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TV-Browser for 64-bit systems

TV-Browser 3.1

... TV-Browser gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged ... printed TV guide. An internet connection is only necessary during the data update. ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Television 2011-11-22 downloaded 241 times 2.7MB

TE Browser v2.0 for 64-bit systems

... The first browser specially created for Traffic Exchanges. Organize and keep ... sites are 80 and list is growing.The first browser specially created for Traffic Exchanges. Organize and keep ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2011-03-29 downloaded 87 times 0.95MB

S3 Browser for 64-bit systems

S3 Browser 8.1.5

... S3 Browser is ... free client interface for Amazon S3 Service. Amazon S3 provides ... any time, from anywhere on the web. S3 Browser will help you ... Upload and Download files to and from Amazon S3. ... Publish your Content using Amazon S3. ... Browse, Create, DeleteAmazon S3 Buckets. ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2018-12-18 downloaded 287 times 0.62MB

Basketball Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardBasketball Browser 1.0.36

... Basketball news web browser that provides easy access tabs to sports media ... websites. Read NBA and college basketball news with ease. Save and customize your favorite basketball ... are also embedded within this basketball web browser. Basketball Browser automatically finds related basketball links, subjects, fan websites, ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2014-06-07 downloaded 186 times 1.29MB

Avant Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAvant Browser 2019 build 2

... Avant Browser's user-friendly interface brings ... crash-free, lock-up-free, memory-leak-free internet browsing experience and high reliability. When one ... freeze the browser or pull other pages down. Online Bookmarks ... Access your Bookmarks with Avant Online Bookmarks Service from anywhere, office, home or an Internet ... those data when re-install windows.. The encrypted stand-alone bookmarks file format can protect your privacy on ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2019-08-29 downloaded 518 times 4.33MB

Calendar Browser for 64-bit systems

Calendar Browser 9

... With Calendar Browser booking resources is as easy as making an appointment in ... the Outlook Calendar. Calendar Browser adds lots of features to any Outlook Calendar. ... Book resources and supplies with Outlook and Exchange server. Multiple ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2014-07-31 downloaded 156 times 24.95MB

Goona Browser for 64-bit systems

Goona Browser

... When using Goona Browser, you can choose between Gecko and Webkit to browse the web. Both provide ... browsing. The use of Gecko will provide you ... Firefox 3.5 like browsing. The version of XULRunner Goona Browser uses is updated to the latest version, ... performance equivalent to Firefox. This makes Goona Browser compatible with almost any web services an... ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2010-09-17 downloaded 121 times 20.6MB

Mini Browser for 64-bit systems

Mini Browser 4.0

... Awesome online minimalist web browser that is particularly suitable for netbooks and users ... Awesome online minimalist web browser that is particularly suitable for netbooks and users ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2010-10-11 downloaded 265 times 12.2MB

Epic Browser for 64-bit systems

Epic Browser 1.9.7

... Epic is India`s first-ever web browser and the only browser in ... the world with anti-virus protection built-in. Indian language support is pervasive in Epic. Users can ... Indian themes including browser-based wallpapers. The India content sidebar includes everything from news headlines to ... to live cricket commentary. Epic is the first browser to include ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2012-08-25 downloaded 216 times 9.89MB

Virtual Browser for 64-bit systems

Virtual Browser 1.0

... Virtual Browser. Virtual Browser allows users to securely browse the Internet using ... Mozilla Firefox. Run the Virtual Browser to protect against adware, spyware and other malware ... associated with browsing, and the isolation capability of virtualization, we have good fit for ... persistent and widespread problem. By using the web browser that is running on the guest operating system ...

Internet Servers - Web 2009-10-11 downloaded 105 times 181.27MB

TheWorld Browser for 64-bit systems

TheWorld Browser

... TheWorld Browser provides ... internet experience with many useful features that other browsers don ... provide. TheWorld Browser is optimized to avoid any case of out ... the other windows will not be infected. TheWorld Browser is ... tiny, fast, yet free, secure and powerful web browser. It features ... tabbed interface with multi-threaded frame browser. TheWorld Browser uses the Microsoft internet Explorer engine. We currently ... Vista. TheWorld Browser 2.0 has ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2011-03-15 downloaded 139 times 1.08MB

Browser Sentinel for 64-bit systems

... see adult and warez sites appearing in your browser bookmarks ... Why are those malicious adware programs changing your browser start page, adding their own toolbars, and slowing ... the outside. But, they cannot help when an adware program entices you to visit ... from the threats themselves, not from specific software. Browser Sentinel brings ... It will alert you and help to remove adware, trojans, keyloggers and other Internet parasites. Browser Sentinel ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Other 2011-02-18 downloaded 69 times 1.62MB

Cerberus Browser for 64-bit systems

Cerberus Browser 2.0

... unique, safe content Internet browser built around Google ... scale that cannot be matched with any other filtering system. The downside to this technology is that ... the Cerberus Browser represents the best option for parents concerned about ...

My Hobby & Education - Parenting 2008-02-26 downloaded 97 times 0.81MB

MDI Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardMDI Browser 2.6

... MDI Browser allow you to reproduce exactly what applications ... Site. You are not required to open other browser tab or suffer the loss of current user ... internet portal. The product is call MDI Browser and it allows the developer team to reproduce ... oWindow.save, oWindow.content, oWindow.id and change them using the browser DOM. Using the Xml ...

Web Design - Java & JavaScript 2010-03-15 downloaded 132 times 0.39MB

Zac Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardZac Browser 1.1.7

... ZAC Browser (Zone for Autistic Children) is the first web browser developed specifically for ... children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental ... and PDD-NOS. Zac Browser is for children ... specifically to kids who display the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, like impairments in social interaction, impairments ...

