Download 64-bit Automation Utils in Sys Utils (page one)
Download Perfect Automation 2.6.2 for 64-bit systems
Perfect Automation 2.6.2

Automate routine operations - no programming!

... Perfect Automation helps automate routine operations such as computer maintenance ... and startup actions without programming. Perfect Automation includes ability to record and play back mouse ... quick-launch utility, advanced scheduler allowing running actions at ... fully featured script editor that supports Gentee, an open-source programming language ...

Shareware | Oct 28, 2009 | downloaded 108 times | 1MB

Download Driver HealthProtection 1 for 64-bit systems
Driver HealthProtection 1

Driver HealthProtection Software

... functionality in order to help you keep PC drivers updated, assuring each and every device driver on ... functionality in order to help you keep PC drivers updated, assuring each and every device driver on ...

Shareware | Jun 23, 2013 | downloaded 59 times | 1140.23MB

Download Auto Shutdown Pro II for 64-bit systems
Auto Shutdown Pro II

Saves computers, energy, and money.

... computer while saving electricity. It handles shutdowns, sleeps, mouse or keyboard idle, power on, restarts, log ... off, locks, hibernation or turning off the monitor. It launches or ... countdown of time, busy, idle, heat, power, mouse or keyboard idle or blocked time. ...

Shareware | Oct 7, 2014 | downloaded 79 times | 0.8MB

Download Koala for 64-bit systems

Koala creates a selfboot USB Windows Install

... self bootable USB thumbdrive installer for Windows Vista™, Windows ... and Windows Server System 2008 ... extremely easy to use. You just insert your thumbdrive, an installation DVD of Windows Vista ... or Windows Server System 2008 ...

Freeware | Mar 12, 2012 | downloaded 147 times | 0.25MB

Download ASN Active Directory Network Manager 2.0 for 64-bit systems
ASN Active Directory Network Manager 2.0

web tool to manage multiple domain computers

web based application which helps Administrators to manage the computers in different Domains. Services,Processes,Devices,Shares,Sessions,User rights,drives,environment variables, Bulk move, add to group, remove from group, enable/disable features

Shareware | Mar 29, 2013 | downloaded 56 times | 5.14MB

Download Autopythonlauncher 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Autopythonlauncher 1.0

Autopythonauncher 1.0 Automation Software

... keyboard shortcuts automation software. Build in 3d ... keystroke python script, if that is done you can push ... native python script ... keyboard shortcuts launcher ...

Freeware | Jun 15, 2017 | downloaded 19 times | 41.21MB

Download AutoJpegTrunk 1.1 for 64-bit systems
AutoJpegTrunk 1.1

Automation tool for exiftool

... AutoJpegTrunk is an automation tool for exiftool.exe ... It uses exiftool for cleaning up jpeg files from any meta data. Cleaned files load ... on your hdd. Please, do not forget that exiftool.exe must be in the same directory as JpegTrunk.exe. ...

Freeware | Mar 1, 2012 | downloaded 49 times | 3.5MB

Download PDF File Email Extractor 2.1 for 64-bit systems
PDF File Email Extractor 2.1

extract email addresses from PDF Files.

PDF Email Address Extractor v2.1 is a best software to extract email addresses from PDF files offline. PDF Email Extractor v2.1 process many PDF files in single process. It works for all version PDF files and save email addresses in excel,csv,txt.

Shareware | Apr 2, 2018 | downloaded 11 times | 0.64MB

Download FLATT 1.2.3W for 64-bit systems
FLATT 1.2.3W

FLATT s an IT automation tool

... Flexible Automation and Troubleshooting Tool ... is an IT automation and data visualization application for Unix ... company to the next level. Unlike many other automation tools, FLATT is run completely from admin computer ...

Shareware | Sep 10, 2013 | downloaded 30 times | 16.08MB

dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013

Upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2013

On-premise Migrations to SharePoint 2013 have never been this simple. With the new dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013, you can handily copy your current WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 or SharePoint 2010 content to the all-new SharePoint 2013 with a few clicks.

Demo | Jul 12, 2013 | downloaded 36 times | 993MB

Download GiMeSpace Cam Control for 64-bit systems
GiMeSpace Cam Control

Control your computer with your webcam!

... Control your computer by making gestures in front of your webcam ... You can simulate mouse movements, the keyboard cursor keys, or control the GiMeSpace virtual desktop ...

Freeware | May 25, 2013 | downloaded 39 times | 0.68MB

Download DDE client for OpcDbGateway 1.00.00 for 64-bit systems
DDE client for OpcDbGateway 1.00.00

DDE/OPC data applications integration

... items easily, DDE data exchange with OPC servers, OPC clients, device communication drivers, PLCs, LabView, Simulink, office applications ... ...,monitoring, storage into process databases, alarms, logging, reports, integrating to SOA. implementation of ...

Shareware | Aug 22, 2012 | downloaded 35 times | 2.28MB

dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint Online

Migrating to SharePoint Online? Choose dSHIFT

dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint online helps you move your on-premise SharePoint data to SharePoint online seamlessly while significantly reducing costs and streamlining your IT infrastructure.

Demo | Jun 15, 2012 | downloaded 41 times | 5.04MB

Download Automatic Wallpaper Change Software 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Automatic Wallpaper Change Software 1.0

Automatic Wallpaper Change Software

... is the application for wallpaper automatic change ... Auto wallpaper changer can start automatically at system boot, as ...

Freeware | Jul 9, 2011 | downloaded 55 times | 0.32MB

Download Automatically Take Webcam Pictures 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Automatically Take Webcam Pictures 1.0

Automatically Take Webcam Pictures Software

... This software takes automatically webcam pictures at certain interval. You can choose webcam picture ... resolution. You can choose webcam picture quality ... Automatically take webcam pictures software can be setup to start automatically at ...

