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Download CryptoNG (64-bit) 13.8.26 for 64-bit systems
CryptoNG (64-bit) 13.8.26

Authenticated encryption software.

... of any type on any media using the AES-256 bit key length algorithm in Galois ...

Shareware | Jul 28, 2013 | downloaded 70 times | 3.65MB

Download MPRESS 2.19 for 64-bit systems

Compressor for 64 bit,32 bit,.NET Executables

... free, high-performance executable packer for 64-bit,32-bit, .NET (PE32/PE32+/.NET) executable formats ... free, high-performance executable packer for 64-bit,32-bit, .NET (PE32/PE32+/.NET) executable formats ...

Freeware | Jan 3, 2012 | downloaded 246 times | 0.09MB

Download ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier for 64-bit systems
ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier

ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier by A.S.L.

... exe pe checker for packers ,exeprotectors ,packer detector with solve hint for unpack ... adding overlay to file.ExEinfo PE Win32 bit identifier by A.S.L. exe pe ...

Freeware | Jul 31, 2018 | downloaded 395 times | 1.76MB

Download BulkZip File Compressor for 64-bit systems
BulkZip File Compressor

Strong and secure file compressor

... file compressor for text, multimedia and raw data. BulkZip features high performance technology that allows you to ... file compressor for text, multimedia and raw data. BulkZip features high performance technology that allows you to ...

Shareware | May 27, 2016 | downloaded 56 times | 7.29MB

Download Software for Data Recovery for 64-bit systems
Software for Data Recovery

Utmost tool to recover files from hard drive

... RAW images, documents and so on in few minutes.Software for Data Recovery is used to rescue files that are deleted ...

Freeware | Dec 10, 2013 | downloaded 38 times | 15.06MB

Tool to Recover Pictures after Format

Finest tool to recover pictures after format

Recover Pictures after Format software is the finest application over the web internet to restore formatted or re-formatted all pictures files on Windows machine. It sustains ExFAT, FAT32/16, NTSF5 and NTFS file system or partitions.

Shareware | Sep 3, 2013 | downloaded 45 times | 14.5MB

Download Defrag PC for 64-bit systems
Defrag PC

Defrag personal computer on any Windows

Defrag personal computer on any Windows machine using Defrag PC application that can defrag Windows hard disk data. Defrag PC carry out PC defragmentation which can defrag computer running on Windows 7, Win XP, Vista, Windows 8 etc.

Shareware | Feb 25, 2013 | downloaded 48 times | 9.41MB

Download AutoZIP II for 64-bit systems

AutoZIP II World's #1 Feature Rich archiving

... Zip, 7Zip, WIM, TAR, ISO, BZip2, GZip and Xz. AutoZIP can read 30 different archiving ...

Freeware | Feb 20, 2015 | downloaded 54 times | 0.55MB

Download Apex Merge PDF Documents for 64-bit systems
Apex Merge PDF Documents

Merge PDF documents offer all basic functions

... Merge PDF documents software provides all the basic and standard features in ... single tool in easy way. Utility allows you to solve ... your all problems related with PDF files as well as document. Using this application you ... can perform several operations such as split PDF file into single pages as well as page range ...

Shareware | Oct 26, 2012 | downloaded 48 times | 3.51MB

Download xRar Open RAR Files 1.0 for 64-bit systems
xRar Open RAR Files 1.0

xRar is a super-lightweigth RAR Compressor

xRar is a super-lightweigth RAR Compressor/Uncompressor that features full shell integration. It reads multiple formats, is able to encrypt in AES256 and to do SFX creation.

Freeware | Dec 15, 2013 | downloaded 39 times | 3.46MB

Download Zip It for 64-bit systems
Zip It

Archive, extract, and encrypt files.

... Explorer context menu. Zip it supports ZIP format archives.Zip It is lightweight easy-to-use archiving and backup utility. ... Zip It supports creation of self-extracting archives, file encryption, drag-and-drop and Windows Explorer context menu for ...

Freeware | Jan 21, 2012 | downloaded 65 times | 3.06MB

Download SFXWizard 04/12/2012 for 64-bit systems
SFXWizard 04/12/2012

Powerful, easy-to-use compression utility.

... supports self-extracting exe format, generally used file formats (zip, bh, cab, jar, lha, tar, tar.gz ... new archive file type. The compression is very effective, you ... size compression with sfx compared to other archive formats. ...

Freeware | Apr 13, 2012 | downloaded 47 times | 3.28MB

Download ExtractWizard 04/12/2012 for 64-bit systems
ExtractWizard 04/12/2012

A user-friendly extract wizard utility.

... extract wizard utility that supports more than 55 archive types. With ExtractWizard you can simply extract any ... future use and using preset values created in SFXWizard for exe, sfx, zipsfx. ...

Freeware | Apr 17, 2012 | downloaded 59 times | 3.27MB

Download Hamster Free Zip Archiver for 64-bit systems
Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Supports all compression formats, free!

... Hamster Free Zip Archiver ... smart and appetizing archiver, supports Zip, UnZip, UnRar, 7z, 40 languages, multi-core processing. Drag-n-Drop. Special functions ... for e-mail, RapidShare, CD, DVD, and others. Free for everybody ...

Freeware | Sep 18, 2011 | downloaded 34153 times | 0.39MB

Download Quick Zip 5.1.16 for 64-bit systems
Quick Zip 5.1.16

Work with wide range of archive extensions.

... next button and history list.QuickZip allow you to perform powerful archive operations over ...

Freeware | Sep 15, 2011 | downloaded 193 times | 2.88MB

Download PeaZip 6.7.0 for 64-bit systems
PeaZip 6.7.0

Free ZIP files utility, open 7Z RAR TAR ZIP

... free ZIP files utility and free RAR extractor, features encryption, secure deletion and file split. ... BALZ, split .001, sfx, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP files. Open and extract RAR, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, ... JAR, LHA, MSI, UDF, ZIPX files and more ...

