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Warden for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardWarden 1.44

... .htpasswd and .htaccess manager for Apache-based web servers. It applies password protection to any web ... Edit user accounts, Edit FTP information, and apply. Manage multiple ... web user manager, the program allows you to suspend accounts in ... and send individual or mass emails to your users. The software is perfect for subscription-based websites with ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2013-08-18 downloaded 55 times 1.44MB

Helicon Ape for 64-bit systems

Helicon Ape

... Helicon Ape provides support for Apache .htacces and .htpasswd configuration files in Microsoft IIS. It literally implements ... including .htaccess, .htpasswd, etc. ...

Internet Servers - Web 2012-04-20 downloaded 110 times 4.6MB