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EvJO Wallpaper Changer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardEvJO Wallpaper Changer 3.1

... EvJO Wallpaper Changer ... including an ability to change your images in random order. Just in ... Scans directories for new wallpaper files ... Changes the wallpapers at Windows startup ... Stores multiple wallpaper's list ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2010-09-10 downloaded 154 times 6.8MB

SamLotto for 64-bit systems


... The great lottery software SamLotto since 2003 and continued strong. SamLotto ... lotteries from 62 countries. SamLotto fully features lotto lottery software that provides the best analysis tool, filtering ... tool and predicting tool to help you win lottery! You must stop trying to predict the lottery ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2018-12-04 downloaded 38 times 11.47MB

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker for 64-bit systems

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker 4.51

... Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker is ... professional photo screen saver software. It is easy to build an excellent cool ... professional, this screen saver maker of choice for you will make your screen ... friends or people on the web. Try this screen saver software and have fun today ...

Screen Savers - Makers & Tools 2013-09-17 downloaded 94 times 1.77MB

NShred for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardNShred 2.4.2982

... from PC hard disks. Name, size, contents of erased file or folder can never be recovered, by ... any software or hardware means. Also, you may erase free disk space, to eliminate evidence of already ... deleted files. Why just deleting is not enough ... folder in WindowsTM it is not actually erased. Simply, the hard disk descriptor table is updated ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2009-12-23 downloaded 41 times 4.1MB

Egg for 64-bit systems

Egg 1.6

... how much time you spend on jobs, time chess games, or to prevent you freezing soft-drink cans ... Egg is an easy to use timer that can do these tasks and more ... the room. Egg can display up to four timers at once, with each one having its own ... and text, repeat and direction settings. Twenty different timer configurations can be stored, and any can be ...

My Hobby & Education - Time Clocks 2010-09-25 downloaded 58 times 0.06MB

TextMaster Data Editor Standard Edition

... TextMaster is an extremely powerful and unique flat file editor. It allows you to very quickly and ... easily query your fixed/delimited files, as if they were an SQL database. ... SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE, records from your data file without having to import it into ... relational database. If you ...

Economics - Business Databases 2013-04-18 downloaded 62 times 23.6MB

Photo Resizer Pro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardPhoto Resizer Pro 5.5

... Resize, clone, change colors and do ... LOT more than resize. Easy to use with full help file. This ... software resizes the large photos to took with your digital ... functional with columns for before and after the resizes that lists the old and the new file ...

Graphics & Design - Converting Picture Formats 2016-02-09 downloaded 89 times 14.02MB

FlashSlider for 64-bit systems

FlashSlider 4.3.1

... Create Flash photo album and or flash slideshow in minutes, and complete it with music, flash ... transition effects and preloaders. Web slideshow created with FlashSlider is the best way to ... skills. Its easy-to-use intuitive GUI lets everyone create flash slideshow in ...

Web Design - Web Design & Other Tools 2008-12-26 downloaded 61 times 2.41MB

NuCode for 64-bit systems


... Learn Morse code as quickly as possible and without gimmicks. The ... lessons are based on an adaptation of the Koch method. If you can successfully complete the lessons ... wpm code test. No previous knowledge of Morse code is assumed. You are gently introduced to ... method was pioneered by the German psychologist Ludwig Koch. As well as the structured lessons NuCode offers ...

My Hobby & Education - Learning 2011-10-27 downloaded 25 times 1.38MB

The Hat for 64-bit systems

The Hat

... Just like drawing names from ... random order for ... group of people or to choose individual random names or groups of names. Just input ... list of names in any of several different ways, then let ... the program randomly re-order the entire list automatically or pick any number of random names ... individually or any amount of names at ...

My Hobby & Education - Parenting 2014-11-14 downloaded 127 times 0.8MB

Able Photo Slide Show for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAble Photo Slide Show

... Able Photo Slide Show displays your images continuously without you doing anything. ... say how long to display each picture, select transition effects and then sit back and watch. If ... resized to fit keeping the aspect ratio. Able Photo Slide Show features ... Load up multiple formats of images including tif, tiff, fax, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, pcx, bmp, dib, ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Viewers 2018-09-28 downloaded 191 times 20.83MB

MusicGoals Rhythm for 64-bit systems

MusicGoals Rhythm 2.1

... Rhythm training software for beginners to professional, develop timing and coordination, learn to play, read, and notate rhythms. Activities ... or drums. Follow courses provided or create unlimited random and semi-random drills. Use the standard metronome or ... and repeat any level. Create unlimited custom and random drills based upon your needs. ...

My Hobby & Education - Learning 2010-06-14 downloaded 53 times 8.98MB

Camouflage for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardCamouflage 1.03

... work with applications such as Adobe PhotoShop, JASC Paint Shop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint, ULead PhotoImpact and MicroGrafx ... Picture Publisher amongst many others. With Camouflage you can easily create any type of camouflage ... texture you desire, ranging from authentic WW2 army vehicle camouflage patterns to modern-day NATO patterns to ...

Graphics & Design - Other Design Utils 2008-01-20 downloaded 120 times 0.51MB

SignalLab VCL for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardSignalLab VCL 7.7

... Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for fast Digital Signal Processing ... manipulations with zero lines of program code. The library is fully multithreaded, utilizes very well modern multi-core ... Forward, and Inverse Fast and Discrete Fourier Transformations(FFT and DFT ...

Coding Software - Delphi & Pascal Programming 2015-11-06 downloaded 241 times 1793.83MB

DOFUS for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDOFUS 2.6

... Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Being ... Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game ... With hundreds of possible combinations associated with random variations, the tactical fighting system adds an undeniable ... interest to the MMORPG type. Numerous functionalities DOFUS offers the MMORPG players ...

