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DownloadRoute excellent awardFolder Marker Free - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

... with out it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in ... or by starting the Folder Marker program and browsing. It enables you to quickly change ... folder icons to indicate ... special icon or color of your choice. Folder Marker supports single and multiple folder selections, and includes ... an option to restore the original icon(s). Do you fear that someone might unintentionally delete ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2013-08-22 downloaded 111 times 4.34MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFolder Marker Pro - Changes Folder Icons 4.2

... fighter for your convenience and benefit. This handy shell extension is especially designed for office work. It ... lets you mark important folders with color-coded or image-coded icons in order to ... spot among the hundreds of other similar-looking yellow folders. You can mark folders by priority ... by work status ... and type of information stored within (work, important, temp and private files ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2013-08-22 downloaded 177 times 7.12MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardFolder Marker Home - Changes Folder Colors 4.2

... home work. It enables you to quickly change folder color or mark folders to indicate priority ... The icons in Folder Marker are self-explanatory and include many colors, both dark ... and numbers. Of course, the default set of icons can be expanded with the unlimited number of ... new icons that you may download from the internet, or ... create yourself in the icon editor. How to change folder icons by using ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2013-08-22 downloaded 152 times 6.56MB

Protect A Folder for 64-bit systems

Protect A Folder 1.5

... complete solution to password protect unprotected folders that may lead to theft, data-loss, and infraction ... with others like their colleagues, family or friends. Protecting folders and files with Estelar Folder Protector also ensures ... need to follow few simple steps and your folder or file will become completely secured from unauthorized ... Password protect folders, files and even entire removable drives. ... Can be used to protect folder/file on any USB disk, CD ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2012-03-02 downloaded 68 times 0.88MB

Different Folder Icons for 64-bit systems

Different Folder Icons 2.0

... Different Folder Icons is ... collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including ... software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. Icons are carefully created pixel by pixel by the ... smooth and well-rounded edges. Superb in their quality, icons will help ...

Desktop Tuning - Icons Packs 2012-02-22 downloaded 113 times 8.91MB

Folder Size for 64-bit systems

Folder Size

... your hard drives and display the file and folder sizes so that you can easily check the distribution ... files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be ... folders have filled up your dive space as Folder Size will also scan the sizes of all the ... of interruption. Besides scanning an entire hard drive Folder Size can also scan ... single folder in order to save time. Folder Size is ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2018-01-30 downloaded 73 times 2.25MB

Folder Protect for 64-bit systems

Folder Protect 2.0.6

... files, folders, drives, installed programs and popular extensions. Folder Protect goes beyond normal file locking and encryption ... works in Safe Mode ensuring complete security of protected folders. You can lock, hide, access block and even ... without worrying about it getting deleted or modified. Folder Protect can ... idle time when the data gets protected automatically. Folder Protect offers an easy and uncomplicated way to ... simultaneously to make your files delete-proof and write-protected. Folder Protect ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2018-10-05 downloaded 152 times 5.02MB

Folder Monitor for 64-bit systems

Folder Monitor 2.1

... utility to monitor any given folder on the computer and alerts the user if ... change occurred to it. With this tool you can either monitor file or folder and ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2014-05-17 downloaded 33 times 1.56MB

Folder HelpDesk for 64-bit systems

Folder HelpDesk 13

... Collaborate on helpdesk tickets inside Microsoft Outlook. Create tickets from e-mail or webform, manually or ... text. For new tickets, get information from the Outlook contacts or the GAL. Open tickets are stored ... in Outlook and in ... database but can be searched and reopened in Outlook if needed. Mail conversations can be tracked. Excel ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2013-06-16 downloaded 58 times 21.68MB

Protect Folder for 64-bit systems

Protect Folder 3.5

... Protect Folder encrypts folders or removable drives on the fly, ... security than encrypted ZIP archives. Unlike the archives, Protect Folder does not let anyone without ... any PC even if it does not have Protect Folder installed ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2012-05-26 downloaded 36 times 3.11MB

