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Total Software Deployment for 64-bit systems

Total Software Deployment 3.0.0

... Managed software deployment for corporate networks. Total Software Deployment makes deploying software on any number of computers ... Software inventory management, automatic network scanning, and concurrent deployment of multiple types of installation packages make TSD ... clear winner among remote deployment tools. Unlike competition, this tool supports advanced concurrent ... can start deploying in just one click. Total Software Deployment enables organization-wide visibility across network computers, maintaining ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2018-07-29 downloaded 50 times 25.44MB

PC Remote Software Deployment

... The PC Remote Software Deployment is used to generate MSI packages which has ... using the PC PC Remote Software Deployment. The important feature of the application is the ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2014-11-08 downloaded 44 times 1331.74MB

ZOLA Repackage And Deployment

... The ZOLA Repackage And Deployment is ... full featured Windows Installer msi repackaging and remote deployment ... built-in deployment module where you can remotely deploy or uninstall ... and is without any end user interactions. The deployment module supports operating systems running on Microsoft Windows ...

Computer Networking - Remote PC Management 2016-05-30 downloaded 70 times 3661.7MB

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for 64-bit systems

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

... Support for new deployment shares. MDT 2010 combines deployment points and distribution shares into deployment shares. ... specific computer. Just as with deployment points, deployment shares contain operating systems, applications, operating system packages, ... Improved management model. You can manage deployment shares from any computer that has the Deployment ... system permissions and network share permissions on the deployment share. You can open multiple deployment shares simultaneously ...

Sys Utils - Operating System Maintenance 2009-09-23 downloaded 95 times 9.8MB

Deployment Studio Express for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDeployment Studio Express 1.1.14

... Deployment Studio Express is an easy-to-use release management and automated software deployment software suite designed to ... your promotion environments are up-to-date and in synch. Automated Software Deployment Features ... Deployment Studio Express can help streamline your software deployment process by providing your software deployment team with ... the ability to quickly and easily create re-useable deployment profiles. Tasks can be created to run remote ...

Coding Software - Apps Distribution 2012-02-11 downloaded 173 times 4492.23MB

Radmin Deployment Package for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardRadmin Deployment Package 1.1

... Radmin Deployment Package makes Radmin Server installation and setup very fast for the ... or maintenance of Radmin on many computers on ... wishes, Famatech has updated the free utility Radmin Deployment Tool. Radmin Deployment Tool is designed to install, uninstall ... and upgrade Radmin Server remotely on any number of computers. Radmin ...

Sys Utils - Automation Utils 2010-06-18 downloaded 52 times 7.21MB

EMCO Remote Deployment for 64-bit systems

EMCO Remote Deployment 5.8.38

... Remote Deployment Kit can install/uninstall any software remotely, silently and clientless. By taking ... setup or an install of any application and make ... silently to remote computers without the need to install any service on the remote computer for the ... except the services that are part of the installed application, because the Remote Deployment Kit supports service ...

Computer Networking - Remote PC Management 2013-03-25 downloaded 89 times 9.95MB

BPEX Deployment Project eValuator 2

... invest in the wrong projects! Select projects, review priorities and more ... If you need an objective means to evaluate the relative merit of various improvement projects ... an evaluation that can go beyond simple financial-return calculations ... then the Deployment Project Evaluator ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2009-05-26 downloaded 0 times 0.73MB

DownloadRoute cool awardinwise Express newsletter software free 1.2

... Web based newsletter and email marketing software with HTML templates. Full on line statistics ... browser. Send personalized email messages. Easy to use email marketing software. Manage your groups, easily create personalized email messages ... deployment. Includes automatic unsubscribe and handles bounces. Easy Deployment also on shared host. Just ...

Computer Networking - EMails Managers 2008-01-15 downloaded 181 times 5.47MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAdd-in Express for Office and .NET 2010

... is all-in-one platform for developing any types of Office extensibility projects. You use visual designers instead of ... error-prone coding to create powerful COM add-ins, smart tags, RTD servers and Excel UDFs for all available ... Microsoft Office versions, from 2000 to 2010. Using Add-in Express ...