Games Play - Play Online 2012-04-04 downloaded 95 times 4.17MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAQL Secure Password Generator 2.00a

... AQL Secure Password Generator ... allows you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to ... 1. Select the length of your password from ... 128. 2. Generate lowercase, uppercase, number or punctuation passwords. 3. Copy password to clipboard. 4. Support for ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2008-01-16 downloaded 66 times 0.83MB

Maze Creator STD for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMaze Creator STD 3.64

... Quickly and easily create random customized mazes with solutions to be printed or ... and GIF formats. Also simply referred to as Maze Creator, this is the original application and still shareware. ... to many file formats. It works well with Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher. WEB MASTERS, Non-profit ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2010-05-12 downloaded 105 times 3.7MB

Absolute Pitch for 64-bit systems

Absolute Pitch 2.30

... Ear training music app and virtual piano to help you learn perfect pitch, test your ... better musician. Absolute Pitch is ... unique method to teach you absolute or perfect pitch. This is the ability to name any note ... musician who has only relative pitch. The software plays notes in an atonal, rather ...

My Hobby & Education - Learning 2014-07-07 downloaded 69 times 0.27MB

3D Photo Album Screensaver for 64-bit systems

3D Photo Album Screensaver

... 3D Photo Album Screensaver is ... new generation of slideshows! 3D Photo Album Screensaver turns your photos into ... 3D photo album. 3D Photo Album Screensaver is very easy to use. Just specify either ... the folder with your photos or separate photos and the album is ready. You can make ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2010-08-03 downloaded 69 times 1.5MB

Versus for 64-bit systems

Versus 1.1

... you should change your character regularly, but the random feature in Soul Calibur seem to favour certain ... write our own random routine. Versus can be configured for almost any ...

Games Play - Editors & Tools 2009-09-02 downloaded 58 times 0.02MB

Salaat Time for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardSalaat Time 3.0

... free multifunction Islamic application that calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim ... prayer times as well as Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world. It rests in ... system tray and at the prescribed times the Athan sounds and ... Gregorian calendar which highlights important Islamic dates and moon phases. ...

My Hobby & Education - Spirit & Religion 2018-09-13 downloaded 203 times 19.03MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPassword Generator Professional 5.552

... usernames, serial numbers, random number, unique keys, e-mail addresses and more ... Export to text, XML, HTML, CSV and Excel files. Everything is available in commandline mode for ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2013-10-25 downloaded 90 times 3.23MB

MyInfo for 64-bit systems

MyInfo 4.22

... personal-reference information manager. It helps you collect, organize, edit, store, ... and later find personal-reference information like documents, random notes, and project-support materials. It is ... valuable tool for everyone who uses GTD, serving as ... way to organize all documents and information scattered all over your hard drive in ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2009-01-24 downloaded 55 times 8.4MB

DownloadRoute good awardSecureSafe Pro Free Password Generator 5.4

... Password Generator allows to generate random passwords with ... mouse click. Using Password Generator you do not have to think out new ... passwords. Password Generator will do it instead of you and will ... mark checkboxes, click Generate button and get new random passwords. Password Generator is ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2016-02-15 downloaded 69 times 0.76MB

1-abc.net File Washer for 64-bit systems

1-abc.net File Washer 6.00

... the fast and normal Windows deleting function for files they are not erased from your hard drive ... you do not use the recycle bin for security reasons. What happens instead ... the directory file entry but not the file data itself that was written on your disk. So ... can reverse such deleting processes, just search for 'un-erase' or ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2013-03-11 downloaded 49 times 0.37MB

Expert Lotto for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardExpert Lotto 5.10

... Expert Lotto is an universal and comprehensive lottery tool that supports all numerical lotteries ... Jackpot, Keno, Powerball, Pick-3, Pick-4. With Expert Lotto You can create full, abbreviated and random wheels. ... 49 lottery you can work with all 13983816 number combinations. ... Expert Lotto offers ...

My Hobby & Education - Hobby Tools 2018-03-16 downloaded 162 times 11.29MB

NuMorse for 64-bit systems


... Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice, Expert and anybody ... interested in Morse code, semaphore or nautical flag codes. Output via soundcard, hardware port ... semaphore window and even nautical flags. Includes realistic ... virtual radio hams" that send Morse code ...

My Hobby & Education - Learning 2011-10-26 downloaded 47 times 1.98MB

Batch File Manager Free for 64-bit systems

Batch File Manager Free 5.0.34

... Rename, move, copy, delete, and otherwise manage multiple files. Rename multiple files according to the rules and ... highlighting. Modify original file name by removing or copying its parts, changing letter case, or adding dynamic ... content like random characters or file properties. Copy and move files to folders specified using absolute ... relative paths. Select files for processing based on their name, dates, size, ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2017-10-19 downloaded 64 times 4.67MB

Sasfead Sudoku for 64-bit systems

Sasfead Sudoku 2.0.1

... Sasfead Sudoku Lite is ... free sudoku game with ... design. Some funktions is unavailable in this version (Sasfead Sudoku Lite ... you must buy the full version. In the Sasfead Sudoku Lite you can ...

Games Play - Words Games 2008-01-21 downloaded 41 times 2.1MB

Lotto Pro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardLotto Pro 8.58

... Works with all lottery games ... question. Smart number option picks the numbers to play next based on the statistics for ... have the option to play your own favorite numbers or random numbers. Seven Statistical charts and ... those players who prefer to pick their own numbers, rather than have the program do it for ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2018-04-18 downloaded 451 times 17.68MB