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Fk Desktop for 64-bit systems

Fk Desktop 3.017

... Why do you have only one desktop, if you can have as many as you ... lot of applications, surely your desktop is full with icons and shortcuts to different ... is that you do not find anything. FK Desktop will help you to order your screen. With ... FK Desktop you can create as many desktops as you wish. On each one you can ... create up to 48 shortcuts to applications, folders or archives. Create ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2011-06-29 downloaded 67 times 2.32MB

SlideShow Desktop for 64-bit systems

SlideShow Desktop 3.1

... digital camera packed full of photos you can ... collection of photos and wallpaper images on your computer, SlideShow Desktop can show ... your photos at their best... SlideShow Desktop has been carefully designed to make it simple ... and fun for everybody to display photo slide shows on your Windows desktop, regardless ... or your digital camera's memory stick ...

Graphics & Design - Photo Organizers 2010-11-26 downloaded 99 times 3.9MB

Talisman Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardTalisman Desktop 3.4

... Talisman Desktop is ... desktop manager and shell-replacement for Windows 9x ... ME and NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. The program lets users design their own desktops ... and interfaces or choose from hundreds of downloadable themes, which ... atop or as complete replacements for the default Windows shell. Unlike Windows themes, Talisman Desktop lets you ... completely customize the Windows interface. Its power extends from adding new toolbars to ...

Sys Utils - Shell Tools 2011-08-16 downloaded 82 times 10.89MB

Desktop Scout for 64-bit systems

Desktop Scout 5.21

... powerful computer surveillance program which can be used in the home, ... school or office to monitor and record every detail of PC and Internet ... which work together to record all programs used, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, files created or changed, ... can take hundreds of snapshots every hour. The surveillance logs can be viewed in real-time from ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2012-06-07 downloaded 94 times 1.25MB

Desktop Twitter for 64-bit systems

Desktop Twitter 1.1.0

... the current tweet in clipboard or unfollow author. Desktop Twitter helps you to add several twitter accounts ... and change them easily. This twitter client is freeware and demands no authorization or registration. ...

Live Communications - Messengers & Chat 2011-07-08 downloaded 88 times 0.73MB

Desktop Orbiter for 64-bit systems

Desktop Orbiter 9.0

... comprehensive, easy-to-use, computer security administration solution. With Desktop Orbiter, protecting multiple local and remote machines is ... point-and-click procedure. Security features include ... suit of powerful desktop security settings, and filtering capabilities to stop users from ... protect multiple workstations remotely. Maintain secure environments with Desktop Orbiter, the preferred solution for security administration. Available ...

Computer Networking - Remote PC Management 2011-11-02 downloaded 78 times 3.97MB

SpamExperts Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardSpamExperts Desktop

... SpamExperts Desktop is an antispam filter, which automatically intercepts e-mail before it reaches ... POP3 email clients ... Automatic email retrieval ... Virus email scanning ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2008-10-14 downloaded 115 times 7.52MB

ETrainer Desktop for 64-bit systems

ETrainer Desktop 1.0

... and technology services to health clubs and FREE personal training management software to independent personal trainers. We are ... incorporating our technologies with your training department your personal trainers client ... to accomplish this than by starting with your personal training department and branching outward. Most fitness center have ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2011-01-04 downloaded 45 times 0.45MB

Desktop Stopwatch for 64-bit systems

Desktop Stopwatch 2.07

... Free Windows Desktop Stopwatch ... and show it when you need it.Free Windows Desktop Stopwatch ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2013-07-10 downloaded 102 times 0.07MB

TiVo Desktop for 64-bit systems

TiVo Desktop 2.8.3

... TiVo Desktop software for the PC works with your network-connected TiVo box and your PC. ... to your TiVo box for playback through your TV and home ... to your TiVo box for viewing photos and slideshows on your ... from your TiVo box to your computer in order to view ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Television 2012-05-22 downloaded 83 times 25.7MB

Desktop Pinger for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDesktop Pinger

... ping (ICMP). This little stay on top application is ... handy tool for the helpdesk verifying that computers and other equipment are connected ... and online. Desktop Pinger don ... and start using it right away. Tip. Copy Desktop Pinger to your memory stick and take it ...

