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Cerberus Browser for 64-bit systems

Cerberus Browser 2.0

... unique, safe content Internet browser built around Google ... scale that cannot be matched with any other filtering system. The downside to this technology is that ... turned off by children, severely limiting its effectiveness. Cerberus eliminates this loophole and forces all websites through ... the Cerberus Browser represents the best option for parents concerned about ...

My Hobby & Education - Parenting 2008-02-26 downloaded 86 times 0.81MB

Cerberus FTP Server for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardCerberus FTP Server

... Cerberus FTP Server combines industrial strength secure encryption with powerful performance for both the demanding ... IT professional and the casual file sharer. Cerberus supports FTP, FTP over TLS ... SSL (FTPS and FTPES ... the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and web client access over HTTP and HTTPS. ... Optimized to use very few system resources, Cerberus is easy to administer and can quickly be ...

Internet Servers - FTP 2016-01-18 downloaded 247 times 7.84MB

Cerberus Security Guard for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardCerberus Security Guard 4.1.0

... and reliable Windows experience is pretty much requisite. Cerberus Security Guard is such ... of system hacks, including various types of spyware. Cerberus Security Guard is another highly demanded software offered by bestsecuritytips.com ... of data protection than the limited standard Microsoft Windows security services offer. Cerberus Security Guard functionality covers gaps ... other similar security programs fail to address. With Cerberus Security Guard you can create access rights both for users ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Access Control 2014-04-18 downloaded 206 times 0.67MB

DWebPro for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardDWebPro 8.4.4

... free license for non-commercial use. DWebPro includes ... web server, called primary web server, which includes support for CGI ... ISAPI (PHP, Perl, Python, etc. ... web server, called ASPClassic, which includes support for ASP 3.0 ...

Internet Servers - Web 2011-04-23 downloaded 155 times 12.28MB

Phelios for 64-bit systems

Phelios 1.0

... This is an old school 2d shooter game. The game places you in the role ... of Apollo. Your mission is to attain the legendary sword ... one at that. Monstrosities ranging from Medusa and Cerberus to the three blind old ladies in ...

Games Play - Arcade 2009-12-23 downloaded 48 times 0.79MB