Freeware | Feb 13, 2019 | downloaded 333 times | 6.66MB

Download RarZilla Free Unrar 7.00 for 64-bit systems
RarZilla Free Unrar 7.00

Unrar files fast and easy.

... RarZilla Free Unrar is ... free tool to quickly decompress RAR-archives. It supports spanned archives. ... context menu. To speed the whole process up, RarZilla has the option to define ...

Freeware | Oct 28, 2015 | downloaded 143 times | 1.11MB

Download Free RAR Extract Frog 7.00 for 64-bit systems
Free RAR Extract Frog 7.00

Skinable free RAR extractor for RAR files.

... skinable free RAR extractor tool for RAR files that supports spanned archives as well as the ... decompression of password protected files. It comes with short instructions in over 50 ... RAR file by drag and drop, double click or shell ... integrated context menu. To speed the decompression process up, the app has the option to ...

Freeware | Oct 28, 2015 | downloaded 154 times | 1.09MB

Download RarMonkey 1.61 for 64-bit systems
RarMonkey 1.61

Free, unique Rar extraction utility.

... Monkeys are fun. Now, extracting Rar archives can be too. RarMonkey is ... cool, new Rar archive extraction utility with loads of handy features and ... excitement to the otherwise monotonous task of extracting archives. It optionally integrates with the Windows Shell, associates ...

Freeware | Jan 3, 2014 | downloaded 112 times | 0.16MB

Download Free UPX 2.4 for 64-bit systems
Free UPX 2.4

Graphical interface for the UPX packer

... the most of EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL files used on Microsoft Windows systems ... ARM executables and others.Free UPX is an advanced graphical interface for the UPX ...

Freeware | Jun 7, 2017 | downloaded 0 times | 2.92MB

Download jZip 1.3 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardjZip 1.3

jZip: A sleek new compression software.

... powerful and reliable compression utility which allows you to create, extract and manipulate ... Zip, RAR, TAR, GZip, 7-Zip and other file archives. jZip is based on proven and reliable 7-Zip ... elegant, easy to use yet powerful user interface. jZip provides instant compression of webmail attachments. jZip is ...

Freeware | Jun 13, 2008 | downloaded 156 times | 2.7MB

Download ExtractNow for 64-bit systems

Extract multiple archives quickly and easily.

... simple utility that allows you to extract multiple archives quickly and easily. Features Supports most major archive ... Delete files or close program after extraction options Window...ExtractNow is ... simple utility that allows you to extract multiple archives quickly and easily. ExtractNow is not ...

Freeware | Apr 22, 2014 | downloaded 187 times | 1.72MB

Download WinZip 22.0.12670.0 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardWinZip 22.0.12670.0

WinZip is the world's #1 zip utility.

... all in WinZip. Resize photos and instantly post them to social ... Protect it with powerful AES encryption. Easily convert to PDF, add watermarks and ...

Shareware | Nov 21, 2017 | downloaded 269 times | 0.68MB

Download PowerShrink 5.0 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardPowerShrink 5.0

Compress Office and PDF files up to 98%

... PDF file functionality intact.Compresses PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel files, images and photos. Optimize ...

Shareware | May 9, 2012 | downloaded 119 times | 5.67MB

Download OLFolderSync 1.37 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardOLFolderSync 1.37

Keep your Outlook synchronized by e-mail

... OLFolderSync can sync any Microsoft Outlook folder by eMail messages. Synchronization of these folders ... background process facilitated by OLFolderSync synchronize messages. This allows you to easily synchronize Outlook ... same time. Synchronization can be limited to specific Outlook categories. ...

Shareware | May 3, 2012 | downloaded 126 times | 17.97MB

Download UPX Graphical 1.39b for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardUPX Graphical 1.39b

A graphical gui incl. UPX 3.x

... Graphical GUI incl UPX 3.x. Support Drag and Drop and context-menu. With ... many further information. UPX and the scrambler are integrated. But the best ...

Freeware | Mar 18, 2013 | downloaded 120 times | 0.25MB

Download 1toX 2.66 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent award1toX 2.66

Select files, zip, cut, email them

... handy file splitter/zipper/emailer. Select files, folders from the Explorer or the ... interface. Any file(s) size, zip files before splitting, adds ... drop, upload with FTP, can rebuild pieces made by another softwares... Predefined ...

Shareware | Jan 18, 2008 | downloaded 126 times | 0.51MB

Download RAR File Open Knife 3.50 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardRAR File Open Knife 3.50

Tool that opens RAR-archives quickly.

... the engine is highly optimized. In performance tests RAR File Open Knife was 2-11 ... faster than 7-Zip etc.RAR File Open Knife is not ...

Freeware | Feb 7, 2013 | downloaded 156 times | 1.58MB

Download Eazel Compressor 3.05 for 64-bit systems
Eazel Compressor 3.05

Fast compressor that works with all formats

... powerful compressor specially designed to handle files over the Internet. ... serves to compress and decompress zip, RAR, 7ZIP... In addition, it works much faster than other ... similar applications. With Eazel 2.1 you can also do backups, protect files ...

Freeware | Jul 9, 2013 | downloaded 37 times | 1.9MB

Download WTM Copy Protection / CD Protect 2.67 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardWTM Copy Protection / CD Protect 2.67

Protect your files against illegal copy.

... good copy protection measure ... for easy to use, simple and effective CD protection then look no further. More profit with less ...

Shareware | Dec 19, 2017 | downloaded 223 times | 1.33MB

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