64-bit downloads :: Sys Utils (software page two hundred and eighty-three)
GameHike 3.37MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardGameHike

Make games run faster

GameHike is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. No more frame rate glitches or slow downs can be achieved by using GameHike with your favorite games.

GameHike 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On January 16, 2015 updated, downloaded 1118 times.

AJC Active Backup 2.94MB for 64-bit systems
AJC Active Backup 1.6.2

Auto backup files as soon as they change

AJC Active Backup 1.6.2 monitors the files you change on your PC and then automatically and silently backs them up into a compact archive. The archive stores multiple revisions of each file you edit. This means you can get back any version of a file giving you unlimited undo capabilities and also you have a complete record of what you have been doing. It also has the built in capability to show you a comparison of what has changed.

AJC Active Backup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On July 16, 2012 updated, downloaded 53 times.

Chameleon Buttons Lite 40.7MB for 64-bit systems
Chameleon Buttons Lite

Add buttons to the title bars of the windows

Chameleon Buttons will allow you to control the windows of your programs using customizable buttons added to the title bars of the windows (Position window at left/right of screen, Always on Top, Specify Transparency, Minimize to Tray, Minimize to Caption).

Chameleon Buttons Lite 64bit

Shell Tools Freeware, On July 4, 2015 updated, downloaded 745 times.

Holdkey 0.78MB for 64-bit systems
Holdkey 3.2

type characters with accents made easy.

Holdkey 3.2 makes it easy to type characters with accents.No more hassle with alt codes or other time consuming methods to create special characters. Holdkey 3.2 has a learning curve of about 1 minute.Just hold a key and then choose the accent.

Holdkey 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Freeware, On May 12, 2017 updated, downloaded 66 times.

Vista Smoker Pro 1.57MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardVista Smoker Pro 2.7

Speed Up Windows Vista

Improve the performance for your computer drastically. Our service manager allows you to use service presets to stop and disable services without needing any knowledge. Vista Smoker Pro 2.7 includes a One Button Autotuner that will tune your system to perfection based on the configuration of your system. Simple for beginners. Powerful for experts.

Vista Smoker Pro 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On June 16, 2013 updated, downloaded 61 times.

DataNumen PDF Repair 1.67MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDataNumen PDF Repair 2.1

repair and recover damaged Acrobat PDF files

DataNumen PDF Repair 2.1(DPDFR) is a powerful PDF recovery tool. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt or damaged Acrobat PDF files and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption. Currently DPDFR supports to recover all versions of Adobe PDF documents. Moreover, it is integrated with Windows Explorer, supports drag & drop operations, which will make you repair PDF files easily and quickly.

DataNumen PDF Repair 64bit

PDF Software Shareware, On May 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 132 times.

Eastsea Outlook Backup 3.3MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardEastsea Outlook Backup 2.10

Backup and Restore MS outlook data.

Eastsea Outlook Backup 2.10 is a backup and restore tool for the Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to save Personal Folders, Contacts, Personal Address Book, Mail folders, Mail accounts, Message rules, signatures, stationery, tasks, notes, calendar, Templates, and all personal settings. It allows you to backup data on one computer and restore it to another one. This program is easy to use and has a simplified user interface, very useful fo beginners.

Eastsea Outlook Backup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On January 24, 2017 updated, downloaded 88 times.

Nucleus Kernel Excel File Recovery 2.3MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardNucleus Kernel Excel File Recovery 10.10.01

Repair and Restore Corrupt MS Excel Files

Nucleus Kernel Excel is a advance easy to use excel file repair software for corrupt .xls files. Software uses QFSCI technology to repair corrupt or damaged excel files. It is one of the most widely used excel file repair software by Home Users, Computer Technicians, System Administrators, R and D Institutes, Academic Institutes, Defense Establishments etc.

Nucleus Kernel Excel File Recovery 64bit

Data Recovery Shareware, On October 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 94 times.

