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VLMa 13.3MB for 64-bit systems
VLMa 0.2.0

Management of broadcasts of TV channels.

VLMa 0.2.0 is an application to manage broadcasts of TV channels, received through digital terrestrial or satellite ways. Its interface is provided as a web-site written in Java. It is also capable of streaming audio and video files. VLMa 0.2.0 consists of a deamon (called VLMa 0.2.0d) and a web interface (called VLMa 0.2.0w).

VLMa MAC - VLMa 64bit

Television Open source, On September 24, 2009 updated, downloaded 192 times.

Veetle Player 3.7MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardVeetle Player 0.9.19

Veetle is an innovative Web TV.

Veetle is the best web based http streaming platform and is better than all the program p2p`s out there. It has the smoothest video, the easiest and quickest installation and best of all it has minimal pixelation. When really good p2p http streams on mogolus or ustream are shown, the best ones have sharp very good quality streams, but if you lower end connection they tend to stutter and sometimes don`t work.

Veetle Player MAC - Veetle Player 64bit

Television Freeware, On May 17, 2012 updated, downloaded 399 times.

Vigleo 9.2MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardVigleo - 1.11 BETA

Broadcast videos on the web.

Vigleo - 1.11 BETA helps bloggers and social network users as Facebook and Youtube broadcast videos on the web. Broadcasting your videos from any source is no longer a hassle, but fun, fast and easy.  Features: 1- Social websites compatible2- Crop video on the spot3- Record/send from webcam4- H264 video encoding5- Accept most video type6- BULK video upload7- Email notifications

Vigleo 64bit

Television Freeware, On October 26, 2010 updated, downloaded 233 times.

inno Screen Capture Codec(iSCC) 3.4MB for 64-bit systems
inno Screen Capture Codec(iSCC) 1.9

Codec for screen recording..

inno Screen Capture Codec(iSCC) 1.9 is the most optimized codec for screen recording. This codec offers you a higher compression and faster speed compared to any other codecs even the most popular one, TechSmith Screen Capture Codec(TSCC). iSCC can be used not only with liteCam and CamVerce but also with screen recording software(AVI file type) from other companies such as Camtasia Studio, CamStudio, HyperCam and etc....

inno Screen Capture Codec(iSCC) 64bit

Video Codecs Freeware, On July 15, 2011 updated, downloaded 130 times.

JW Player 0.3MB for 64-bit systems
JW Player 6.1.2972

JW Player: Flash Video Player

The JW Player 6.1.2972 for Flash is the Internet’s most popular and flexible media player. It supports playback of any format the Adobe Flash Player can handle, as well as HTTP and RTMP streaming and various XML playlist formats. A wide range of settings (flashvars) can be set, and an extensive javascript API is available. The player`s skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its look, and the plugin architecture allow...

JW Player MAC - JW Player 64bit

Players Open source, On December 22, 2012 updated, downloaded 193 times.

Real Alternative 6.2MB for 64-bit systems
Real Alternative 2.0.2

Supports all Real Media Files.

All RealMedia formats (.ra .rm .rmvb .ram .rpm .rv .rp .rt .rnx .smi .smil etc.) are supported, including streaming content and RealMedia content that is embedded in web pages. Some advantages compared to RealPlayer: * Quick and easy install * It`s easy to make an unattended installation * Proper uninstallation * No background processes * Use a player of your own choice * Low on resources

Real Alternative 64bit

Video Codecs Freeware, On May 23, 2010 updated, downloaded 165 times.

DVBlast 0.04MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent award

Streaming application based on the linux-dvb

DVBlast 1.2 is a simple and powerful streaming application based on the linux-dvb API. It opens a DVB device, tunes it, places PID filters, configures a CAM module, and demultiplexes the packets to several RTP outputs. DVBlast 1.2 is designed to be the core of a custom IRD or CID, based on a PC with Linux-supported DVB cards. DVBlast 1.2 does not do any kind of processing on the elementary streams, such as transcoding, PID remapping or remultiplexing.

DVBlast MAC - DVBlast 64bit

Other Freeware, On March 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 349 times.

