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Analysis Lotto for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAnalysis Lotto 3.5

... Let Analysis Lotto show you how to pick winners for ANY ... lotto or keno game from ... including our copyrighted Delta system ... analyze past drawings and predict possible winners. Insightful charts, graphs, and reports show you exactly what ... going on in your game. See at ...

Games Play - Casinos & Gambling 2009-06-09 downloaded 188 times 1.49MB

AutoFEM Analysis for 64-bit systems

AutoFEM Analysis 1.7

... AutoFEM Analysis is the finite element analysis software. The main feature of the system is ... its deep integration with AutoCAD Using AutoFEM Analysis, an AutoCAD user gets ... Static analysis (analysis of structural stress and strain ... the AutoFEM Static Analysis module ... Stress analysis for structures under cyclic loading action ... the AutoFEM Fatigue Analysis module ... the AutoFEM Frequency Analysis module ... the AutoFEM Buckling Analysis module ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2012-05-29 downloaded 45 times 171.27MB

Analysis Center for 64-bit systems

Analysis Center 2016

... modern, State of The Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the ... modern, State-of-The-Art spectrum analyzer giving you features that go far beyond the ... 24 Octave frequency displayinge and FFT ...

My Hobby & Education - Mathematical Tools 2016-05-02 downloaded 28 times 2.57MB

3D Frame Analysis Library for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool award

3D Frame Library is a .dll library written in c# .net. It performs many types of analyses including static & dynamic with or without consideration of large deformations etc. It is very powerful, robust and has been tested comprehensively in order to satisfy every needs. We can also assure you that it is free of bugs. There is yet complete help on how to integrate it in your project from our support team available. Easy integration with your proje

My Hobby & Education - Science 2008-11-07 downloaded 89 times 0.11MB

Pixcavator IA - Image Analysis 5.1

... Digital image processing, analysis, and manipulation ... elementary computer vision. Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual analysis. Pixcavator provides new ... image analysis capabilities to scientists and researchers. With ... spreadsheet with each objects locations and measurements. You can mark objects in the spreadsheet to ... as desired. The software also includes all standard image processing tools. The website http ...

Graphics & Design - Other Design Utils 2010-11-20 downloaded 0 times 2.19MB

Disk usage analysis for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDisk usage analysis 2.1.26

... new disk usage analyzer from Moleskinsoft allowing to analyze disk space of ... complexity of problems which the program face the disk usage analyzer doesn ... sizes and many other things. To learn how disk usage analysis is spent we ... ll consider the disk usage analyzer work more in detail. In top left window ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2008-10-03 downloaded 83 times 0.88MB

Investment Analysis Software for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardInvestment Analysis Software 10

... Investment Analysis Software provides the capacity to easily analyze the performance of any investment. It applies basic ... input variables to build an investment analysis by year. Investment performance is converted to equivalent ... current year values enabling the actual investment performance to be determined. Applying this approach allows comparisons ... It also provides an effective means of projecting investment performance and determining the results of different investment mixes. ...

Economics - Money Management 2008-01-16 downloaded 93 times 0.04MB

AutoFEM Analysis Lite for 64-bit systems

AutoFEM Analysis Lite 1.7

... AutoFEM Analysis Lite is ... free system of finite-element analysis. The main feature of the system is its ... deep integration with AutoCAD. Using AutoFEM Analysis Lite each user of AutoCAD gets possibility to ... static and fatigue analysis (stress analysis of structures ... calculation of the first natural frequency of structure ... other tasks. General algorithm of working with AutoFEM Analysis is the following ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2012-05-14 downloaded 59 times 163.67MB

MITCalc Tolerance analysis for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMITCalc Tolerance analysis 1.19

... Two programs for the tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains ... Tolerance analysis of linear dimensional chains. The program is designed ... for tolerance analysis of linear ... Tolerance analysis, synthesis and optimization of ... Extended statistic analysis of dimensional chain using the ... Tolerance analysis of ... Tolerance analysis of 2-D and 3-D dimensional chains The program ... is designed for the tolerance analysis of two-dimensional ...

