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Sync For SQLServer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardSync For SQLServer 2.0

... Sync For SQLServer is designed for software developers or database administrators ... who are working with the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database. It compares two SQL Server databases ... SQL change script to convert the database architecture with its tables, relationships, stored procedures, functions, ... ... AND DATA into the desired target database. The existing data in the target database remains ...

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dataPro for 64-bit systems

dataPro 2.0

... Excel Spreadsheets and text files to the database. dataPro supports schema conversion and data copying beetween MySql, ... PostgreSQL, MS Access, SQLServer, Oracle and SQLite. dataPro has easy to use explorer style graphical interface ... have to install Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to work with Access databases ... or Excel Spreadsheets. Using dataPro, you can perform data manipulations within ...

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Log Monitor Export for 64-bit systems

Log Monitor Export

... monitors many log files at the same time ... log records export to SQLServer DB ... Export 5. Innovative real-time text log files monitoring software released December, ... its an all-in-one solution for local and remote log files monitoring that allows software, hardware developers and administrators ...

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Visual SQLTools 2012 Professional 12.2.2

... Visual SQLTools 2012 Pro ... professional database and SQL development tool, based on the .NET ... which lasted ten years carefully crafted, Support for Oracle,SQLServer,MySQL,DB2,Sybase,PostgreSQL,Access seven kinds of commonly used databases. Has many ... 1. View the table/view structure. 2. Table and field search. 3. Table ...

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JadaSite for 64-bit systems

JadaSite 2.04.02

Site Multi-lingual Use base language when foreign language translation is not available Multi-currency Display currency in local currency format Enter money value in local currency Real time conversion to local currency if value in local currency is not available Multiple sites sharing the same inventory Single checkout from multiple sites Activate and deactivate of language with ease Activate and deactivate of currency wit...

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SQL Server Audit Software for 64-bit systems

SQL Server Audit Software 14.01.01

... data and view reports on archived audit data. SQL Server Audit software provides multiple options to audit some or ... Server change to the administrator. It also creates SQL Server audit report in Compliance specific format for individual SQL ... network. SQL Server Audit software generates SQL Server reports in CSV, PDF ...

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Restore MS SQL Server Database 6.0

... your problems are going to short out. Download SQL recovery software and easily restore MS SQL server database from ... Use SQL recovery software to simply restore MS SQL Server database after ...

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Advance MDF SQL Server Database 6.1

The SQL recovery tool is an advanced MDF SQL Server database recovery software which performs SQL recovery processes with ease and easily repairs SQL Server database which has got corrupted. This MDF SQL Server database recovery software carefully recovers MDF and NDF SQL Server database with its entire element of SQL database such as tables, triggers, stored procedure and views.

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Restore MDF SQL Server Database 6.1

... how to restore MDF file are common queries which occurs due to corruption. ... For solving these queries use SQL Server database recovery utility which is an outstanding and cost effective ... SQL Server database file in fraction of minutes. SQL Server database recovery software recovers MDF ...

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SQL Server Management Software 14.1

... Lepide SQL Storage Manager, the free SQL Server Management Software, has been developed with exceptional database management ... the most preferred relational database management systems. Lepide SQL Storage Manager helps you to achieve the maximum performance of ... that proper disk usage can be done. Lepide SQL Storage Manager offers ...

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SQL Server Monitoring for 64-bit systems

SQL Server Monitoring 14.1

... or modification. Whatever may be the operation, gradually SQL server database increases in size and any minor ignorance may ... professional SQL server monitoring software such Lepide SQL storage manager. As SQL ... you to forecast future storage space requirements for SQL server database. And above all, it is ...

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SQL Server Performance Monitoring Software 14.1

... professional third party tool. Lepide SQL storage manager is one of the most recommended tools in ...

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SQL Server Data Recovery for 64-bit systems

SQL Server Data Recovery 13.05.01

... issues, users are recommended to use Kernel for SQL Recovery. This tool is prefect in SQL server recovery. ... SQL Server and Batch files. Kernel for SQL Recovery does not pose any restriction on file size ... regarding MDF file restoration. The SQL Server Data Recovery tool recovers every single object of PDF file ...

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