QuickTime Player 55.08MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardQuickTime Player

Multimedia player

That’s because QuickTime 7 Player takes advantage of the latest video compression technology. It’s called H.264, and it’s an important new industry standard that’s quickly garnered widespread support. Chosen as the industry-standard codec for 3GPP (mobile multimedia), MPEG-4 HD-DVD and Blu-ray, H.264 represents the next generation of video for everything from mobile multimedia to high-definition playback.

QuickTime Player 64bit

Players Freeware, On September 17, 2010 updated, downloaded 234 times.

Media Player Classic 0.98MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardMedia Player Classic

Media Player Classic is very simply player.

Media Player Classic is a compact free software media player for Microsoft Windows. The application has a similar look and feel to the old light-weight Windows Media Player 6.4. Underneath, however, it is a completely different application which has all the options and features one might expect from a modern media player.

Media Player Classic 64bit

Players GNU, On December 10, 2008 updated, downloaded 253 times.

vMix 41MB for 64-bit systems

Live HD Video Mixing on your PC.

Features All your inputs in one place Video Cameras - HD and SD capable. Support for DeckLink, Intensity Pro, Webcams and more. See Supported Hardware for recommended capture hardware. Video Files - Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV and QuickTime DVDs - With menu navigation Audio Files - MP3 and WAV Audio Devices - Utilise multiple audio sources with full mixing capability including SoundCard an...

vMix MAC - vMix 64bit

Other Shareware, On December 22, 2012 updated, downloaded 114 times.

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 14.5MB for 64-bit systems
Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 16.4.1970.0624

View a variety file formats.

The Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 16.4.1970.0624 enables the viewing of a variety of device-specific file formats in Window Live Photo Gallery as well as other software that is based in Windows Imaging Codecs (WIC). Installing this package will allow supported RAW camera files to be viewable in Windows Explorer. This package is available in both 32-bit (MicrosoftCodecPack_x86.msi) and 64-bit (MicrosoftCodecPack_amd64.msi) versions. The Microsoft Camer...

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack 64bit

Video Codecs Freeware, On October 14, 2013 updated, downloaded 107 times.

MPC-BE 8.7MB for 64-bit systems

Media Player Classic - BE.

Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes.

MPC-BE 64bit

Players Open source, On September 26, 2013 updated, downloaded 92 times.

Shotcut 81.4MB for 64-bit systems
Shotcut 140204

Open source, cross-platform video editor.

Shotcut 140204 is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor. These are all currently implemented features.   supports oodles of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg (or libav as-built) supports many image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF as well as image sequences no import required - native editing frame-accurate seeking for many formats multi-format timeline: mix and match resolution...

Shotcut MAC - Shotcut 64bit

Editors (Video) Open source, On February 6, 2014 updated, downloaded 254 times.

Baka MPlayer 5.6MB for 64-bit systems
Baka MPlayer 1.4.5

The mpv based anime player.

Baka MPlayer 1.4.5 is a free and open source, mpv based multimedia player that plays most multimedia files such as avi and mkv (Matroska) using internal codecs (codecs do not need to be installed on your PC). It`s simple design reflects the idea for an uncluttered, simple, and enjoyable environment for watching anime. It`s also portable and has built in voice command support (in beta)! What is mpv? mpv is based on the MPlayer and mplayer2 (whic...

Baka MPlayer 64bit

Players Open source, On March 27, 2014 updated, downloaded 160 times.

Vee-Hive 7.2MB for 64-bit systems
Vee-Hive 1.8.8

Free and powerful collection management tool.

Vee-Hive 1.8.8 is a free and powerful collection management tool specifically designed to facilitate the classification and retrieval of video content. Its powerful feature-set makes it an ideal solution for cataloguing large collections across multiple storage devices. Through its easy-to-use interface, it is possible to quickly and easily locate any file in your collection and play it back.With Vee-Hive 1.8.8, you can:• Auto-create a Library...

Vee-Hive 64bit

Editors (Video) Freeware, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 117 times.

SFML 10.3MB for 64-bit systems
SFML 2.1

Simple and Fast Multimedia Library.

