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SharePoint Recovery for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Recovery 13.09.01

... Kernel for SharePoint Server offers easy way to perform SharePoint file ... recovered data. Software is the best bet to recover SharePoint documents in case of MDF database damage. Using different ... Using these dual modes help administrators to perform SharePoint recovery in online and offline mode. Software performs SharePoint ... database recovery and supports MS SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 and 2013 and MS SQL ... 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012. Highly compatible SharePoint recovery tool that supports all Windows platform ...

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SharePoint Recovery for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Recovery 3.0

... your problem by providing you updated version of SharePoint Recovery software. It is ... perfect solution to recover SharePoint sites, and all other items from corrupt SharePoint ... Server. This SharePoint file recovery software can repair, recover SharePoint files ... then restore SharePoint document library, database etc in the best possible ... extent. SharePoint recovery tool uses few easy steps to perform ... SharePoint 2007 recovery and SharePoint 2003 recovery. The question how to recover SharePoint database will ...

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IMAlerts for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

IMAlerts for SharePoint

... IMAlerts for SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration solution for Windows SharePoint Services v3 ... and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007 ... With IMAlerts, SharePoint users receive alerts as instant messages on their PCs and mobile devices when an ... IMAlerts supports Google Talk or any other XMPP network. IMAlerts is completely independent of SharePoint built-in ... email alerts and can be used in addition to ...

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XPlica for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

XPlica for SharePoint 6.11

... XPlica for SharePoint is ... content migration solution used to migrate contents between SharePoint servers. XPlica supports migration of site collections, webs, ... history and user permissions to the desired target SharePoint server. It helps SharePoint administrators bring together all ... under one Site Collection and ease administration of SharePoint Sites. It also contributes towards improving the efficiency ... of corporate SharePoint setup. It has been used an an efficient ...

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SPListX for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

SPListX for SharePoint 7.16.3

... SPListX for SharePoint is ... file attachments to the Windows File System. Export SharePoint libraries, folders, documents, list items, version histories, metadata ... single product. This tool helps SharePoint administrators keep non-SharePoint users in touch and updated ... that are being shared and maintained in the SharePoint environment. ...

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SharePoint AD Administration for 64-bit systems

SharePoint AD Administration 1.8.508.1

... OU. By delegating specified managers with limited abilities, SharePoint AD Admin will decrease the total workload of ... System Administrators. The SharePoint AD Administration web part allows administrators to safely ... delegate limited Active Directory administration permissions and user management capabilities to front-line ... provisioning and minor account change tasks necessary in Active Directory in ...

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SurveyUP for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

SurveyUP for SharePoint 1.6.0

... member opinions and definition of vital issues. Microsoft SharePoint platform provides the possibility to organize surveys and ... surveys, polls and quizzes on anyplace of your SharePoint portal with SurveyUP web-part for Microsoft Office SharePoint ...

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SharePoint Project Timer for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Project Timer 1.3.508.3

... The SharePoint Project Timer web part is ... powerful and flexible digital countdown timer that helps remind you of important, upcoming milestones ... track of time for long-term project planning. The SharePoint Project Timer also includes ... the proper countdown time will still be displayed. SharePoint Project Timer is ... have tasks more structured and finished on time. SharePoint Project Timer gives the user the option to ...

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SharePoint Wiki Redirect for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Wiki Redirect

... which version is displayed by default. This free SharePoint wiki web part gives you the ability to quickly toggle between ... the SharePoint wiki versions edited most recently, the latest approved ... version will be displayed whenever someone accesses the SharePoint wiki. The ... setting lets you choose between the SharePoint wiki page and the version history page as ... page and the current approved version of the SharePoint wiki are selected as defaults, the wiki page ...

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SharePoint Batch Check In for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardSharePoint Batch Check In 2.10.508.2

... content type when checking in. SharePoint Batch Check In overcomes the limitations of SharePoint ... if you are checking-in several hundreddocuments at once. SharePoint Batch Check In solves this problem by allowing you to ... check-in settings give you full control over how SharePoint handles your documents. Check in ... change each item one by one. Support All SharePoint columns including Managed Metadata, External Data and boostsolutions ...

