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A1 Keyword Research for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardA1 Keyword Research 9.3.1

... Optimize website content and keywords. Discover related keywords and phrases. Build keyword lists that cover all ... ranking positions on graphs and charts. Check keyword density. Have titles, headers etc. ... more than normal text. Analyze competition for keywords in search engine result pages, e.g. page keyword ...

Screen Savers - Christmas & Holidays 2018-10-19 downloaded 194 times 8.38MB

Keyword Research Pro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardKeyword Research Pro 1.0.3

... Keyword Research pro is ... keyword research tool with the following features ... different sources of keywords adding up to billions of keywords. Google, Wordtracker, ... Multi-language support allows you get keywords in 41 specific languages. ...

Economics - Business Databases 2008-07-23 downloaded 72 times 2.34MB

EyeTracking Research Studio for 64-bit systems

EyeTracking Research Studio 1.01

... Stop guessing and use the unique features of eye tracking to get insight into peoples attention. Imagine looking ... compare it to the campaign of your competitors. Eye Tracking Research Studio includes powerful visualizations which make communicating ... the results an easy task. Eyetracking research studio is the all-in-one software package for eye ... tracking studies. Designed to work with Mirametrix Eye Tracker, it makes eye tracking studies incredibly easy. Get ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2016-02-18 downloaded 23 times 2.51MB

iMiser Research Assistant for 64-bit systems

iMiser Research Assistant 3.3

... Save and organize Web pages and links, email, images, blogs, selected text, RSS, newsgroup and forum ... Save and organize Web pages and links, email, images, blogs, selected text, RSS, newsgroup and forum ... click. Add notes to personalize your Web pages. Email saved information to friends. Use the built in ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2012-07-07 downloaded 69 times 6.35MB

Free Keyword Research Tool for 64-bit systems

Free Keyword Research Tool 1.01

... few things you can do with our Free Keyword Research Tool ... excel sheet for more in depth analysis.with our Free Keyword Research Tool you are able to research popular ...

Web Design - SEO Keywords 2009-11-28 downloaded 0 times 1.24MB

AlienTune3D Voice Research Laboratory 1.3.5

... AlienTune3D Voice Research Laboratory is ... 3D spectral parametric voice signal and sound editor. Designed for professionals working with voice, AlienTune3D ... offers advanced voice editing capabilities, for example, signal spectral editing. Its flexible workflow, coupled with exceptional ease ... of use and precise editing tools, gives you the power to process digitized ...

Audio & Mp3 - Voice Tools 2014-12-06 downloaded 341 times 14.78MB

NoteExpress research & reference manager

... of the bibliographic search and management system with its newly-upgraded software NoteExpress--one of the ... most professional system of bibliographic search and management. This multi-language system is ... perfect assistant for researchers to search, download and manage bibliographic data and ... dissertations with high efficiency. NoteExpress can generate references lists of different output styles through the add-in ...

My Hobby & Education - Misc 2010-10-14 downloaded 75 times 22.68MB

IBP SEO Software for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardIBP SEO Software 12.2.12

... IBP is the only SEO software program that guarantees you top 10 Google rankings ... search engine submitter, ranking checker, link builder, keyword analysis and research tool, website ... Quickly find the best keywords for organic search engine optimization and pay per click. Top 10 Optimizer ... proven website promotion tool that will help you to get high search ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2015-07-30 downloaded 227 times 6.45MB

Holdem Inspector Pro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardHoldem Inspector Pro 4.04d5

... Calculate Texas Holdem poker odds instantly while you play online. If you run ... to 10 million simulations to perform various holdem research or to test profiles. The latest version includes ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2011-09-27 downloaded 115 times 5.4MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardjPDFViewer Java PDF Viewer Bean v2013R1

... PDF viewer right in your Java application or website. jPDFViewer ... Java webstart application. jPDFViewer provides full navigation capabilities and can open documents ... database. With jPDFViewer, your application remains in control of your documents, ... based on any criteria implemented by your system. jPDFViewer is platform independent, so it can be used ...

Coding Software - Other 2013-04-29 downloaded 149 times 25.56MB

P34 Lotto for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool award

... P34 Lotto is ... new windows lottery software program for playing ... Daily pick' lotto games ... and Pick 4. Like cracking ... code, P34 Lotto does the math for you breaking the lottery ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2011-05-05 downloaded 101 times 16MB

REAL3D SCANNER for 64-bit systems


... REAL3D SCANNER allows you to make your own 3D scanner ... complete platform to do research on 3D scanning systems and helps you to ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2015-07-29 downloaded 112 times 39.19MB

DOVICO Timesheet for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDOVICO Timesheet 9.1

... DOVICO TimeSheet Software is an award-winning Time Management Software and Time Tracking Software adopted by thousands of ... successful companies worldwide for Tracking Time, monitoring Employee TimesSheets, and for Project Time Management. DOVICO TimeSheet Software ... proven Time Management Software adopted by thousands of successful companies worldwide for ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2010-03-27 downloaded 124 times 158.5MB

Space General - World War IV for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardSpace General - World War IV

... This space turn-based strategy game represents World War ... conflict on tactical level. Game contains missions, death-match and free hunt scenarios and ... unit production potential and technology level. The user-friendly game engine allows more than 60 unit types, including ... planet battleships, galaxy cruisers, death-stars, stealth units, star destroyers, air-space interceptors, explorers, planet artillery ...

