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IP Address Shield for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardIP Address Shield 10.0

... Hides your IP address while you are browsing the Internet and protects your identity. Whenever you ... surf the Web or do something else on the Internet, this ... program will totally protect you. Freely use any web browsers, instant messengers, P2P file sharing, e-mail and ... nobody will see your real IP address anymore. This utility has ... functionality and it is simple, inexpensive and easy-to-use. Hide your IP address and be safe before it ...

Privacy Protection & Security - AntiSpam & Anti-Spy 2013-01-31 downloaded 118 times 1.89MB

Display IP Address for 64-bit systems

Display IP Address 1.0

... Display IP Address software download to show IP Address as visible to world in ... small popup Window. Launch Desktop Shortcut to Display IP Address in ... IP Address to clipboard. The IP Address showsn by the Software would be the IP Address ... world and would not be your network IP Address. Launch Software from Desktop Shortcut or from Quick ... Launch Shortcuts. As the Display IP Address Software provides ... IP Address. Move the Window of the Software Utility wherever ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2009-10-06 downloaded 72 times 0.61MB

Show My IP Address for 64-bit systems

Show My IP Address 2.0

... Many times we need to show our IP Address allocated to our computer. This makes sometime difficult ... freeware just download SEOCLICK Free shows my IP address Utility and try it without any difficult task. ...

Computer Networking - Other Network Tools 2011-09-21 downloaded 75 times 0.06MB

Addraman Address Manager for 64-bit systems

Addraman Address Manager 3.00

... fully featured address book application in which you can store work ... and home addresses and telephone numbers of your friends, colleagues and ... business contacts etc.. You can store Surname, First Name, Home ... and Work Addresses and extensive free text notes on each entry ... in your address book. It also stores home, work, extension, mobile ... allow you to quickly and easily locate any address you are after and ...

Economics - Planners & PPT Presentation 2011-01-31 downloaded 94 times 1.18MB

Handy Address Book for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardHandy Address Book 8.1

... Handy Address Book is easy to use, yet powerful software ... expect in an address book, plus some other helpful features like the ... ability to publish your address book to the web with the click of ... button. Handy Address Book has powerful importing and exporting capabilities, with ... popular programs such as Outlook, Palm, or the Windows Address Book. Powerful and customizable printing is also ... tabular list format or as detailed records. Envelope and label printing is also included. The print ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2016-06-12 downloaded 181 times 0.82MB

Address Magic Personal for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAddress Magic Personal 9.0.426

... addresses books between many popular e-mail programs, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, vCard and ... LDIF. Address Magic preserves all your contact information, including phone ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2014-03-24 downloaded 114 times 4.21MB

E-mail Address Checker for 64-bit systems

E-mail Address Checker 2.2

... E-mail Address Checker is your powerful solution for the standard ... phony e-mail address so that they have access to ... are left with dead e-mail addresses. Our E-mail Address Checker verifies every e-mail address from ...

Computer Networking - E-Mail User Agents 2009-06-22 downloaded 87 times 2.11MB

IP Address Grabber Extender for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute good awardIP Address Grabber Extender 14006

... IP Address Grabber Extender Free WinBatch ExtenderIP Address Grabber Extender Free WinBatch Extender ...

Coding Software - Compilers & Interpreters 2008-01-17 downloaded 129 times 0.05MB

MuvEnum Address Bar for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardMuvEnum Address Bar

... The MuvEnum Address Bar saves you time by making it super ... When Microsoft removed the taskbar address bar from Windows XP SP3, we set out ... we created the ultimate address bar for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000, 2003, ... or Opera, the MuvEnum Address Bar knows and displays your bookmarks and history ... even delete individual history items. Easily access the MuvEnum Address Bar from anywhere. Whether you prefer the ... ve got you covered. From any program, the MuvEnum Address Bar is ready to get you where ...

Sys Utils - Launchers & Task Utils 2010-03-21 downloaded 85 times 2.23MB

Efficient Address Book for 64-bit systems

Efficient Address Book

... Efficient Address Book is ... major feature of Efficient Address Book is you can not only add text, ... Efficient Address Book is ... that Efficient Address Book 5.50 Build 542 version is released, one ... outstanding contact management software. As its name stated, Efficient Address Book serves ... contact address book for users to record all info of ... It is so happy to use Efficient Address Book software once all are figured out ... Once the more we find out about Efficient Address Book, the more ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2018-05-29 downloaded 339 times 15.81MB

Address List Validator for 64-bit systems

Address List Validator

... Address Validator (USPS address verification, international address validation ... Address duplicate removal The Address Validator service cleans addresses in CRM systems, customer ... leading provider of USPS address verification and international address validation services, shows that address data degrades at ... mail has increased year after year. Maintaining good address quality can be ... Byteplant offers Address Verification for any U.S., Canadian or international address ...

