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A1 Sitemap Generator for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardA1 Sitemap Generator 9.3.2

... Google and Yahoo to crawl and index your website. Crawler is feature rich supporting many website crawling ... simultaneous connections to use. Supports crawler filters, robots.txt, custom connection and read timeout values, removal of session ... scanning of javascript and css files, proxy setup, website login, and various other options. Alias paths during ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2018-12-09 downloaded 267 times 8.5MB

Passwords Generator for 64-bit systems

Passwords Generator 3.38

... The simplest way to get random and difficult to crack passwords ... is to use Passwords Generator. This program is incredibly simple in use, ... functions. Now you can create countless set of passwords with one click. Passwords Generator has ... template system that allows adjusting passwords for your needs. Templates can be saved for ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2017-08-01 downloaded 204 times 0.8MB

MSI Generator for 64-bit systems

MSI Generator 4.1.0

... App-V or customize via MST. An easy-to-use portable tool, ... complete packaging toolset. Provides simple interface but powerful features. Great for ... Change output type (MSI/MST/App-V) at any time ...

Coding Software - Installers 2016-09-30 downloaded 166 times 43.13MB

Password Generator for 64-bit systems

Password Generator 1.1

... FNOWare Password Generator, generate more secure passwords. Ability to generate passwords of different lengths.FNOWare Password ... Generator, generate more secure passwords. Ability to generate passwords of different lengths. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Password Managers 2015-03-17 downloaded 63 times 0.36MB

QR Code Generator for 64-bit systems

QR Code Generator 1.0

... QR Code Generator is designed to generating QR code ... image. Nowadays QR code or two-dimensional barcode typically used in smartphone world. Smartphones always contains ... characters in one two-dimensional image. This downloadable QR Code Generator software is ... simple and very easy-to-use graphical QR code image generator utility. It is ... User-friendly graphical interface This free image creator is ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2014-02-03 downloaded 54 times 1.27MB

texture generator + for 64-bit systems

texture generator + 2.0

... powerful texture generator, with loka you can create more than 170 ... kinds of high quality patterns, textures and tileable images, from photographs for use in ... fills desktop wallpaper, web page tiled backgrounds, surface textures, game development, web graphics, and more. Loka texture ... new version of Loka seamless textures generator, ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2010-07-14 downloaded 48 times 24.37MB

Docu Generator for 64-bit systems

Docu Generator 4.1.0

... documents with screenshots, such as installation instructions, user manuals and tutorials, ... fast and easily. Docu Generator records your desktop activity and automatically generates ... step-by-step document containing screenshots, each action details and your annotations. Still you ...

Graphics & Design - Capturing Desktop 2016-09-30 downloaded 58 times 43.13MB

Barcode Generator for 64-bit systems

Barcode Generator 5.1

... Barcode Generator is barcode software designed with user friendly interface that offers various ... options to create and generate barcode label in high resolution in distinct barcode layout ... such as ribbons, asset rags, stickers, and security tags. With cost-effective ... such as ribbons, asset rags, stickers, and security tags. With cost-effective ...

Graphics & Design - Miscellaneous 2012-04-12 downloaded 38 times 5.85MB

MultiTone Generator for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMultiTone Generator 1.4

... The Multi Tone Generator ... multi oscillator sound generator for testing or demonstration, effects, education and other ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2017-01-14 downloaded 173 times 0.72MB

Collage Generator for 64-bit systems

Collage Generator 1.36

... Collage Generator is ... Getting started with the first collage project in Collage Generator is easy. To begin, users need to open ... further be edited. One of the specialties in Collage Generator lies in the ability to create collages based ... define their rotation angle and apply special effects. Collage Generator can benefit people in many situations. For example, ... can create advertising posters and artwork for websites. Collage Generator has been released. It is ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2010-10-05 downloaded 38 times 9.56MB

Sitemap Generator for 64-bit systems

Sitemap Generator 1.00

... Sitemap Generator is ... free utility to generate sitemap XML files for websites. The XML yield is standardised for sitemaps and ... search engine giant to crawl your website. Generate sitemaps for websites easily ... bound to limit the number of sitemap entries, Filter specific keywords and ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2012-10-31 downloaded 24 times 4.53MB

Rife Generator for 64-bit systems

Rife Generator 3.4

... in accordance with the theories of the researcher Royal Rife for use as ... in accordance with the theories of the researcher Royal Rife for use as ...

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2010-08-06 downloaded 65 times 0.65MB

Generator Aforizmov for 64-bit systems

Generator Aforizmov

The program which content many aphorisms

My Hobby & Education - Misc 2010-10-05 downloaded 59 times 2.81MB

Frequency Generator for 64-bit systems

Frequency Generator 2019

... Wavefile Level Meter calibrated to ... Positive or Negative, and Pink Noise Displays of Amp/Frequency for Comparison of Signal Analysis Wavefile Recording Capabilites ... to -40 Mode Up Flank or Down Flank Frequency range of analysis allows you to generate tones ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2018-09-15 downloaded 298 times 2.01MB

Cartoon Generator for 64-bit systems

Cartoon Generator 3.1

... Cartoon Generator is ... Paste function added.Cartoon Generator is ...

Graphics & Design - Image Filters 2012-03-02 downloaded 49 times 5.2MB

SiteMap Generator for 64-bit systems

SiteMap Generator

... Use Sitemap Generator to extract all the links from your site ... HTML and CSV sitemaps automatically.Use Sitemap Generator to extract all the links from your site ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2013-05-14 downloaded 82 times 1.94MB

Doorway Generator for 64-bit systems

Doorway Generator 2.01

... Outdated doorway generator techniques are no longer working, pay per click ... are no longer easy prey. Our Professional Doorway Generator software application is an advanced PHP doorway generator ... both linux and windows servers. This intelligent doorway generator will generate thousands upon thousands of highly targeted ... favourite keyword research tool. Our Top Rated Doorway Generator will generate massive targeted traffic from the search ... magic unique content algorithm, this amazing doorway generator will mix words and sentences to generate new ...

