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Blue Explorer 2.52MB for 64-bit systems
Blue Explorer

Blue Explorer is a powerful file manager.

Blue Explorer is a powerful file manager. It's a replacement of Windows Explorer. It's a typical dual pane file manager.Its new features like SuperView, Quick Go List let you can open folder and file immediately. It also supports ftp. Some useful tools are supported, such as Mass Rename, Set Attributes for multi files, Folder Synchronize and so on. You can also freely arrange the layout to make work easy.

Blue Explorer 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On November 7, 2017 updated, downloaded 93 times.

PeaZip 6.73MB for 64-bit systems
PeaZip 6.5.0

Free ZIP files utility, open 7Z RAR TAR ZIP

PeaZip 6.5.0 is a free ZIP files utility and free RAR extractor, features encryption, secure deletion and file split. Create 7Z, BZip2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, split .001, sfx, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP files. Open and extract RAR, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, JAR, LHA, MSI, UDF, ZIPX files and more (180+ types). Tabbed browsing, multiple inclusion/exclusion filters, save archive layout, save and schedule task definition as script, work on multiple archives at once.

PeaZip 64bit

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On November 17, 2017 updated, downloaded 318 times.

Metric Clock 0.04MB for 64-bit systems
Metric Clock 1.5

Show current time in metric system.

Metric Clock 1.5 is a small Windows gadget that will show current time in metric system.

Metric Clock 64bit

Other System Programs Freeware, On October 10, 2017 updated, downloaded 86 times.

Ainvo Registry Defrag 3.3MB for 64-bit systems
Ainvo Registry Defrag

Increase Windows performance and stability.

Unused and bad sections appear in the registry with time. It leads to errors and poorer system performance. Ainvo Registry Defrag will allow you to improve the Windows performance and stability due to registry defragmentation. The program is designed in the form of a convenient wizard so even inexperienced users can speed up their computers.

Ainvo Registry Defrag 64bit

Registry Tools Freeware, On November 23, 2011 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Red Button 0.39MB for 64-bit systems
Red Button 4.2

An efficient Windows maintenance utility

Red Button 4.2 is a powerful tool for optimization and cleaning your Windows PC. It will remove junk files and unnecessary components of Windows, free up hard disk space, erase your Internet activity tracks and digital fingerprints, protect your privacy, clean and optimize registry, activate hundreds of hidden Windows settings, allow your computer to run faster and boost overall computer performance.

Red Button 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On October 9, 2013 updated, downloaded 62 times.

iTopsoft PC Speeduper 1.48MB for 64-bit systems
iTopsoft PC Speeduper

a excellent tool to increase your PC's perfor

iTopsoft PC Speeduper is quite easy to use and understand. With a few button pushes and setting changes the application is ready to work. iTopsoft PC Speeduper starts up automatically when Windows does and manages the CPU/Processor according to the user's specifications.

iTopsoft PC Speeduper 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On May 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 46 times.

Vista Tweaks Unlocked 1.34MB for 64-bit systems
Vista Tweaks Unlocked 2.9.0

Vista Tweaks is a tweak app for Windows Vista

Vista Tweaks Unlocked 2.9.0 is very powerful all-in-one tweaking software dedicated to Microsoft Vista users regardless of their tech knowledge. The program makes the Windows user interface with its menu speed, window animation, and Internet Explorer browser highly customizable and turns working with Windows into a real enjoyable experience.

Vista Tweaks Unlocked 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On April 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 81 times.

MouseExtender 0.26MB for 64-bit systems
MouseExtender 1.5

ME is a neat util to keep all things at hand!

MouseExtender 1.5 is a cosy utility with shortcuts to programs, folders and system functions (Control panel, Restart and Shutdown). This program allows you to improve your productivity. It is extremely simple and fully customizable.

MouseExtender 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Freeware, On November 25, 2009 updated, downloaded 59 times.

PDF Decrypter Pro 5.24MB for 64-bit systems
PDF Decrypter Pro 4.20

Decrypt PDF file and remove all restrictions.