Graphics & Design - CAD & Vector Graphics 2017-07-30 downloaded 143 times 3.63MB

CDR Analysis Software for 64-bit systems

CDR Analysis Software

... CDR Analysis software helps to import CDR and analyze CDR ... of CDR Numbers. CDR Analysis software supports all type CDR file like as ... CDR file. Key Feature- CDR Analysis 1-Case Management- CDR Analysis software help to manage case file by using ... after complete case if you want to delete. 2-Call Analysis- CDR Analysis Software help to analysis CDR Data ... CDR Data Analysis Software has advance Feature to Search Call Data ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Covert Surveillance 2016-10-09 downloaded 19 times 5.13MB

Choice Components Analysis for 64-bit systems

Choice Components Analysis 1

... Choice Components Analysis analyzes survey data on the primary determinants of ... be included in any single analysis. Choice Components Analysis is ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2012-10-25 downloaded 44 times 0.25MB

Option Impacts Analysis for 64-bit systems

Option Impacts Analysis 1

... Option Impacts Analysis analyzes preferences shares from survey data. It applies ... selection probabilities, or option selection identifications. Option Impacts Analysis is ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2012-09-30 downloaded 45 times 0.31MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardRegression Analysis and Forecasting 3.2

... The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template enables the confident identification of value drivers and ... forecasting business plan or scientific data. The multiple regression process utilizes commonly employed statistical measures to test ... the validity of the analysis and results are summarized in text form to ... When predictive relationships have been identified by the regression analysis, forecasting can be quickly accomplished based on ...

Economics - Calc & Conversion 2016-09-24 downloaded 176 times 0.16MB


... BUSINESS ANALYSIS Software, Modeling, Management, ToolsBUSINESS ANALYSIS Software, Modeling, Management, Tools ...

Economics - Business Databases 2011-03-19 downloaded 43 times 11.9MB

EFM: plan / actual analysis for 64-bit systems

EFM: plan / actual analysis 2.4

... actual analysis is ... simple tool designed for financial planning and business management of an enterprise on the basis of approved ... simple tool for financial planning on the basis of created budgets, which will ... 2. Fields of Application A. Making plans and budgets B. ...

Economics - Barcode Programs 2011-08-15 downloaded 60 times 5.81MB


... VALUE-CHAIN-ANALYSIS-MEGA Software Strategy Development Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, businessVALUE-CHAIN-ANALYSIS-MEGA Software Strategy Framework Model, ... Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, business ...

Coding Software - Other 2009-05-07 downloaded 249 times 11.85MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardMesh Electronic Circuit Analysis 2.0

... Mesh Symbolic Electronic Circuit analysis Mesh electronic circuit analysis is an open source Visual Basic ... latest source code. Symbolic analysis, is where the resistance and voltage in an electronic circuit is defined ... on paper. The software works by using Matrix mesh analysis of the circuit then applying ...

My Hobby & Education - Mathematical Tools 2009-05-14 downloaded 131 times 0.18MB

Liquefaction Analysis Program (NovoLiq) 3.0

... very flexible and comprehensive soil liquefaction analysis software which can compare more than 10 different ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2017-01-05 downloaded 87 times 7.94MB

Adelix reporting and data analysis 1.0

... Reporting and data analysis WEB solution adaptable on any data structure type. ADELIX is ... your WEB based cost effective solution for hunting golden insights in your data. With ... ADELIX your data will be leveraged to become ... valuable competitive asset. ADELIX is 100 ... WEB based, allowing you to analyse data and share your reports exclusively through your WEB ...

Economics - Other Marketing Progs 2011-08-23 downloaded 42 times 1.14MB

CDR Data Analysis Software for 64-bit systems

CDR Data Analysis Software

... CDR Data Analysis Software is best call data analysis software which is track call information from your ... re using to your IMEI Numbers. CDR Data Analysis Software Feature Single Number Analysis ... CDR Data Analysis Software help to analysis single Common Number. Advance common number feature. Multiple ... CDR Data Analysis Software help to analysis Multiple Common Number search from selective CDR files. ... CDR Data Analysis Software fast way search IMEI Number list from ...