Freeware | Dec 28, 2011 | downloaded 56 times | 0.32MB

Automatically Take Screenshots Software 1.0

Automatically Take Screenshots Software

... excellent solution for users who need to take screen captures at designed intervals. Screenshots are ... disk space alternative to video recording. You can automatically capture and save screeshots at specific intervals. This ... software can start automatically at windows startup, it can be hidden or ...

Freeware | Dec 28, 2011 | downloaded 59 times | 0.32MB

Download Batch File Renamer 2.4 for 64-bit systems
Batch File Renamer 2.4

Batch File Renamer is best bulk file renamer.

... Batch File Renamer v2.4 is best bulk file rename software to rename bulk files in batch process. Batch ... process by using lot of file renaming options. Batch File Renamer v2.4 software can remove, add, insert or replace ...

Shareware | Apr 2, 2018 | downloaded 9 times | 0.52MB

Download APClose for 64-bit systems

Closing of group of processes.

... at any moment, to close group of the processes which are in random access memory. Will help ... to hide quickly start and operation of applications without confirmation of closing and preservation of the ...

Freeware | Feb 11, 2016 | downloaded 10 times | 122.14MB

Download AutoKFD for 64-bit systems

Automatic cleaning of removable drives.

... garbage, temporary files, viruses and other harmful programs ... flash disks, removable hard drives, etc. ... about the connected disks, their tags, serial numbers removed from them files ...

Freeware | Apr 23, 2018 | downloaded 17 times | 129.17MB

Download FDFSpy for 64-bit systems

Automatic copy files from removable drives.

... Automatic copying of the files chosen on ... it can be used as means of automatic backup of data. ...

Freeware | Apr 13, 2018 | downloaded 15 times | 127.7MB

Download Kaspersky Software Updater for 64-bit systems
Kaspersky Software Updater

Automatically keeps PC software up-to-date.

... why the FREE Kaspersky Software Updater automatically scans your PC software, gives you an ... few clicks and your PC software can be up-to-date.Kaspersky Software Updater automatically scans your PC and tells ...

Freeware | Jun 18, 2018 | downloaded 69 times | 2.9MB

Download Novicorp Wintoflash 0.7.0037 for 64-bit systems
Novicorp Wintoflash 0.7.0037

Installing Windows from a flash drive!

Installing Windows from a flash drive! An application that allows you to completely transfer the setup Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 on the USB drive in a few mouse clicks.

Freeware | Jul 19, 2014 | downloaded 67 times | 1959.36MB

Download TypeText 1.34 for 64-bit systems
TypeText 1.34

Automated typing.

... Improve your work performance with TypeText. This small tool types text itself in any ... use. Enter frequently used words and phrases in TypeText and use Ctrl ... your text editor ...

Freeware | Nov 28, 2014 | downloaded 98 times | 1.28MB

Download Macro Toolworks, Standard Edition 8.6.2 for 64-bit systems
Macro Toolworks, Standard Edition 8.6.2

Windows automation macro software

... powerful all-in-one Windows automation software. It allows users to record macros, write ...

Shareware | Oct 24, 2018 | downloaded 122 times | 6.7MB

Download FastKeys 4.07 for 64-bit systems
FastKeys 4.07

All in One Windows Automation software.

... All in One Windows Automation software. Fully configurable Start menu, Shortcuts, Text Expander, Auto Complete, Mouse Gestures, Clipboard ... Manager, Macro Recorder and more. User-defined Commands to run files, open web pages, send macros ... or automate anything. Incredibly powerful but yet simple to use. ...

Shareware | Mar 24, 2018 | downloaded 334 times | 2.44MB

Download Automatic PC Shutdown Pro 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Automatic PC Shutdown Pro 1.0

Schedule your PC to shut down automatically

... Automatic PC Shutdown Pro is ... professional application that allows you to automatically shutdown your PC at ... specified time. It also allows you to reboot, hibernate, standby, log off, or turn off the monitor ... allowing you to choose when to set to shutdown your computer, such as Daily or only on ...

Shareware | Feb 8, 2013 | downloaded 54 times | 0.83MB

Download Neox Screen for 64-bit systems
Neox Screen

Neox Screen is a free screenshot app.

... with the help of the hotkeys you can take screenshots that are crystal sharp, small in size and ... with the help of the hotkeys you can take screenshots that are crystal sharp, small in size and ...

Freeware | Jan 28, 2013 | downloaded 59 times | 1.24MB

Download Auto Shutdown Free for 64-bit systems
Auto Shutdown Free

Save electricity, your computer, and money.

... is handiest software to automate shutdowns, count downs, restarts, hibernates, sleeps, power on, mouse or keyboard idles, ... idling computer, to play tunes or videos, display countdown or reminder messages, files, view URLs, allowing for ...

Freeware | Mar 17, 2016 | downloaded 80 times | 0.8MB

Download Evovlen Configuration Management 4.0 for 64-bit systems
Evovlen Configuration Management 4.0

Change & Configuration Management software

... Evolven configuration management software and change management monitors, analyzes and delivers actionable information on changes ... consistency, validate changes, and investigate incident root-cause.Evolven redefines change management and configuration management with its groundbreaking Change ... change and configuration management software was designed for today ...

Shareware | May 12, 2012 | downloaded 54 times | 95.93MB

Download Shutdown Timer 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Shutdown Timer 1.0

Shutdown Timer - A very useful software

... simple and very useful softwareShutdown Timer ...

Freeware | Mar 28, 2012 | downloaded 55 times | 13.99MB

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