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Aspose.Cells for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

Aspose.Cells for SharePoint

... Aspose.Cells for SharePoint is ... Excel documents into multiple document formats within Microsoft SharePoint applications. Now you can easily convert documents right ... from the SharePoint document library into popular formats like XLS, XLSX, ... CSV, HTML, ODS, PDF, XML and TXT without using MS Excel for document generation. It ... is designed to be used with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 ... and MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 ...

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Aspose.Words for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

Aspose.Words for SharePoint

... Aspose.Words for SharePoint allows you to convert documents within the Microsoft ... XPS. It is designed to be used with Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 ... options etc. Multiple formats support Having Aspose.Words for SharePoint installed you can convert documents right from your ... be done with high fidelity. Currently Aspose.Words for SharePoint supports the following input formats ... OpenDocument To generate documents, Aspose.Words for SharePoint relies on ...

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HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint 1.0

... HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint allows you to display document and image thumbnails ... directly in SharePoint document or picture libraries. It provides the very ... adjustable settings for thumbnail appearance and compatibility with SharePoint 2010 and 2013. HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint will ... HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint. Solutions built on the SharePoint platform occupy ... time-consuming search. HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint has been created specifically to simplify such work. ...

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SharePoint Choice Indicator for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Choice Indicator 1.4.507.1

... you to quickly scan and sort through lengthy SharePoint lists without compromising individual list item data. The ... Indicator feature is an extension of the default SharePoint Choice Column, which does not support color-coding on ... color for each choice once the SharePoint Choice Indicator feature has been successfully installed. Label ... Two-way conversion between the SharePoint Choice feature and the Choice Indicator feature ...

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Ribbon Designer for SharePoint 1.0

... true RAD tool for creating custom ribbons for your SharePoint and Office 365 solutions without ... learning Ribbon XML. Specialized components of the Ribbon Designer allow you to quickly build custom SharePoint ... new ribbon to your existing project. The Ribbon Designer components are integrated inside of Visual Studio ... and make creating custom ribbons really simple, whether you develop for on-premise SharePoint ...

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dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 5.0.0

... Look no further as dSHIFT has the perfect SharePoint 2010 Migration Tool that lets you successfully migrate ... and then also provide superior insights to your SharePoint environment ... is surely one stop solution to all your SharePoint migration and administration needs. Try the evaluation version using ... download-migrator and start to Migrate SharePoint Data now. ...

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MAPILab Explorer for SharePoint 2.0.0

... MAPILab Explorer for SharePoint is an instrument for developers that essentially simplifies ... development of solutions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. ... browser for exploring SharePoint object model. Due to .NET Reflection technology, browser ... program help file, besides examples of operations with SharePoint objects ... usage of any properties and fields of SharePoint objects including hidden ... the time spent on examination and debugging of SharePoint solutions. Freeware. ...

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SharePoint AD Management Pack 1.0.802.40

... Information Sync, AD Administration and AD Self Service. SharePoint Password Change lets users personally change their passwords ... before expiration to prevent system lockout. SharePoint Password Reset makes users resetting their password right ... on their SharePoint page without IT administrator ... help possible. SharePoint AD Information Sync synchronizes AD information with SharePoint ... lists to help keep both lists parallel. SharePoint AD Admin web part helps reduce overall workload ...

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SharePoint List Sync for 64-bit systems

SharePoint List Sync 1.5.710.2

... it be easier if you can combine different SharePoint lists in one so you don ... different departments in your company by combining their SharePoint lists so you can work with only one aggregated ... list. SharePoint lists may also be sorted and split into several ... users for content restriction. Eliminate idle time as SharePoint List Sync automatically updates changes from source lists to target ... sync reversely so any progress is always up-to-date. SharePoint List Sync is an add-on feature for synchronizing document files ...

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SharePoint Workflow Boost for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Workflow Boost 1.1.1019.1

... document flows are seamlessly created and channeled with SharePoint Workflow Boost. Create automated workflows with SharePoint Workflow Boost, ... drag-and-drop workflow designer that any SharePoint 2010 user can use and manage. Organize sequence ... and assign tasks, deploy and let SharePoint Workflow Boost automate the workflow automatically ... collaboratorDelegate activity and deploy workflow among users with SharePoint Workflow Boost's simple yet intuitive designer ...