Privacy Protection & Security - Covert Surveillance 2016-10-14 downloaded 13 times 9.37MB

Find it EZ Source Code Analysis 4.1.2

... Find it EZ Source Code Analysis is the first and most comprehensive universal n-tier ... was orginally designed to search large libraries of Business Intelligence files such as Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, Crystal ... must have software development tool designed to drastically impact productivity and save ...

Coding Software - Other 2012-07-06 downloaded 83 times 17.57MB

Business Analysis Tool Desktop 2.8

... Business Analysis Tool Desktop is ... Business Intelligence software for data visualization and OLAP reporting. You can analyze your data by building pivot ... tables, charts, treemaps, scatter diagrams, filtering ... You can easily perform ad-hoc reporting on your own without bringing in of IT-staff ...

Economics - Reports 2010-08-07 downloaded 55 times 29.09MB

DownloadRoute excellent award2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0

... Static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D ... frames Modal analysis and eigenvalues estimation User controlled damping coefficient, step ... Automatic creation of consistent mass matrix Multi-step dynamic analysis Definition of time-dependent loading on elements and nodes ... given model Analytical view of the results of analysis Drawing of axial-shear force diagrams and bending moment ... deformed shape at each time step High quality analysis reports with all analysis results, including stress, internal ...

My Hobby & Education - Science 2015-07-18 downloaded 66 times 37.62MB

XpoLog Log Management and Analysis 3.7

... kind, Log Management and Analysis for Testing to optimize applications quality and increase ... production success. XpoLog maps application problems in testing labs and production, enables quick ... to measure development progress and generates production usage reports to increase testing focus. In addition, XpoLog is ... integrated to various testing tools and bug tracking systems. Key Features ...

Coding Software - Apps Distribution 2009-07-09 downloaded 68 times 1.16MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardPricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel 40

... Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel will determine the impact of ... price change on your business. It calculates current breakeven points using revenue, variable cost, and fixed cost ... inputs. These are combined with estimates for price and sales volume variations to produce revenue and ... forecasts by price. The model determines the Optimum Pricing to maximize your surplus and can be applied ...

Economics - Taxes 2010-09-30 downloaded 61 times 0.31MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardESBPDF Analysis - Probability Software 2.4.1

... ESBPDF Analysis is Probability Analysis Software that provides everything needed for using Discrete ... and Continuous Probability Distributions in ... using algebra other results can be found whereas ESBPDF Analysis is Probability Analysis Software that handles all ... Exponential, Student t, Chi Squared, F, Beta and Lognormal Distributions; Inverses of Normal, Student t, Chi Squared, F, ...

Sys Utils - PDF Software 2008-04-30 downloaded 67 times 3.92MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.2.0

... Statistical Analysis and Inference Software for Windows covering everything from ... Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes Online Help, Tutorials, Graphs, ... Multivariate analysis not in Lite Version ... Data can be Time Based for Time Series Analysis. ... Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of ... Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of Two Populations ... Trend Analysis of Time Series Data. PLUS MORE. ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2008-05-15 downloaded 87 times 6.56MB

DownloadRoute good award

... Digital image processing, analysis, and manipulation ... elementary computer vision. Pixcavator provides new image analysis capabilities to scientists and researchers. With ...

Graphics & Design - Picture Editors 2008-01-17 downloaded 91 times 3MB

CDR Analysis & Investigation for 64-bit systems

CDR Analysis & Investigation 3.0

... provide results in short time by using ATS CDR Analysis Software. Through this you will analyze call records, ... various types of desired reports in few minutes. CDR Analysis Software used by investigation ... forensic departments like police department, Special Crime investigation Departments etc. CDR Analysis ... SDR Details. Quickly search SDR Records. 4. ATS Mobile CDR Analysis shows Call Flow Graph. 5. Advanced Search Feature ... Available With ATS CDR Analyzer. 6. Max Call Frequency Analysis. 7. Max Call ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2017-01-22 downloaded 24 times 6.05MB

JAA Roulette Physics Analysis Software 2.0

... computer with internet access. The concept of using roulette physics is not new and dates back hundreds of ... viable income source for professional players.Casino gaming software to predict where the roulette ball ...

Economics - Math & Scientific Tools 2014-03-24 downloaded 38 times 0.72MB

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