My Hobby & Education - Parenting 2008-08-12 downloaded 88 times 6.37MB

Knowledge Browser for 64-bit systems

Knowledge Browser

... freeware web browser, made just for designers and developers like you ... The Knowledge Browser is ... full featured tabbed web browser built specifically for web designers. Any developer will ... find this web browser useful as it automatically takes you to popular ... blogs and offers links to all the hot developer news sites. Expect constant updates and get ... web browsing environment for all design professionals. The Knowledge Browser is ...

Web Design - Reference & Tutorials 2009-09-16 downloaded 64 times 0.53MB

MySpace Browser for 64-bit systems

MySpace Browser 1.0.0

... The MySpace Enhanced browser is ... casual user, this program is for you. MySpace Enhanced can help you manage and improve your MySpace ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2008-01-16 downloaded 163 times 6.8MB

Lataza Browser for 64-bit systems

Lataza Browser Pro

... best upgrade of Lataza Browser to Lataza Browser Professional Edition with means ... contrast, task manager, CPU Optimization, Anti-Freeze and default browser setting. Grab and see the difference ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2011-02-04 downloaded 490 times 4.71MB

Browser Cleaner for 64-bit systems

Browser Cleaner 1.4

... This Browser Cleaner is an easy to use software that protects ... your Internet activity. It completely erases your Internet Browser history, cookies, temporary internet files ... list, recycle bin, index.dat files and more. this Browser Cleaner also allows you to choose which of these ... which to keep. An unique feature of this Browser Cleaner is the Save State ... your computer will not wonder where all their history, cookies, recent files etc. have gone. ...

Sys Utils - Other System Programs 2009-04-28 downloaded 51 times 3.3MB

MIB Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardMIB Browser 2.00

... MIB Browser allows you to view the hierarchy of SNMP ... you with additional information about each node. With MIB Browser you can easily load ... standard and proprietary MIB files, view and manipulate data that is available ... in an SNMP agent. MIB Browser may perform SNMP Get and Get ... and current value of the counter on specific SNMP agent. By the way ...

Computer Networking - Network Monitors 2018-02-25 downloaded 121 times 1.46MB

Better Thumbnail Browser for 64-bit systems

Better Thumbnail Browser 3.15

... Better Thumbnail Browser is ... Smooth thumbnail zooming on the fly. Better Thumbnail Browser is feature-packed and supports many advanced features that ... no other thumbnail control can offer ... The biggest advantage of Better Thumbnail Browser is that saves you valuable development time. For ... many projects where GUI is important, Better Thumbnail Browser can very significantly reduce the development time, up ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2015-05-27 downloaded 208 times 8.13MB

Baseball Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardBaseball Browser 1.0.26

... Baseball Browser delivers easy access to the best baseball news ... and baseball team websites. When you surf with Baseball Browser, it automatically finds related baseball links, baseball columns, ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2014-06-07 downloaded 103 times 1.29MB

Database Browser for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardDatabase Browser

... Works directly with Oracle, MS Sql Server, ODBC, MySql, OleDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS Sql Server Compact, Interbase ... support for ODBC connection scripts ... support for OleDB connection scripts ...

Economics - Business Databases 2019-09-24 downloaded 284 times 7.09MB

Tor Browser for 64-bit systems

Tor Browser 3.6.1

... security risks and potential prowlers out there. Tor Browser is ... The Tor Browser interface allows you to easily toggle it on ...

Computer Networking - Browser Add-Ons 2014-09-28 downloaded 67 times 0.69MB

Opera browser for 64-bit systems

Opera browser 37

... Opera browser brings you more speed, more safety and more ... Opera is the first major browser to integrate ... you can speed up your browsing with the Opera Turbo feature. ... With Opera's visual bookmarks, not available in any other browser ... In Opera's add-ons catalog, you can get over 1,700 extensions ... Pick up browsing in Opera on another computer or mobile device by syncing ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2016-05-22 downloaded 208 times 0.69MB

TTE Browser for 64-bit systems

TTE Browser 2.2

... measurements for serial comparison, context sensitive help and more...Medical software for Transthoracic echocardiography ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2014-12-20 downloaded 46 times 15.82MB

Calendar Browser for 64-bit systems

Calendar Browser

... With Calendar Browser booking resources is as easy as making an ... appointment in the Outlook Calendar. Calendar Browser adds lots of features to any Outlook Calendar. ... server. Multiple calendars can be shown. Mark an appointment with ... In Calendar Browser each resource has its own calendar, and you ... normal Outlook appointment with some extra features in the desired resource ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2015-04-20 downloaded 57 times 46.91MB

Dino Browser for 64-bit systems

Dino Browser 2.0.1

... Dino Browser is ... full featured web browser with extensive support of SEO Tools and instruments. ... which you may require in your website promotion. Dino Browser has its own account manager, auto-login and auto-registration ... and dozens of small, yet very useful instruments. Dino Browser is ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2012-07-05 downloaded 78 times 28MB

SuperBird Browser for 64-bit systems

SuperBird Browser 73.0.3683.103

... free browser with special emphasis placed on speed, stability and ... data security. Compared to other browsers, Superbird surprises with extremely fast site rendering. The ... browser is based on the open Google Chrome source code but does not send data about ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2019-08-24 downloaded 200 times 101.43MB

SevenTh Browser for 64-bit systems

SevenTh Browser 1.0.67

... SevenTh Browser is ... engines and social websites for quick access. With SevenTh Browser you can also add and manage bookmarks. It ...

Computer Networking - Browsers for Web 2012-02-24 downloaded 57 times 8.95MB

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