SFML 2.1 provides a simple interface to the various components of your PC, to ease the development of games and multimedia applications. It is composed of five modules: system, window, graphics, audio and network. With SFML 2.1, your application can compile and run out of the box on the most common operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and soon Android & iOS. SFML 2.1 has official bindings for the C and .Ne...


Managers Open source, On July 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 95 times.

BatchSubtitlesConverter 0.8MB for 64-bit systems
BatchSubtitlesConverter 1.0

Convert more than one subtitles files.

Batch Subtitles Converter is A handy GUI tool to convert more than one subtitles files ( including mkv, mks files ) to 100 subtitles format! with changing encoding and also Framerate (FPS) in batch mode! By using SE (SubtitleEdit) subs converter. Details: Convert more than one subtitles files to 100 subtitles format! Plus set encoding and framerate! Just drag and drop any sub files or even mkv, mks files into Patch Subtitle...

BatchSubtitlesConverter 64bit

Subtitle Workshops Freeware, On March 10, 2013 updated, downloaded 102 times.

NextPVR 20.88MB for 64-bit systems
NextPVR 3.1.1

Free Personal Video Recorder.

Watch, pause and record live TV Watch live TV with fast channel changing and time-shifting and Picture In Picture. Record a show, or a whole season from the on-screen TV Guide. World-wide TV standards1 and multi-record2 are supported, allowing you to record multiple shows simultaneously using only 1 tuner. Watch videos and DVDs Watch DVDs and browse your video collection complete with poster art and metadata3. Listen to music Browse an...

NextPVR 64bit

Grab, Record & Capture Freeware, On October 21, 2013 updated, downloaded 109 times.

ProShow Producer 37MB for 64-bit systems
ProShow Producer 5.0.3280

Create and share HD video slideshows.

Features Professional slideshows your way. Turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family. With Producer there are no limits; use unlimited photos, videos and effects to turn your creative ideas into reality. Slick, polished shows in minutes. Save time and speed-up your workflo...

ProShow Producer 64bit

HD Video Tools Shareware, On October 25, 2012 updated, downloaded 92 times.

MPlayer WW 9.4MB for 64-bit systems
MPlayer WW r37235

Simple and quick media player.

MPlayer Multithreaded H264、MPEG-2 Decoder (ffmpeg-mt). Support DirectShow Demuxer and Decoder. Fully compatible with CoreAVC Decoder. PMP Demuxer for PSP media file. Better compatibility with TS, TP, HDTV. Skin and Windows Native Theme Support. Support Winamp`s DSP plugins. Native Playlist and Video Equalizer Window. MEditor2 (MPlayer Preference) Graphic Setting Program. Direct3D and OpenGL Video Output. Auto Play Next file and s...

MPlayer WW 64bit

Players Open source, On July 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 128 times.

Media Preview 5.74MB for 64-bit systems
Media Preview

Show thumbnails for all of your video files.

Since the advent of Windows XP in 2001, Windows Explorer has improved its usability by running a preview control system that let you get a glimpse at the content of your files while browsing and without having to open them. For media files, this is done by generating thumbnails replacing default icons. But the default video thumbnail extractor of Microsoft generally does a lousy job at getting useful previews of your media files, mostl...

Media Preview 64bit

Other Freeware, On August 7, 2013 updated, downloaded 108 times.

TVMOBiLi 9.7MB for 64-bit systems

A Free Media Server For Windows, Mac, & Linux

TVMOBiLi is a free* Media server for Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems that enables your computer to communicate with a myriad of modern devices in your home using the power of UPnP. Our Dynamic Media Engine allows TVMOBiLi to communicate with the vast majority of TVs, Blu-ray Players, Games Consoles, and Mobile Phones that are currently on the market. TVMOBiLi is compatible with most modern DLN...


Other Shareware, On January 27, 2013 updated, downloaded 120 times.

Kylo 24.5MB for 64-bit systems
Kylo 1.1.1

The browser for your TV.

Stop Squinting. Start Surfing. Sit back and get ready for big-screen browsing. Kylo 1.1.1 brings your TV and computer together to create the ultimate content experience. Enjoy your favorite online shows, videos, music, games and news. Take your HDTV anywhere on the web. Simple Setup. Easy Navigation. Find the web content you want. Click and watch without getting off the couch. Lots of viewing space and no visual clutter Big fonts and bi...