Computer Networking - Network Monitors 2010-02-24 downloaded 57 times 0.31MB

Live Desktop for 64-bit systems

Live Desktop 3.20

... Live Desktop is the fast, simple and secure remote automation ... utility to help you access your remote PC desktop by Windows Live Messenger in real time. It ...

Computer Networking - Remote PC Management 2008-07-21 downloaded 315 times 0.77MB

Desktop ErgoNotes for 64-bit systems

Desktop ErgoNotes 1.7

... It allows to store different data in one XML file organizing it in ... to describe the meaning of nodes in your tree. If you need to to store some private ... mechanism allowing to encrypt any node of the tree with its own password. Search feature helps you ... to find any information in the tree without difficulty. Furthermore, if you have ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2009-10-14 downloaded 254 times 0.61MB

Desktop Intray for 64-bit systems

Desktop Intray 2.1

... or document, and before you know it your desktop looks like ... sits there on your desktop. FEATURES of the Desktop Intray File Manager Software ... folder on your desktop call Desktop Intray ... Configure it to check your Desktop Intray folder at certain intervals ... Easy Backup of Your Desktop Intray Folder ... real cool windows desktop application. Why is it cool ... you know everything goes on your desktop because you think it will be easier to ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2013-01-14 downloaded 22 times 0.07MB

Butterfly On Desktop for 64-bit systems

Butterfly On Desktop 1.0

... Brings amazing butterflies to your desktop! This thing actually looks real, simulates the behavior ... real butterfly. You ... on it lets you set the number of butterflies spawned at startup. Have little pets on your ... trick on someone... p.s. No real butterflies were harmed during the making of this program ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2013-03-12 downloaded 104 times 2.85MB

BP Assistant Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardBP Assistant Desktop 1.0

... Pulse Rate... Stay Healthy...! BP Assistant provides you the way of tracking ... your Blood Pressure ...

My Hobby & Education - Nutrition 2008-05-27 downloaded 72 times 0.36MB

iVisit Desktop for 64-bit systems

iVisit Desktop 4.0

... friends, family, and colleagues from your PC for free. Stay connected and avoid expensive phone bills or ... long-distance charges by using iVisit to talk for free. Integrated chat and instant messaging capabilities make communication ... desktop, laptop, or mobile phone with ease. iVisit Desktop Plus allows you to video chat with up ...

Computer Networking - WebCams Apps 2009-10-02 downloaded 44 times 1.62MB

Desktop 3D Ball for 64-bit systems

Desktop 3D Ball 1.06

... Desktop 3D Ball will place ... three-dimensional soccer ball on your desktop over all programs ... The ball reacts to touches of ... full screen application the program stops to not use ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2010-09-27 downloaded 73 times 0.47MB

Desktop Toilet for 64-bit systems

Desktop Toilet 5.0

... Desktop Toilet 5.0 is ... and Vista Recycle Bin to any of 40 styles of toilets. It ... toilet flushing sounds to the Empty Recycle Bin event, so that each time you empty it, ... toilet flushing. Desktop Toilet is very easy to use. Simply launch the ... program, drag and drop the style of toilet that you want to the ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2011-07-25 downloaded 45 times 51.44MB

Public PC Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardPublic PC Desktop 7.72

... public access workstation by disabling access to files installed on your PC while giving ... full access to all necessary applications you specify including Internet ... ability to specify the most acceptable type of access to ... locked desktop such as username and password authentication, time-locked code ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2013-11-17 downloaded 91 times 9.24MB

Desktop SMS for 64-bit systems

Desktop SMS 2.0

... This software use to send SMS from desktop to mobile phone. User need to register with ... Profit company.This software use to send SMS from desktop to mobile phone. User need to register with ...