Games Play - Strategy 2017-11-30 downloaded 180 times 4.67MB

LeoCrystal for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardLeoCrystal 2.7

... of reaction on the surface of the growing crystal for illustrative educational and research purposes. With the ... effective geometrical sizes of structure elements of the crystal and thermodynamic parameters of the process on the ... topology and kinetic of the crystallization. As soon ... process of crystal growth is presented itself in practically all major technology ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2011-01-14 downloaded 83 times 0.85MB

ClipMagic for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardClipMagic 4.1

... powerful clipboard extender. But it also goes much further than that ... powerful yet easy to use research and information management tool. ClipMagic can work with all web ... its own internal web browser, to make net research even faster. For clips taken from the web, ... comments against your clips, copy back to the clipboard, assign hot keys to them, paste them quickly ...

Sys Utils - Clipboard Utilities 2011-07-13 downloaded 101 times 5.58MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardDisk Write Copy Personal Edition

... restoring the system after users who like to research the system area ... RELIABLE PROTECTION AND FAST SYSTEM RESTORE CCS Company has released ... this mode, the user is working with the shadow copy of the disk instead of the original ... data and the shadow copy is automatically deleted after the computer is ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2008-10-13 downloaded 183 times 15.9MB

Magic Browser Recovery for 64-bit systems

Magic Browser Recovery 1.0

... Magic Browser Recovery will help you to restore browsing history and analyze ... It does not matter if you cleaned the browsing history, deleted an operating system user or uninstalled ... this utility will restore any data that can be lost. Magic Browser ... Recovery will analyze your hard disk and find all browsers which are used currently or have ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2018-04-16 downloaded 4 times 11.21MB

DownloadRoute good awardDebt Eliminator Loan Calculator 1.3

... Debt Eliminator Loan Calculator, this handy invaluable tool will allow you to ... month until you are debt free. With some research you can colsolidate loans, refinance and tweak your ... handle your credit card debt. The need for cash advances can become ...

Economics - Taxes 2008-01-21 downloaded 72 times 1.28MB

SafenSec Personal for 64-bit systems

SafenSec Personal 3.5

... new approach is needed. That approach is SafenSec. SafenSec Personal uses unique proactive technology, codenamed VIPO ... to keep your PC free of infections either. SafenSec Personal ... Viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, hacker attacks, keyloggers, zero-day exploits ... PC without permission. No new threat gets past SafenSec Personal ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Antivirus 2009-11-21 downloaded 57 times 74.25MB

Traffic Travis for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardTraffic Travis

... is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research. Features include ... Powerful PPC research tools. Using ...

Computer Networking - Searching Utils 2018-10-29 downloaded 246 times 61.99MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardCoinManage USA Coin Collecting Software 2015

... CoinManage USA 2015 Coin Collecting Software is ... complete inventory program for the US coin collector. Save many hours of tedious data entry by ... simply picking from listings of all US coins, commemoratives and sets from 1793-2014. Coin images are ... provided to help identification. CoinManage includes an integrated Report Designer and the best ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2014-11-03 downloaded 143 times 112.05MB

Virtual Music Composer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardVirtual Music Composer 3.0

... and offers many advantages. The use of Virtual Music Composer is based on listening to musical phrases created ... software. Program is designed to help you to make your own music: it does not require any prior knowledge of ... features. By this way, the use of Virtual Music Composer is suitable for newcomers to the art of ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2008-01-18 downloaded 164 times 37.67MB

HeyDoc! for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardHeyDoc! 1.8

... unique program that helps your doctor to keep you healthy. It provides an easy ... way to store and present all kinds of health information. HeyDoc ... all your personal medical information stays on your own computer. Nothing is ... Keep your medical information readily available while on vacation. Perfect for ...

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2010-02-10 downloaded 123 times 4.66MB

Recovery for Excel for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardRecovery for Excel 6.0.19635

... .XLS, .XLA, .XLSX ... disappear, analysis has to be redone, and vital research is compromised. When this happens, Recovery for Excel ... .xls, .xlsx and .xla files ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2013-01-17 downloaded 142 times 1.77MB

Free Poker News for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFree Poker News 1.0

... Rio Poker Toolbar has launch ... Johan Lev Rio Online Poker 32 Great Windmill St W1D 7LP London United ... 02032872453 Rio Poker has announced The Poker Toolbar ------------------------------------------------------- Rio Poker has announced The Poker ... Toolbar. Rwsop.com, online gaming community for casino and poker players has launched their own exclusive toolbar. ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2010-03-29 downloaded 133 times 1.55MB

TrendCatch SPpro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardTrendCatch SPpro 11.1

... TrendCatch SPpro monitor Stock Indices and compute live Trend Signals ... for S&P500 E-mini futures. One of the most important things ... change has been confirmed. Alert signals each time to Confirm the system changes TREND ... emotions. Access to historical performance based upon active day trading, showing the Trend signals for each day. TrendCatch ...

Graphics & Design - Miscellaneous 2016-03-24 downloaded 218 times 3.82MB

The Journal for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardThe Journal 7

... The Journal for you ... daily journal! Keeping ... daily journal has never been easier ... The Journal always knows what day it is, and automatically ... With The Journal you can be as organized as you want ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2016-11-05 downloaded 110 times 30.18MB

Tukanas Email Extractor for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardTukanas Email Extractor 1.0

... Tukanas Email Extractor has been made to collect email adresses from websites. It can obviously extract ... keywords to get results. You can easily extract emails from Internet. It will be usefull to extract ... emails for marketing, search directory creation, website promotion, web research etc. ...

Computer Networking - EMails Managers 2008-01-22 downloaded 70 times 0.92MB

DoublePics for 64-bit systems

DoublePics 3.07

... DoublePics finds and categorizes pictures and movies that are duplicate or similar on ... Picture and sequence recognition in videos ... DoublePics Server Interface The program ... both pictures which are practically identical ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2016-12-14 downloaded 85 times 6.93MB

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