Easy File Joiner 0.47MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardEasy File Joiner 1.4

Join smaller files into a larger file

Easy File Joiner 1.4 is a simple software to join files. If you have downloaded parts of a larger file or want to combine multiple text or MPG files this tool is for you. Easy File Joiner 1.4 only works with files with no header information, so joining formats such as MP3, AVI, BMP, JPEG will not work, you would have to use other products.

Easy File Joiner 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On March 25, 2016 updated, downloaded 69 times.

DiskInternals Uneraser 5.77MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDiskInternals Uneraser 5.0

Restore any deleted file from FAT or NTFS

Did you delete a file you need? DiskInternals Uneraser 5.0 can recover any deleted file, including documents, photos, mp3 and zip files, or even folders and damaged disk. The program supports any type of storage media (music sticks, cameras, flash drives, USB drives, etc) in addition to HDD! Works with encrypted files and helps you recover data lost because of virus attack or employee's malicious behavior. No skills needed; 100% FREE to try.

DiskInternals Uneraser 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On December 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 90 times.

Drive Health 0.88MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDrive Health 2.5.194

Hard disks life measuring and monitoring tool

Drive Health 2.5.194 is a Windows program that helps you to estimate your hard disks Life Resource. This tool allows you to predict possible HDD failure and prevent losing the critical data. To estimate hard disk life our program uses special S.M.A.R.T. technology that is supported by the most of hard disk manufacturers.

Drive Health 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On August 25, 2010 updated, downloaded 75 times.

Altaro OopsBackup 18.44MB for 64-bit systems
Altaro OopsBackup 3.0.31

Backup & versioning for docs and other files.

Backup and Automatic Versioning of docs, images & other files which automatically tracks changes to files. Oops!Backup not only backs up & recovers most recent versions of a file but also allows you to go back in time and restore older versions of your work. Ideal for MS office users, designers, developers, students etc. Perfect for viewing or rolling back work, or overcoming mistakes such as accidentally deleting a document or saving over a file

Altaro OopsBackup 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On April 8, 2011 updated, downloaded 49 times.

Drive Snapshot 3.05MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDrive Snapshot 1.44

Drive Snapshot - Disk Image Backup für Windos

Drive Snapshot 1.44 creates an exact Disk Image Backup of your system - while windows is running and you continue to work. If desaster strikes,a complete and exact restauration of your system will be possible in only few minutes. The image file can be used as a virtual drive. Restart to DOS is only necessary, if you must restore your system partition. Otherwise there is no need to reboot - not even during installation.

Drive Snapshot 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On April 23, 2016 updated, downloaded 119 times.

DataNumen BKF Repair 1.63MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDataNumen BKF Repair 2.2

repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files

DataNumen BKF Repair 2.2(DBKFR) is a powerful tool to repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files. It scans the corrupt or damaged Microsoft backup files and recover your archived files in them as much as possible. Currently DBKFR supports to recover Microsoft Backup(BKF) files created with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003 backup utilities, as well as BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS Software, under NT, Netware, OS/2 or Macintosh.

DataNumen BKF Repair 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On May 22, 2014 updated, downloaded 131 times.

Acala DivX DVD Player Assist 18.38MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardAcala DivX DVD Player Assist 6.0.9

create DivX DVD Player compatible movie

Acala DivX DVD Player Assist 6.0.9 is powerful but easy-to-use DivX authoring software, which can copy and convert all the other video formats to DivX format video file. It is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy movies from Internet or their own videos on DVD player. With Acala DivX DVD Player Assist 6.0.9, you can compress over 10 movies into one DVD movie and burn it onto DVD.

Acala DivX DVD Player Assist 64bit

Burning Media & Data Shareware, On March 3, 2014 updated, downloaded 140 times.