I Folder Locker for 64-bit systems

I Folder Locker 1.4

... strongest portable and fast folder locking software that can password protect folders, encrypt ... software use the windows methods to lock your folder so even after you remove this software no ... one can open that folder until or unless you unlock it with ... valid password. Every protected folder has its own password and their is no ... Folder Locker is fully portable you can place it on ... usb to lock folders on the go. You can even lock folders ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2012-08-01 downloaded 52 times 0.04MB

Folder Armor for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardFolder Armor

... How easy is Folder Armor ... just locate the folder you want to secure from the file tree, ... Integrate Folder Armor into shell ... when installing the software, you can access Folder Armor from the standard folder context menu, which ... icon from Windows Explorer or from the desktop. Folder Armor protects your folders in Windows, DOS, and ... disk. Folder Armor doesn ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2008-01-20 downloaded 80 times 1.19MB

Custom Folder for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardCustom Folder 1.8

... Compact utility Custom Folder helps to create directories formating their names with date and time ... can run application of your choice with new directory name as parameter after successful directory creation. Utility ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2012-09-25 downloaded 619 times 3.65MB

Best Folder Encryptor for 64-bit systems

Best Folder Encryptor 16.97

... DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is ... professional and mature file and folder encryption package. It encrypts files and folder with superfast, ... internationally mature algorithm. Each encrypted file in this folder can be opened or decrypted separately later. Diamond ... which can be taken anywhere and decrypted by itself independently. Diamond Encryption and Portable Encryption ... central management window and also supports direct encryption/decryption within the Windows Explorer via context menu commands. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2017-11-12 downloaded 52 times 10.46MB

Folder Lock for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFolder Lock 7.7.8

... shreds unwanted files, creates digital wallets and more. Folder Lock is perfectly compatible to work with 32-bit and ... files at any time on any computer. Furthermore, Folder Lock lets you convert your lockers into portable lockers ... files, drives, and folders on your PC using Folder Lock. In the same way, you can also create ... and folders invisible to the unauthorized prying eyes. Folder Lock is an improved file locking software that lets ... create digital wallets and much more. So far, Folder Lock is the most downloaded file-security software with more ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2018-10-07 downloaded 313 times 10.51MB

Folder Changer for 64-bit systems

Folder Changer 3.7.5

... With Folder Changer, you can easily change your computer folders beautifully simply by drag and drop. Quickly identify ... importance based on useful colors. Easily personalize your folder with photo look-alike styles. It also features transformation ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2018-10-13 downloaded 103 times 15.98MB

Time Folder for 64-bit systems

Time Folder 1.0

... date and time, please try our new time folder tool. manually create folder, sort file and move ... date and time, please try our new time folder tool. manually create folder, sort file and move ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2011-03-23 downloaded 30 times 1.21MB

V Folder Dups for 64-bit systems

... Folder Dups is ... application, specially designed to help you located the duplicate folders on your computer and keep your disk duplicate ... free. Using this tool is as easy as can be ... you just have to select the folder to scan, and you ... program to help you locate duplicate folders with just ... Folder Dups for ... are enough to satisfy your needs. It uses folder contents to determine duplicates instead of folder names. ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2011-05-10 downloaded 70 times 0.76MB

Private Folder for 64-bit systems

Private Folder 1.1.70

... Private Folder is ... free tool which can hide or password protect your private folder. Works on Windows ... Hide folder The folder will not be displayed in any folder list, ... path can manually go into it without first un-hide it with configuration tool. ... Lock folder User will get access denied when accessing folder, ... need unlock with PrivateFolder configuration tool. Combine with "Hide" option, this can create an absolute hidden folder. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2013-01-01 downloaded 28 times 0.74MB

Folder Bear for 64-bit systems

Folder Bear 1.0

... Folder tidy,data synchronization and backup utility with an intuitionistic,treestyle user interface. Features ... relationships among tasks easily Unlimited levels of tasksa Folder tidy,data synchronization and backup utility with an intuitionistic,treestyle ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-05-21 downloaded 79 times 0.7MB

Folder Crypt for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFolder Crypt 3.6.7020