Web Design - Site SEO 2010-06-12 downloaded 48 times 0.61MB

Dog Name Generator for 64-bit systems

Dog Name Generator 1.2

... With this tool you can generate your dog name offline. Just install this software. Run it and ... you can generate dog name as many as you can. You can generate ... thousands of dog name using this tool. You can generate based on ...

My Hobby & Education - Misc 2009-02-27 downloaded 64 times 0.63MB

Password Generator for 64-bit systems

Password Generator 1.03

... Password Generator creates random passwords.Password Generator creates random passwords. ...

Computer Networking - Browser Toolbars 2010-11-01 downloaded 73 times 0.91MB

3D Thumbnail Generator for 64-bit systems

3D Thumbnail Generator

... 3D Thumbnail Generator generates thumbnails of any images with stunning visual ... curves, glow, depth, perspective, shadows and more. 3-D Thumbnail Generator can create thousands of images in one click. ... Create your favorite thumbnail appearance, select photos to make thumbnails of, and all is ready ... automatically, making thumbnail in the same style. 3D Thumbnail Generator has ... thumbnail with sharp or rounded corners. Use 3D Thumbnail Generator anywhere ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2014-07-17 downloaded 133 times 2.08MB

Barcode Generator for 64-bit systems

Barcode Generator 1.0

... With Barcode Generator you can easily create barcode images of unlimited resolution. Barcode Generator supports many ... Code128, Code39, Code93, EAN8, EAN13, GS1 128, Industrial ... Of 5, ISBN, ITF 14, MSI, Pharmacode, Plessey, Telepen, UPC. Generate high-quality barcode images with Barcode Generator ... 1.0 Barcode Generator lets you create printable and scannable high-quality barcode ... for use by desktop publishing or labelling software. Barcode Generator supports the following symbologies ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2010-05-04 downloaded 59 times 0.31MB

EZ Coupon Generator for 64-bit systems

EZ Coupon Generator 1.0.0

... This coupon code generator is ... help entice new visitors to purchase.This coupon code generator is ...

Coding Software - Help Authoring 2010-02-03 downloaded 89 times 1.25MB

2D Barcode Generator for 64-bit systems

2D Barcode Generator

... 2D Barcode Generator generates random or sequential barcode image fonts for scanning purposes in barcode printer ... The results have been tested with all major Barcode printers. 2D Barcode Generator was designed for high ... density alphanumeric work. This font set includes all subsets ... EAN, SCC-14, and SSCC-18) of bar code 128. Barcode Software is capable ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2010-05-19 downloaded 58 times 3.92MB

Soundscape Generator for 64-bit systems

Soundscape Generator 1.3

... Soundscape Generator uses collections of sounds that create an ambient ... scene. Soundscapes can be used for many purposes, including relaxation, ... meditation, yoga, theatrical performances, events, soundtracks, and commercial spaces. Unlimited ... An ideal tool for for bird lovers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, meditation practitioners. How does it ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2015-05-22 downloaded 287 times 5.98MB

CSS Generator for 64-bit systems

CSS Generator 1.2

... CSSGen is the next generation free CSS creator. You can easily create your own CSS code. ... and is complete wizard based for easy adaptation. CSS creator generates 100 ... copy the CSS code to use in any web application. It is absolutely FREE to download and ... complete CSS layout with full html code ...

Web Design - XML & CSS Tools 2010-11-19 downloaded 47 times 1.46MB

Barcodes Generator for 64-bit systems

Barcodes Generator

... Barcodes Generator Program uses wide range of Linear and 2D ... bars code fonts for creating high quality barcodes labels. Barcode Picture Creating Utility generates barcode labels and ... specific need and requirement. Bar code label software is ... scalable, industry-fit output solution for automatic labeling and form printing purposes. PLANET Bar-coding Generator Program ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2012-09-24 downloaded 47 times 2.91MB

CoC Generator for 64-bit systems

CoC Generator 1.0

We are excited to introduce you to the first released tool on HackMeGame – Clash of Clans Hack Tool! After successfully set up of our new website, features and interface, today we can proudly say the HackMeGame community is officially opened with this share!We chosen Clash of Clans to be our first released project here because of it’s huge popularity all over the world.

Games Play - Other Games 2015-03-23 downloaded 57 times 0.07MB

Tone Generator for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardTone Generator 3.26

... NCH Sound Tone Generator lets you create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms using ... PocketPC handheld. Typical Applications include test tone generation in studios for the alignment of levels, ... Sine wave, square wave, triangular waveform, saw tooth waveform, impulse, white noise and pink noise. ... to 16 tones can be created at the same time ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2016-08-10 downloaded 180 times 0.35MB

Images Generator for 64-bit systems

Images Generator 09.53

... Images Generator is general-purpose program that combines properties of power ... pages as banners, backgrounds, headings, buttons, navigation panels, textures to complete professionally executed Web sites. Application can ... method of raster transformation let you to create portraits on base of photo. Images Generator has convenient ... trajectories let you to create excellent images and textures. Such images can be used in the textile ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2013-04-29 downloaded 97 times 11.51MB

Podcast Generator for 64-bit systems

Podcast Generator 2.0

... Podcast Generator is ... free web based podcast publishing script written in PHP ... upload media files (audio-video) via ... web form along with episode information and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. It ... comprehensive web administration. ...

Coding Software - Other 2013-02-07 downloaded 118 times 3MB

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