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SharePoint Password Reset for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Password Reset 1.12.523.0

... web part without intervention from SharePoint administrator ... lets users reset their password right on their SharePoint page without having to ask the administrator or ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2013-06-12 downloaded 44 times 2.15MB

SharePoint Meeting Manager for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Meeting Manager 1.0

... Improved SharePoint Meeting Workspace template, that covers the complete meeting life-cycle before, during ... Planning for the meeting: Setting the meeting time and place using Outlook ... or SharePoint, inviting attendees, defining required and optional attendees, define the attendee role ... Organizer, Attendee, Minute Taker), rescheduling notifications, tracking attendee responses, defining the agenda, ...

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SharePoint Calendar Rollup for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Calendar Rollup 2.3.627.1

... SharePoint Calendar Rollup is designed to substantially expand and enhance the ... functionality of the default Microsoft SharePoint calendar by ... for team scheduling, planning and management in SharePoint. SharePoint Calendar Rollup expands the functionality of the default calendar ... wide range of features and capabilities. Set up SharePoint Calendar Rollup to show calendars from SharePoint Lists ... view. More features and functionalities are available when SharePoint Calendar Rollup is used on SharePoint as compared to ...

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SharePoint Document Recovery for 64-bit systems

SharePoint Document Recovery 13.09.01

... Kernel for SharePoint server recovery software is much powerful tool in ... folders from corrupt MDF database effortlessly. Kernel for SharePoint Server tool is useful in cases of document ... Live SQL Instance mode is preferred when MS SharePoint Server is down. The recovered SharePoint folders are ... can select and see the preview of recovered SharePoint data. The SharePoint document recovery software generates ... HTML format and it has complete details of SharePoint folder location. The connection with MS SQL server ...

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Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1

... Nevron Barcode for SharePoint is an advanced web part for all versions ... WSS3.0, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 ... linear and matrix barcodes directly inside SharePoint. The Barcode Web Part delivers ... or VB.NET code. Introducing Nevron Barcode for SharePoint 2016.1 Nevron Barcode for SharePoint has been enhanced ...

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Nevron Vision for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

Nevron Vision for SharePoint 2016.1

... Nevron Data Visualization technology for Microsoft SharePoint is designed to provide exceptional reporting and dashboarding ... features to SharePoint users and IT Professionals. The web parts included in the suite are configured visually and ... directly in SharePoint environment, through an exhaustive web-based interface. The web ... data aggregation engine, allowing the authoring of complex dashboards that perform sophisticated data analysis. This, combined with ...

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Nevron Gauge for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

Nevron Gauge for SharePoint 2016.1

... Nevron Gauge for SharePoint delivers ... rich set of Linear and Radial Gauges, Numeric Displays and State Indicators to your SharePoint ... applications. The web part uses the powerful Nevron Pivot data aggregation engine, ... numeric and real time data inside SharePoint. The web part is also very useful in the creation of ... Enterprise grade digital dashboards and reports as an integral part of the ...

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Nevron Chart for SharePoint for 64-bit systems

Nevron Chart for SharePoint 2016.1

... the new Nevron Pivot Data Aggregation Engine, Nevron Chart for SharePoint is optimized for SharePoint ... providing advanced charting functionality and ... of features to developers and IT professionals. Nevron Chart for SharePoint features ... complete set of 2D and 3D charting types, advanced Axis Model, Pivot Data Aggregation and ...

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Repair SharePoint Database for 64-bit systems

Repair SharePoint Database 13.09.01

... file, there are situations when while working with SharePoint server, you could too come across database corruption ... no need to worry as this Kernel for SharePoint Server Recovery facilitates you with an appropriate way ... successful scanning of database is performed. Moreover, to repair SharePoint database the software is very well embedded with two ... is one such highly advance tool that can repair SharePoint database and its items like tables, documents, indexes, labels ...

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Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 for 64-bit systems

... dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013 Features ... easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes migrating and restructuring your SharePoint site collections swift and simple. Granular Migration ... Many SharePoint migration projects only involve specific site collections or ... sub-sites. Instead of migrating an entire SharePoint server farm and forcing administrators to manually delete ... To maximize your SharePoint production server ... executed during off-peak hours. The dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013 allows administrators to schedule unattended migrations, minimizing ...

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