Clipboard Assistant 0.72MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardClipboard Assistant 1.139

Make your text operations easier

Clipboard Assistant 1.139 is intended for an acceleration and a simplification of text operations via the Clipboard. You can use it while you are writing programs, filling Web forms, making sections of related news items, etc. You can create collections of text clips for using them in other applications. You can use Clipboard Assistant 1.139 and other applications together, or as an independent full-featured text editor. Every time you copy a text to the Cli

Clipboard Assistant 64bit

Clipboard Utilities Shareware, On November 17, 2013 updated, downloaded 115 times.

CD FrontEnd PRO Français 2.67MB for 64-bit systems
CD FrontEnd PRO Français 2016.7.7

CD DVD menu présentations auto exécutable

(this is the French version) Un des meilleurs logiciels consacré à la création de CD/DVD multimédia à démarrage automatique / autorun / auto-exécutable. Vous pouvez créer CD / DVD contenant des pages style "Web", des menus, présentations, carte de visite sur CD, brochure, un catalogue, dépliant, lancer des logiciels ou ouvrir des fichiers; ajouter du son et des vidéos... Beaucoup protections: mot de passe, imprimer, copier...

CD FrontEnd PRO Français 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On November 28, 2017 updated, downloaded 193 times.

Registry Repair Pro 1.23MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardRegistry Repair Pro 4.5

Safely clean and repair your Windows Registry

Registry Repair Pro 4.5 scans the Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information in the registry. When you fix this information it will make your PC run faster and will make your PC error free. By using a registry cleaner regularly and fixing your registry, your computer will become more stable and help Windows and your software run faster.

Registry Repair Pro 64bit

Registry Tools Shareware, On October 12, 2011 updated, downloaded 121 times.

Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software 1.3MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardStrobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software 1.2

Loudspeaker test software to analyze defects

This program is a loudspeaker test software to help analyse defects and investigate functionality with the help of a synchronised LED stroboscope. The only external hardware needed is a two channel amplifier and an LED flashlight. Traditionally these tests are done with dedicated hardware devices costing several thousand dollars or Euros. Here the computer sound card supplies the two signals to the two channel amplifier.

Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On March 22, 2017 updated, downloaded 103 times.

Hard Disk Recovery 14.5MB for 64-bit systems
Hard Disk Recovery

Tool to recover deleted data from hard disk

Hard Disk Recovery program to retrieve deleted or lost data from hard drive on Windows Operating System. This fast recovery app identifies and recovers up to 300 types of files including all types of media files. It recovers data from all brands of hard drives even if they are formatted or partitioned. It works very well on Windows 8, 7, vista, XP and 2003 OS.

Hard Disk Recovery 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On August 7, 2014 updated, downloaded 48 times.

XoomZip 0.01MB for 64-bit systems
XoomZip 1.0

Simple and Easy Zip App

XoomZip 1.0 is a tiny (1mb) app that runs on Windows desktops, providing simple drag & drop file compression. We take the complexity and features away and just leave the simple act of making a zip file. Xoom Zip is designed to be easy to use, fast and requires ZERO knowledge of how ZIP , Compression or archiving works. The $2.99 price also makes it the cheapest AND easiest zip APP out there.

XoomZip 64bit

File Compression & Encoding Shareware, On August 30, 2011 updated, downloaded 14 times.

Google Translator Boomerang 1.29MB for 64-bit systems
Google Translator Boomerang 1.09.01

translates text to foreign languages and back

Google Translator Boomerang 1.09.01 is a silly little program that uses the Google Translation engine to translate your english text to foreign languages and then back again into english, for some amusing results. Use it to generate zen poetry or examine how well the translation of your text really matches with your intentions. You might be surprised to learn how your words may come across in another language.

Google Translator Boomerang 64bit

Other System Programs Freeware, On November 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 70 times.

MLEditor Standard Edition 2.51MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardMLEditor Standard Edition 2.2

Professional multi-language text editor.

