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Mykosmos BPM suite for 64-bit systems

Mykosmos BPM suite 9.00

... business suite for automating business processes into usual Business Applications that use ... role as procedure coordinators, planners and experts. The agents are written with ... The same application is used to code the business processes or schedulers and in the same time is ...

Coding Software - Compilers & Interpreters 2015-11-06 downloaded 96 times 6.23MB

Medieval CUE Splitter for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMedieval CUE Splitter 1.2

... CDRWin, BPM Studio, GoldWave or similar. With CUE Splitter you can split audio track files without burning ... look at the about form...CUE Splitter is ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2010-03-12 downloaded 796 times 1.26MB

Free metronome for 64-bit systems

Free metronome u1v2

... Free metronome from GCH Guitar Academy. covers ... range of 40 to 160 bpm with ... time. Ideal for practising with. This metronome is brought to you completely free, by GCH ...

My Hobby & Education - Music Learn 2012-04-14 downloaded 92 times 9.78MB

Audio DJ Studio for .NET for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAudio DJ Studio for .NET 10.1

... Audio DJ Studio for .NET is ... .NET component that adds audio/video playback and mixing capabilities to multimedia applications. Summary ... Playback of several audio formats through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI ... Possibility to change the player volume and the sound card volumes. ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2018-08-19 downloaded 166 times 19.56MB

DJ Mixer Professional for Windows

... advanced, full-featured, ultimate DJ mixing software for amateur and professional DJs alike, providing advanced ... features you need to create live mixes, remixing, video mixing, Beat-matching, vinyl simulation, and live performance. This most ... flexible DJ software combines an easy-to-use interface makes mixing your music ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2012-01-15 downloaded 146 times 6.47MB

DJ Twist & Burn for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardDJ Twist & Burn 1.27_150

... and mix your music. With this intuitive DJ mixing software, you can create beatmatched mix CDs and MP3 ... powerful DJ mixing software can also be used to create the ultimate ... are in to Karaoke, just click the automatic vocal remover feature ...

Sys Utils - Burning Media & Data 2009-04-30 downloaded 125 times 5.88MB

Active DJ Studio for 64-bit systems

Active DJ Studio 10.1

... Active DJ Studio is an ActiveX control adds audio/video playback and mixing capabilities to multimedia applications. Summary ... Playback of several audio formats through DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI ... Possibility to change the player volume and the sound card volumes. ... VU-Meter, Oscilloscope, Spectrum, Waveform display ...

Coding Software - ActiveX 2018-08-24 downloaded 135 times 20.76MB

future.dj for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardfuture.dj 1.2.6

... smart, powerful and easy to use DJ software? Look no more ... the audio-video DJ mixing software With future.dj you can mix your songs, videos ... click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops and many other things. All theese thanks to ... the precise automatic BPM counter. You have ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2015-10-23 downloaded 192 times 9.8MB

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardZortam Mp3 Media Studio 24.30

... Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application suite. It has several ... modules such us Zortam Mp3 Auto Tagger, Mp3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, BPM ... Analyzer, Mp3 Normalizer, CD Ripper, Mp3 to Wav converter. With Zortam Mp3 Media ... can batch auto tag your Mp3 files using Zortam database. Batch auto tag process download Cover Art, ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2018-11-10 downloaded 797 times 22.95MB

Metronome de Guitare-Online for 64-bit systems

Metronome de Guitare-Online 2.0

... Ce metronome pour PC ... Windows bat la mesure sur des tempos allant de 40 ... Windows bat la mesure sur des tempos allant de 40 ...

Audio & Mp3 - Other Misc 2008-01-16 downloaded 142 times 1.19MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardTempoPerfect Computer Metronome 4.08

... controlled using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides ... can be acurately adjusted for the correct bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any musician. Designed ... to help musicians play in time, TempoPerfect creates beat patterns using ... unique sound. TempoPerfect features ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2015-05-13 downloaded 203 times 0.32MB

AudioRetoucher for 64-bit systems


... may work as bass booster, treble enhancer and BPM analyzer.AudioRetoucher is an audio effect processor that changes ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2017-03-07 downloaded 432 times 1.27MB

TempoPerfect Computer Metronome 4.08

... or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect provides ... clear and precise beat that can be acurately adjusted for the correct ... bpm. TempoPerfect is an essential tool for any musician. Designed ... to help musicians play in time, TempoPerfect creates beat patterns using ...

Audio & Mp3 - Gadgets & PlugIns 2015-05-21 downloaded 201 times 0.32MB

Zulu Master's Edition for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardZulu Master's Edition 4.10

... Synchronize tracks to the BPM and loop sections ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2018-01-02 downloaded 355 times 4.89MB

jPDFProcess Java PDF Process Library v2013R1

... Java library to work with PDF documents that can be used to deliver customized ... your users or to process and manipulate incoming PDF content. The library has ... simple interface to work with PDF documents and is designed to be integrated easily ... and seamlessly into your PDF document workflow. jPDFProcess provides the functionality found in many of our ...