Kylo MAC - Kylo 64bit

Television Open source, On July 1, 2012 updated, downloaded 84 times.

CrystalPlayer Professional 3.9MB for 64-bit systems
CrystalPlayer Professional 1.99

Advanced video player for Windows.

CrystalPlayer features original video kernel allowing high-quality playback from any kind of video source, e.g. video files (.AVI, .MPEG, etc.), from internet or network. It does not use built-in WindowsMedia environment, so there are no any limitations implied, as with most other players. Supported formats include, but not limited to: DivX, XVID, MPEG1/2, MPEG4, WMV, Real etc. CrystalPlayer offer...

CrystalPlayer Professional 64bit

Players Freeware, On June 15, 2012 updated, downloaded 94 times.

DVBViewer Pro 5MB for 64-bit systems
DVBViewer Pro

Digital TV on your PC.

DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a proper DVB card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio! What features does DVBViewer Pro It provides all basic functions you need to enjoy digital television and radio programs. In addition, DVBViewer offers you a wide range of advanced features such as Teletext, Electroni...

DVBViewer Pro 64bit

Television Shareware, On June 15, 2012 updated, downloaded 118 times.

MCEBuddy 54MB for 64-bit systems
MCEBuddy 2.1

Windows Media Center recorder and converter.

MCEBuddy 2.1 is a video conversion and advertisement removal application primarily for recorded television, serving the DVR community since 2005. The goal of MCEBuddy 2.1 is to perform its tasks in the following manner: Requiring a minimum of technical knowledge.  Video transcoding is pretty involved and most people want a car-like experience, that is they want it to work and but not need to know how it works. Do it automatically i...

MCEBuddy 64bit

Other Open source, On March 20, 2012 updated, downloaded 93 times.

Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation 1.00.3573.384

Manage content on your PS Vita.

Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation 1.00.3573.384® is a computer application that enables data transfer between a PS Vita system and a computer. By installing it on your computer, you can do things like copy content from your computer to your PS Vita system and back up data from your PS Vita system to your computer. Main Features Backing up saved data and application data (game data) You can back up the saved data for games played on your P...

Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation 64bit

Other Freeware, On February 9, 2012 updated, downloaded 117 times.

MakeMKV 3.9MB for 64-bit systems
MakeMKV 1.9.4

Software to convert blu-ray and dvd to mkv.

MakeMKV 1.9.4 is your one-click solution to convert video that you own into free and patents-unencumbered format that can be played everywhere. MakeMKV 1.9.4 is a format converter, otherwise called "transcoder". It converts the video clips from proprietary (and usually encrypted) disc into a set of MKV files, preserving most information but not changing it in any way. The MKV format can store multiple video/audio tracks with all meta-information...

MakeMKV MAC - MakeMKV 64bit

HD Video Tools Freeware, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 185 times.

Lightworks 42MB for 64-bit systems

Advanced free editing software.

Academy® and Emmy® award-winning Lightworks was introduced in 1989 as the first and most advanced non-linear editing system on the market and quickly gained fame thanks to editors such as Chris Gill and multi Oscar-winning Thelma Schoonmaker. Lightworks’ intuitive controls make it fast and creative to use and its advanced real-time effects, 2K native support with DPX or RED and multi-camera editing features remain unmatche...

Lightworks 64bit

Editors (Video) Open source, On April 20, 2012 updated, downloaded 128 times.

Miro Video Converter 7.9MB for 64-bit systems
Miro Video Converter 3.0

Convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8),

Miro Video Converter 3.0 has presets that will convert video to the correct sizes and formats for popular phones, iPods, and other media players. Just convert your video and copy it to your device. Supported Devices Android Phones Droid / Milestone Nexus One G1 Magic / myTouch Droid Eris HTC Hero Cliq Behold Apple Devices iPhone / iPod Touch iPod Classic iPod Nano iPad Other PSP Miro Video Converte...

Miro Video Converter MAC - Miro Video Converter 64bit

Conversion Open source, On November 7, 2012 updated, downloaded 90 times.

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