Coding Software - C Sharp & C Plus Plus 2010-07-30 downloaded 213 times 31MB

WDReportGen for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardWDReportGen

... report generator for Microsoft Word that outputs reports in Microsoft Word document format. ... If you know how to use Microsoft Word and write SQL statements, you can use WDReportGen ... report template file and ... WRF file. The report template file is ...

Economics - Reports 2014-04-24 downloaded 105 times 1.31MB

DeviceShield for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardDeviceShield 3.30

Deviceshield acts as firewall that works on the INSIDE to control access to ALL Removable Media Devices. It protects your data from inside security breaches by removeable media devices such as USB memory sticks, CD/DVD drives, Firewire etc – insuring the integrity of your commercial data. With auto-encyption technology and unique file filtering technology DeviceShield is extremely flexible allowing you to control how a device is used.

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2012-07-26 downloaded 110 times 7.91MB

Any Logo Screensaver Creator for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAny Logo Screensaver Creator 4.5.2

... Any Logo Screensaver Creator is ... tool that lets you create custom and branded Screensavers, for both professional and personal use, using ... wizard interface. The created screensavers are self-contained single .SCR files, making it easy ... self-extracting .EXE installer for the screensaver, which greatly simplifies the deployment of your screensaver. ...

Screen Savers - Others ScreenSavers 2013-12-11 downloaded 138 times 2.44MB

PTReportGen for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardPTReportGen

... report generator for Microsoft PowerPoint that outputs reports in Microsoft PowerPoint format. If ... you know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and write SQL statements, you can use PTReportGen ... report template file and ... PTR file. The report template file is ...

Economics - Reports 2014-04-20 downloaded 109 times 1.39MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardBestCrypt Container Encryption 9.03.12

... with regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI, and prevent data breaches, BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers ... with regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI, and prevent data breaches, BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers ... file encryption is the best TrueCrypt alternative. BestCrypt Container Encryption includes ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Encryption 2018-10-20 downloaded 166 times 27.32MB

DownloadRoute cool award{smartassembly} .NET Obfuscator 4.2

... Protection and Debugging tool, designed to help .NET developers efficiently produce ... will obfuscate and protect your code, optimize your .NET assembly for better deployment, minimize distribution ... size, increase performance and add powerful post-deployment debugging capabilities ... via secured unhandled exception reporting Web Service ...

Coding Software - Other 2010-01-13 downloaded 195 times 2.84MB

XLReportGen for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardXLReportGen

... report generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. ... If you know how to use Microsoft Excel and write SQL statements, you can use XLReportGen ... report template file and an XRF file. The report template ... Microsoft Excel workbook that defines the layouts and formats of ...

Economics - Reports 2014-04-28 downloaded 134 times 1MB

Mars Soldiers-7 for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent award

Features of the game: * the original two-phase move of the personage; * multy-personage orders; * big set of functions for control, selection and searching soldier; * two companies (for Earth and for Mars), consisting of 3 levels; * two players game (flexible adjustment of Heroes and soldiers used in battle for each side); * the editor of defensive buildings; * the editor of deployment.

Games Play - Strategy 2007-10-10 downloaded 115 times 35.68MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardInternet Activity Spy ActiveX 1.01

... redistribution you may bundle the ActiveX in your deployment package for ...

Coding Software - ActiveX 2009-06-30 downloaded 105 times 2.07MB

BCWipe for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardBCWipe 6.09.9

... Permanently delete data and wipe free space with BCWipe. BCWipe is trusted throughout the U.S. ... DoD to securely erase files and folder beyond recovery ... file and directory slack space. By featuring revolutionary Transparent Wiping, BCWipe allows you to automatically wipe all contents ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2018-02-07 downloaded 127 times 7.9MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardImage for Windows with IFD CUI 2.99-00

... Image for Windows is an affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore software package that is used ... bare-metal restore for efficient disaster recovery. It can also be ... DOS, Image for Linux, and the TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite. In particular the OS Deployment Tool ... can be used to script your image deployment to support different hardware ...