Live Communications - Beeper Tools 2008-02-16 downloaded 131 times 0.35MB

Willing Webcam Desktop for 64-bit systems

Willing Webcam Desktop 1.0

... The webcam desktop using live webcam video and allows to work with Windows shortcuts on ... the desktop. It shares the options with Willing Webcam software. You should install it from Willing Software ... program after the changes. You can select different video sources, change video source size to increase video ... quality, enhance video with comments, date and time stamps, watermarks, and ...

Computer Networking - WebCams Apps 2012-03-24 downloaded 81 times 4.53MB

Fresh Desktop for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardFresh Desktop 4.0

... Fresh Desktop is ... you manage vast collections of wallpapers for your desktop with ease. Fresh Desktop changes your wallpaper at ... specified intervals, creates slideshow screensavers with 170 kinds of transition effects from the ... daily notice on your desktop etc. Fresh Desktop integrates ... powerful picture downloader that can search pictures meet your specifications from ...

Desktop Tuning - Windows Themes 2008-02-23 downloaded 98 times 1.54MB

Winter at my desktop for 64-bit systems

Winter at my desktop 2.0

... Winter at my desktop, brings winter at your desktop with Cool, gentle and realistic snow falling animation. ... of your system resources and time.Winter at your desktop is extremely simple to Install and easy to ... wall paper.You can change speed and number of snow flakes anytime.Enjoy the Cool snow and bring winter at ... Winter at my Desktop Version 2.0 Released ... PC to life, with Cool, gentle and realistic snow falling animation at your desktop. Without spending much of your ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2012-05-03 downloaded 91 times 0.87MB

Exalead one:desktop for 64-bit systems

Exalead one:desktop

... desktop, the desktop search engine that adapts to you. Lightweight to download ... will process your hard drive, multimedia files, Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook e-mails, contacts, tasks and ... relevant search term and then narrow down your search by clicking on related terms, familiar classification features ...

Computer Networking - Searching Utils 2008-01-15 downloaded 55 times 9.72MB

DataPult Desktop for 64-bit systems

DataPult Desktop 3.1

... Free standalone software DataPult Desktop creates heat maps from your data quickly and efficiently. Key features ... Excel with one click. The ability to create animated maps of data over several years. Interactive maps and ... diagrams. 39 map colorings for making heat maps. Intelligent identification of input regions and automatic error ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2012-02-10 downloaded 62 times 20.96MB

Show Desktop for 64-bit systems

Show Desktop 1.0

... Hide Desktop with System Tray Icon on any Version of ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2011-12-12 downloaded 102 times 0.28MB

Desktop Tannenbaum for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardDesktop Tannenbaum 1.3

... Christmas season nears you might also like the desktop Christmas tree. The Christmas tree require no installation and can ... provides access to the always on top parameter. Desktop Tannenbaum ...

Desktop Tuning - Desktop & Shell Tools 2010-12-25 downloaded 93 times 0.33MB

Desktop Lock for 64-bit systems

Desktop Lock

... Stardust Desktop Lock ... computer is locked down it is "password protected". During this phase it is either sleeping, displaying ... password. Desktop Lock puts your computer into that state, in accordance ... away from your computer, simply double-click the installed Desktop Lock icon and your desktop will be ... short delay, as defined by Windows policies ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2011-11-28 downloaded 27 times 1.09MB

Arrange your Desktop for 64-bit systems

Arrange your Desktop 2.1.1

... up with just one click. Enjoy your new clean desktop using Arrange Your Desktop. Arrange any folder such ... as desktop or My Documents. You can save to custom ... you can custom file types too. Arrange your Desktop is also now multi-language. It is available in ...

Desktop Tuning - Icons Packs 2012-11-27 downloaded 83 times 0.83MB

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