compression. Unlike built-in NTFS compression, MagicRAR Drive Press compresses your entire disk even when ...

Sys Utils - File Compression & Encoding 2013-03-31 downloaded 35 times 13.57MB

Don't Panic! for 64-bit systems

Don't Panic!

... Close (hide or minimize ... Close, hide or minimize as many programs as you want using the ... by executable filename or keywords present in the window title ... Predefined software paths ... includes paths for all Windows games ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2015-02-06 downloaded 43 times 1.16MB

RADIO AdsMan Pro for 64-bit systems

RADIO AdsMan Pro

... The program for automation of advertising playlists from ... database of available advertising spots. Provides opportunities to export in various formats ... custom reports, graphical grid schedule and other opportunities. Software functions ... composite commercials, which include more than ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2017-10-12 downloaded 33 times 19.71MB