Economics - Business Databases 2018-11-03 downloaded 29 times 1.45MB

Address Book Recovery for 64-bit systems

Address Book Recovery 2.2

... PST file and our company now present updated Address Book Recovery Software to repair address book data ... In Address book users stores all their frequently used email ... addresses each time they send an email. When Address Book gets corrupted all the contacts stored in ... it become inaccessible. Address Book Recovery tool help to Recover Contacts. Repair Address Book recovers ... corrupt and damaged address book of Microsoft Outlook ...

Computer Networking - Other Mail Tools 2013-01-01 downloaded 92 times 2.42MB

Hide My MAC Address for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardHide My MAC Address 1.2

... Hide your MAC Address from hackers, law enforcement, your ISP, WiFi networks, online games, ... track your Internet activity if they know your MAC Address. Public Wireless Access Points are all over, ... laptop, it automatically attempts to contact to wireless networks, regardless if you use WEP ... WPA Encryption. Fool MAC-based ACLs ... by cloning the MAC address of ...

Computer Networking - Other Internet Tools 2008-01-25 downloaded 96 times 0.64MB

Personal Address File for 64-bit systems

Personal Address File 1.24

... utility which can be used for keeping personal address information. For example, you can keep people ... etc. It is similar to the old Windows CARDFILE program and it can read CRD files created ... personal notes too, just as you can use NOTEPAD for this purpose. However, by using this program, ... format, so you can import files created by ADDRFILE to other programs, like Microsoft Excel. You can ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2016-11-30 downloaded 95 times 0.41MB

A-MAC Address Change for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute cool awardA-MAC Address Change 6.0

... Find and change Mac Address in seconds ... Scan Mac Address within any range of IP address. Exports the ... Mac Address Lookup list. Spoofing the Mac Address of your network card to any new Mac ... Address.It makes ping mac address possible.Use this mac address finder to search proper mac address. It is ... mac address scanner but also ... spoofer. Wake on Lan. Win ipconfig.Port Scan. It scan any range of IP for the proper Mac ...

Computer Networking - Traceroute & Ping Tools 2011-01-30 downloaded 142 times 0.67MB

E-mail Address Verifier for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardE-mail Address Verifier 2.0

... E-mail Address Verifier is ... of e-mail addresses in mailing lists. This E-mail Address Checker program works on the same algorithm as ... mail systems do. Mail servers addresses for specified address are extracted from DNS. The program tries to ... as soon as mail server informs does this address exist or not. our E-mail Address Verifier can ... only then see their addresses and if the address is dead send the message back with remark ...

Economics - Office Docs & Spreadsheets 2008-01-21 downloaded 80 times 2.11MB

Address Organizer Deluxe for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAddress Organizer Deluxe 4.12

... corporations to organize and manage all kinds of contacts and addresses. For the database novice, Organizer ... intuitive interface and ready-to-use address management solutions make it easy to set up ... program called Designer you can create or modify address solutions that you define. Our address manager comes ... Access your address data in ... Create quality, professionally looking address documents, address books, phone books, address and phone lists, Web ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2017-10-06 downloaded 139 times 6.84MB

Address Book Recovery for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardAddress Book Recovery 1.2.27

... Look at the description of Address Book Recovery if you encounter the corruption of ... Do not worry if the damage affects Windows Address Book files and there are no other ways ... of data retrieval. The usage of Address Book Recovery allows repairing WAB files without any ... your PC and start evaluating the utility of Address Book Recovery. It is easy to use, click ... the shortcut of Address Book Recovery when ready and look through the ... recovery program. Use the open file softkey of Address Book Recovery application to select ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2013-01-20 downloaded 138 times 2.75MB

Email Address Collector for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardEmail Address Collector 6.0.175

... Email Address Collector is an email extractor for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, ... Windows Address Book, Outlook Contacts, DOC, PDF, mail EML files or for other local files. Using the ... advanced filtering system, Email Address Collector offers you the ability to create custom rules ... for parsing email addresses. Plus, it automatically eliminates address duplicates. It can scan and collect e-mail addresses ... from the email folders of MS-Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft DBX files, MSN ...