MLEditor is a professional multi-language text editor. Features include conversions between ANSI and Unicode/Unicode BE/UTF-8, professional files/folders character count, word count, line count, professional English case conversions, professional conversions between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, control editing, batch replace, line sorting, redundant line handling, glossary management, text file preview, sticky note, page cleaning.

MLEditor Standard Edition 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On February 9, 2012 updated, downloaded 122 times.

Dupe Checker PRO 4MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardDupe Checker PRO 6.3.5

Dupe Checker PRO Find All Duped Files!

Dupe Checker PRO 6.3.5 shows you all duplicated files and Folders, and provides powerful commands to help you to automatically work with the unwanted and dupe copies. Dupe Checker PRO 6.3.5 will help you copy, remove duplicate files, move dupe files and folders from place to place.

Dupe Checker PRO 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On January 28, 2011 updated, downloaded 48 times.

Mouse Wheel Control 0.14MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardMouse Wheel Control 2.1

Use your mouse wheel in any application.

Mouse Wheel Control 2.1 enhances the features of the mouse wheel. With it, you can use the mouse wheel everywhere, change its functionality or extend its use. There are a lot of programs where the mouse wheel is not used or where it is used in some other way than you'd like. Mouse Wheel Control 2.1 solves this problem.

Mouse Wheel Control 64bit

Automation Utils Shareware, On November 7, 2012 updated, downloaded 63 times.

MyPlayCity Uninstaller 2.06MB for 64-bit systems
MyPlayCity Uninstaller 2.0

Uninstaller removes unwanted software.

Have you ever heard that the standard Windows install/uninstall application removes a program but remaining files and registry entries will be still on your computer? There is no sense to store these files but eventually they accrue and reduce working capacity of your PC. The most convenient, secure and fleet way to delete programs including remaining files is MyPlayCity Uninstaller 2.0. We advise you to use MyPlayCity Uninstaller 2.0.

MyPlayCity Uninstaller 64bit

Programs Adders & Removers Freeware, On February 23, 2017 updated, downloaded 11 times.

AlwaysUp 4.6MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardAlwaysUp 9.7

Run any app 24x7 as a Windows Service

AlwaysUp 9.7 runs your application as a Windows Service, monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime. It will automatically restart your application if it crashes, hangs, or uses too much memory, dismiss "Application error" dialogs, and run customized "sanity checks" to ensure that your application is available 24/7. Regular, detailed email from AlwaysUp 9.7 will keep you abreast of crashes, scheduled restarts and other relevant events.

AlwaysUp 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On September 21, 2016 updated, downloaded 156 times.

Auslogics Registry Defrag 8.06MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardAuslogics Registry Defrag 10.1.4

Defrag and speed up the Windows Registry.

Microsoft Windows and various programs access the Registry a few hundred times a second. Therefore a fragmented Registry is one of the major reasons why your computer may be so slow. Auslogics Registry Defrag 10.1.4 can significantly speed up your computer by helping you defragment the Registry, remove gaps and make it contiguous, smaller and faster to access. This program is free of charge.

Auslogics Registry Defrag 64bit

Registry Tools Freeware, On October 31, 2017 updated, downloaded 347 times.

ExcelFile Viewer 0.77MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardExcelFile Viewer 3.1

Direct and fast read any MS Excel file

You may read/open the MS Excel files on any computer. Application don't use any external libraries (no MS Excel/Office, no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run the tool on computer without any additional setup/install. You may view the data contents from any sheet in xls-file and to trace the full internal (system) information about stored BIFF-records within file. All MS Excel formats supported.

ExcelFile Viewer 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Shareware, On August 5, 2016 updated, downloaded 125 times.

EZ Backup Eudora Basic 5.25MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardEZ Backup Eudora Basic 6.42

Backup your mail with EZ Backup!

EZ Backup Eudora Basic 6.42 makes it easy to backup your Eudora mail, address book and settings to any local, network or removable drive.

EZ Backup Eudora Basic 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On December 16, 2013 updated, downloaded 82 times.

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