... With Folder Crypt you can password protect any Windows folder ... and standard algorithms, such as such as DES, Rijndael, Blowfish and ARC4 with keys up to 2048 ... you can decrypt the folder only if you know the correct passphrase ... Your encrypted folder will appear as ... folders may be shredded. Opening, editing and listing folder contents is password protected. Full international characters support. ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2013-02-06 downloaded 107 times 18.62MB

Secure Folder for 64-bit systems

Secure Folder 8.0.4

... Secure Folder is an easy-to-use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and ... encrypt folders through an intuitive and simple interface. Secure Folder ... been designed with the purpose to keep your files safe from prying eyes. It encrypts your data ... using 256-bit AES algorithm. Key Features ... Unlimited number of folders can be protected. Simple, fast and user friendly ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2015-05-07 downloaded 155 times 1.32MB

Undelete Folder for 64-bit systems

Undelete Folder

... You can retrieve deleted folders on Windows PC with ease with Undelete Folder ... FireWire drives, hard and many more storage devices. Undelete Folder software is designed with excellent algorithms to recover ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2015-04-08 downloaded 56 times 14.5MB

New Folder Wizard for 64-bit systems

New Folder Wizard 2.0.808

... ve ever had to manually create large numbers of new folders you know how ... time consuming and frustrating it can be. New Folder Wizard can help you create thousands of folders ... AND subfolders quickly and easily. Options include numbering the folders, ... text file as the source for folder names. Use this program to help you organize ... files of your choice by easily creating the folders for you. Using the text file option makes ... new folder creation as easy and fast as typing. Or, ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2009-08-15 downloaded 90 times 0.16MB

Flexcrypt folder for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFlexcrypt folder 2.1

... GENERAL Flexcrypt Folder enables you to encrypt ... folder and select Encrypt with Flexcrypt folder and make up ... the correct password. The BIG advantage with Flexcrypt Folder is that it does not require any software ... on it and enter the correct password. Flexcrypt Folder is Free to use. HOW TO SEND AN ... end of the filename Stockholm 20080603 Nordic Information Security Group AB is announcing the release of Flexcrypt ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2008-06-03 downloaded 90 times 7.6MB

Protected Folder for 64-bit systems

Protected Folder 1.3

... Protected Folder is designed to password-protect your folders and files ... files you want to hide or protect into Protected Folder, then no one can see, read or modify ... privacy, data theft, data loss, or data leaks, Protected Folder is an ideal tool for you. Key Benefits ... and programs you choose. You can password protect folder and its files then others can see it ... your private data, files, pictures or videos into Protected Folder, the only way to access these files is ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2017-04-24 downloaded 16 times 3.06MB

Folder Axe for 64-bit systems

Folder Axe 7.0

... Folder Axe was made with one purpose in mind, and ... that is to help you split your folders into many smaller folders. You may split the ... size limit for each of the resulting folders. You can also specify the name for the ... created folders and choose to compress each resulting folder into ... update checker, which checks for updates each time Folder Axe starts up ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2011-09-15 downloaded 173 times 0.9MB

Lock Folder XP for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardLock Folder XP 3.9.2

... Lock Folder XP is ... but you can access your most sensitive information. Locking folders, files and drives also effectively protects you from ... as viruses, worms and trojans. Here is how Lock Folder XP works ... have to do is to drag file or folder you want to lock to Lock Folder XP ... virus gets introduced to your system, your locked folders will not be detected, infected or harmed. This ... think that Lock Folder XP can only be used in the corporate ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2012-07-27 downloaded 72 times 2.05MB

Folder Transfer for 64-bit systems

Folder Transfer

... The software can rransfer files from PC to PC,share files and folders across network, and support breakpoint transmission. ... Intranet File Sharing Tool ... Intranet File Sharing Tool ... View file transfer percentage ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2017-08-25 downloaded 55 times 2.56MB

SE File and Folder for 64-bit systems

SE File and Folder 2.1.2

... HIPAA compliant professional file encryption software that can handle any type of file or ... all content within any folder that you select. SE File ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2013-04-20 downloaded 56 times 20.33MB

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