Coding Software - Components & Libraries 2013-05-17 downloaded 76 times 26.16MB

Disco XT DJ for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDisco XT DJ 6.0

... time-stretching. Mixer with filters, EQs, crossfader and BPM detection. Automated mixing with different editable transition types ... and optional iTunes library mirroring. Creating and editing playlists and organizing playlists to folders. Sampler for playing ... flanger, phaser, delay, filter and advanced reverb. Microphone input with talkover for adding voice to the ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2011-01-05 downloaded 646 times 10.85MB

Elite Mix :: Mixing Solution for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardElite Mix :: Mixing Solution 1.0

... Elite Mix 1.0 is the Mixing Solution for the PC brought to you by ... DJ that requires the hands-on interaction with the player to mix audio, video and ... or karaoke along with powerful effects and transitions. Elite Mix 1.0 provides the seemless looping features for the ... and popular features from our flagship products. Mix Audio, Video, and Karaoke Live BPM and Seemless Loops ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2008-09-18 downloaded 219 times 13.52MB

Swift Elite 4 LITE for 64-bit systems

Swift Elite 4 LITE 4.0

... to you by TriceraSoft. Bring the Power of Video, Audio, Karaoke, Video Sources, and Effects into one ... LITE includes internal importing tools for audio and karaoke, data exporter, transitions, slideshow, next singer features, customizable ... Beautiful Video and Audio Crossfading 48 Unique Video Transitions 32 Band Equalizer Master Pitch and Tempo ...

DVD, Video & DivX - Video Codecs 2009-03-28 downloaded 93 times 18.81MB

COMET! Midi to Audio Converter 1.55

... Change key of songs-transpose Adjust tempo of songs-set BPM High quality internal sounds Support for soundfont SF2 ...

Audio & Mp3 - Converters & CD Rippers 2013-04-16 downloaded 238 times 7.63MB

PerfectForms for 64-bit systems

PerfectForms 1.10

... new software service for businesses wishing to increase productivity for their organizations using more efficient workflow processes. ... wide variety of business applications, all without writing ... to build web applications, forms, surveys and detailed reporting without writing any code. PerfectForms can also be ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2009-08-08 downloaded 55 times 1.54MB


... Virtual DJTurntables, also Dub Vocals and Record Mixes. Features ... Virtual Turntables, Beatmatching, Scratching, Mixer, Playlist Editor, Sampler, CD Burner, CD Ripper, Recorder, ... system, Media Pool, Media Search Utility, Wave Editor, Audio Clip Export, BPM Detection and much much more ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2010-05-26 downloaded 241 times 10.95MB

Zulu Free Professional Virtual DJ Software 4.10

... Zulu is free professional DJ mixing software for Windows PCs. Mix and broadcast live music, ... Apply effects on the fly and more. Zulu Virtual DJ software features include ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2018-01-02 downloaded 558 times 4.89MB

Salsa Rhythm Application for 64-bit systems

Salsa Rhythm Application 1.0

... Master Salsa Timing and Instrument identification using our Interactive Salsa ... Combine and arrange instruments to create different salsa tunes ... part of the growing Salsa Beat Machine community Instruments ... Clave, Piano, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Bass, Maracas, Guiro, Cowbell and an Instructor Also ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2010-07-26 downloaded 639 times 2.21MB

Joinwork Process Studio for 64-bit systems

Joinwork Process Studio 3.1.2

... Best combination with Joinwork Process BPMS Engine.Joinwork Process Studio is ...

Graphics & Design - Other Design Utils 2012-08-14 downloaded 41 times 14.7MB

MIDIClock for 64-bit systems

MIDIClock 3.03

... Program that can be used for on stage gigs, studio recordings,... to synchronize synths, effects, sequencers, arpeggiators, ... midi beat clock signal on ... midi output device at ... selectable bpm rate. Other output signals are also possible through custom output drivers. ... MIDIClock can be controlled by midi input commands. These can be learned through the midi ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2011-02-05 downloaded 274 times 0.7MB

Bonita Open Solution for 64-bit systems

Bonita Open Solution 5.6

... Bonita Studio meets the Business Process Management Notation standard ... Bonita Open Source BPM community. ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Makers 2011-11-01 downloaded 862 times 220MB

Dj Promixer Free for 64-bit systems

Dj Promixer Free 1.0

... DJ ProMixer is ... lite version full functionally of DJ Promixer Full V1. Easy, complete and ergonomically designed for ... deejays, DJ Promixer lets mix your music without limits with ... deck DJ ProMixer will automatically scan the file for ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2011-08-20 downloaded 475 times 14.14MB

beaTunes for 64-bit systems

beaTunes 3.5.18

... lets you clean up your iTunes track data in ... REM in your iPod`s artist list ... No more albums hidden in the compilations section. beaTunes can even help you to ... clean collection, the built-in playlist generator ...

Audio & Mp3 - Music Library Managers 2014-02-03 downloaded 606 times 37.11MB

Banshee for 64-bit systems

Banshee 2.6.2

... Your Library MusicPlaylists. Search. Sort. Cover art. BPM detection. ... download episodes. Audiobooks Organize audiobooks, lectures, etc. Hardware MP3 Players and PhonesSync your music and videos to ... or YouTube videos by the artist Other Media Internet Radio Listen to and organize Internet Radio stations. DAAP ... listen to music shared over your local network. AmazonMp3 Store Browse, search, and purchase music from the ...

Mobiles - Connection 2014-02-20 downloaded 128 times 32.2MB

DJ ProMixer NB Netbook Edition 1.0

... The first DJ Software designed specially designed for Netbooks. Optimized for Atom Processors. Compatible with 10.1 ... real use with Netbook screens. All the power of DJ ProMixer V1 ... DJ ProMixer offer compatibility with the best and most sold ... DJ ProMixer incorporates the most advanced system of synchronization tracks, ...

Audio & Mp3 - Sound Players 2011-08-21 downloaded 273 times 16.44MB

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