Sys Utils - Backup & Recovery 2016-03-06 downloaded 293 times 14.36MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardActive Business Intelligence Portal

... Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing ... and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. Active BI Portal ... security management, User definable menus, Report Generation Wizard, Web Forms Wizard, Collection of predefined themes, Unlimited number of ...

Web Design - Site Administration 2010-10-27 downloaded 114 times 6.92MB

TX Text Control ActiveX Server 15.0

... Fully programmable word processing engine for deployment in an ASP server environment. All interactions with ... the engine are from program code and document templates. You are able to convert, modify and ... create documents directly on ... server. Convert word processing documents between all supported formats ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2009-08-16 downloaded 57 times 10.1MB

Pacestar UML Diagrammer for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardPacestar UML Diagrammer 6.62.2132

... quickly and easily. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in ... systematic yet flexible commonly understood notation. Supports activity, class and object, use case, sequence, state, package, and ... component deployment diagrams, and more. This specialized drawing and design tool helps you exploit the best ... aspect of UML, the standardized visual design process without imposing ...

Coding Software - Other 2018-12-10 downloaded 234 times 6.58MB

PDF In-The-Box for Delphi for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardPDF In-The-Box for Delphi 4.0

... PDF writer for Delphi. VCL component for creating PDF files programmatically. Writes native PDF format to ... special PDF-canvas. Fully-documented API. Easy to use. No third-party software ... Supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 ... Source code in Delphi language is available in option. ActiveX and DLL ...

Coding Software - Delphi & Pascal Programming 2009-02-25 downloaded 114 times 11.55MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardVisual Paradigm for UML Community 8.0

... Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition (VP-UML CE ... is full feature UML modeling tool plus ERD support. VP-UML CE supports ... all latest UML version notations. VP-UML CE is free for non-commercial use. VP-UML CE ... is design for who need to learn UML. VP-UML CE is zero learning curve modeling tool. Modeler ...

Coding Software - Other 2010-08-24 downloaded 203 times 138.98MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardAkeni Web Chat for enterprise im lan 1.16

... Akeni Web Chat for enterprise im is an instant messaging system designed for universal accessibility and ease of ... deployment. The Web Chat messaging server can be set-up so that only ... web browser. The rich client support chat, notification and conferencing. The Web Chat can be installed ... with your existing Akeni Social Networking Software. This product can be deployed as ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2014-05-09 downloaded 120 times 4.18MB

TrueUpdate for 64-bit systems


... popular software development tool for adding ... feature to software applications. Distribute software updates to customers, with full Internet update and software ... patch management features. TrueUpdate provides ... files using Internet or LAN protocols. Additionally, the TrueUpdate system can be integrated quickly and easily into ...

Coding Software - Apps Distribution 2009-12-01 downloaded 84 times 17.45MB

R-Drive Image for 64-bit systems

R-Drive Image 4.7 build 4732

... R-Drive Image 4.5 is ... potent utility providing disk image files creation for backup or duplication purposes. ... disk image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of ... hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be created with ...

Sys Utils - Data Recovery 2011-11-22 downloaded 100 times 11.66MB

Add-in Express 2007 for VSTO for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardAdd-in Express 2007 for VSTO 2008.4.0

... component set to program professional extensions for Microsoft Office with minimal coding and debugging. Enjoy lots of ... advanced features for VSTO 2005 ... and VSTO 2008 ... customize Office 2007 Ribbon UI and Office 2003 toolbars at design-time and run-time, add elements ...

Coding Software - C Sharp & C Plus Plus 2008-04-04 downloaded 169 times 3.76MB

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