Computer Networking - EMails Managers 2013-10-18 downloaded 110 times 12.9MB

Delicious Address Book for 64-bit systems

DownloadRoute excellent awardDelicious Address Book 2.12

... Tired of searching the bulky address book on your table ... Try Delicious Address Book ... coming meetings and events. You can use Delicious Address Book for 30 days absolutely free. Download the program ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2009-02-28 downloaded 93 times 2.77MB

Email Address Grabber for Hotmail

... Email Address Grabber for Hotmail tool has the efficiency to ... account without any difficulty. Main Features of Email Address Grabber for Hotmail. 1. Extract emails from one ...

Computer Networking - E-Mail User Agents 2016-08-04 downloaded 40 times 1.71MB

Portable Efficient Address Book

... Efficient Address Book is ... Efficient Address Book Free is ... life to manage their contact information. Portable Efficient Address Book Free works straight from your USB flash ... that Portable Efficient Address Book 5.50 Build 542 version is released, one ... potable contact manager. As its name stated, Efficient Address Book serves as ... contact address book for users to record all info of ... It is so happy to use Efficient Address Book software once all are figured out ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2018-06-01 downloaded 371 times 20.4MB

DownloadRoute excellent awardEnhilex Address Book Software 3.23

... great address book software, cardfile, PIM, Rolodex and contact manager. The award winning Enhilex Address Book Software provides ... applications, Enhilex Address Book Software uses very few system resources and can run ... stay on top feature, you can hover Enhilex Address Book Software above your web browser or any other application, ... holds their own home address, phone numbers, email address etc. Then, by simply typing ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2009-03-20 downloaded 134 times 2.49MB

Address Book Recovery Free for 64-bit systems

Address Book Recovery Free 1.0

... to recover deleted contacts from the standard Windows Address Book. This storage is used by popular email ... quickly recover records erroneously deleted from the Address Book ... view the history of Address Book changes ... recover deleted records from the Address Book damaged by ... of checking and attempting to fix the Windows Address Book file ... restore data from unreadable Address Book files ... Contacts stored in Windows Address Book ... very large Windows Address Book file. Address Book Recovery Free features ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2011-06-29 downloaded 48 times 1.01MB

Efficient Address Book Network

... Efficient Address Book Network is ... of contacts as well as bulk import. Efficient Address Book Network has all features of pro version, ... such as, address book, grouping management, full-text search, etc.. Besides, with ... Efficient Address Book Network is ... that Efficient Address Book Network 5.50 Build 542 version is released, ... one outstanding contact management shareware. As its name stated, Efficient Address Book ... contact address book for users to record all info of ...

Economics - Calendars & Personal Managers 2018-05-29 downloaded 95 times 26.46MB

EMCO MAC Address Scanner for 64-bit systems

EMCO MAC Address Scanner 1.3.2

Free network scanning tool that allows to detect MAC addresses of network PCs. It can work in Windows networks in order to scan domains and workgroups and detect MAC addresses across subnets. During a network scan MAC addresses are detected for every discovered PC using different MAC detection mechanisms to ensure most accurate and fastest results. Detected MAC addresses can be exported to CSV files together with information about network hosts.

Computer Networking - Searching Utils 2015-08-08 downloaded 71 times 48.9MB

Email Address Extractor for Yahoo

... Email Address Extractor for Yahoo is an incredible tool designed ... from different Yahoo accounts one by one. This Yahoo email extractor has the ability to harvest ids from the ... for this particular job. Key points for Email Address Extractor for Yahoo ...

Computer Networking - EMails Managers 2016-08-30 downloaded 32 times 1.39MB

IncrediMail Address Book Recovery 1.0

... Enstella IncrediMail Address Book Recovery Software is the best and successive ... program that endues easy process to recover IncrediMail contacts and restore all the contacts of IncrediMail file ... IncrediMail application on the machine, it capable to recover IncrediMail Contacts and convert IncrediMail Contacts into Outlook file with ...

Sys Utils - Disks & Files Manage 2017-04-15 downloaded 20 times 6.77MB

Thunderbird Email Address Extractor 2.0.7

... depending upon the number of emails in Thunderbird. Thunderbird Email Extractor v2.0.7 is ... cc, bcc, sender and recipients of Thunderbird emails. Thunderbird Email Extractor v2.0.7 displays all mail accounts and directories same ... SENT ITEMS and other user defined mail folders. Thunderbird Email Extractor v2.0.7 supports filters that allows you to get ...

Internet Servers - Mail 2018-04-02 downloaded 106 times 0.53MB

Email Address Grabber for Gmail

... extractor at this acceptable price. Main features 1. Extract Emails from Gmail account 2. Extract emails from Inbox, ... of your Gmail Account. 5. You can selectively extract emails from any of the Labels like only from ...

Computer Networking - E-Mail User Agents 2018-02-19 downloaded 42 times 1.67MB

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