Do you have such kind of experience that a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file Can not be printed, copied, or edited ? If yes, This is because PDF file has had password security and other restrictions added. The PDF Decrypter Pro 4.20 can help you Remove the password and restrictions in a few seconds. This program supports 40-bits/128-bits RC4 and 128-bits AES encryption. Now feel the convenience of PDF Decrypter Pro 4.20.

PDF Decrypter Pro 64bit

PDF Software Shareware, On July 25, 2016 updated, downloaded 65 times.

WinSync 2.38MB for 64-bit systems
WinSync 1

Repertories & files management.

Directories & files management. Comparison with no restrictions in size and location. Missing directories & files. Directories synchronization, doubles identification and erasing. Free disk space & files sanitization with Gutmann algorithm. Ciphering with public & specific keys and signing. Searching for character strings with masks. Directories archiving & restoring.

WinSync 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Shareware, On November 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 73 times.

UV Outliner 1.46MB for 64-bit systems
UV Outliner 2.2

UV Outliner is for organizing information

UV Outliner 2.2 is a small and powerful application for creating, organizing, and collecting information. With UV Outliner 2.2 you can create plans, schedules, and to-do lists, collect and organize ideas, brainstorm, plan your trips, record meeting minutes, track expenses, write novels and much more.

UV Outliner 64bit

Text Viewers & Editors Freeware, On February 21, 2011 updated, downloaded 61 times.

AnyFound Photo Recovery Free Edition 3.68MB for 64-bit systems
AnyFound Photo Recovery Free Edition 1.1

AnyFound Photo Recovery Free Edition.

AnyFound Photo Recovery Free Edition 1.1 is a secure, simple, fastest Digital Photo Recovery Utility for Windows File System. It helps you to search, locate and recover your lost or deleted photos. Its unique features like advance search, enhanced photo preview, and it supports kinds of graphic formats. such as jpg, bmp, jpeg, gif, png, psd, tiff, swf, crw, cdr, eps, emf, shp, shx, lws, psp, max, mix, ppm, eps, qxd, sdr, wmf, xar, aif etc.

AnyFound Photo Recovery Free Edition 64bit

Backup & Recovery Freeware, On November 23, 2009 updated, downloaded 40 times.

GiliSoft RAMDisk 0.14MB for 64-bit systems
GiliSoft RAMDisk 6.7.1

Best ram disk software.

Gili RAMDisk is an easy-to-use application that will map a certain amount of RAM to a system partition. You choose its size (depending on the amount of RAM in your system), drive letter, and file system.

GiliSoft RAMDisk 64bit

Memory Management Shareware, On September 7, 2017 updated, downloaded 179 times.

PDF Converter 59.79MB for 64-bit systems
PDF Converter

PDF Converter

GIRDAC PDF Converter is a software application for viewing, managing, converting and creating PDF documents. It can modify PDF properties, reduce file size, add password, remove password, add bookmarks, add watermark, merge PDFs, split PDF, insert pages, and delete pages. It converts PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to HTML, PDF to Image, PDF to PostScript, and PDF to PDF/A. It creates PDF from any printable file.

PDF Converter 64bit

PDF Software Shareware, On February 5, 2017 updated, downloaded 268 times.

RarZilla Free Unrar 1.11MB for 64-bit systems
RarZilla Free Unrar 7.00

Unrar files fast and easy.

RarZilla Free Unrar 7.00 is a free tool to quickly decompress RAR-archives. It supports spanned archives. Decompression can be started by drag 'n' drop, double click or shell integrated context menu. To speed the whole process up, RarZilla has the option to define a default output folder or a default password or both. This version comes with short instructions in more than 50 languages.

RarZilla Free Unrar 64bit

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On October 28, 2015 updated, downloaded 134 times.

Secure Windows Pro 2012 3.94MB for 64-bit systems
Secure Windows Pro 2012 4.0.2

Boost PC Performance including Security Locks

Worried how to maintain PC? Secure Windows Pro is the best choice; it gives you all to Boost PC, Repair problems and Lock Data. Using, you can cleanup junk files, registry errors, history tracks, broken shortcuts and duplicates files more quickly and easily than ever, also gives data security (files /folders). That is all in one smart package. Secure windows offers more than 26 tools optimize PC's health, performance and security...

Secure Windows Pro 2012 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On October 19, 2011 updated, downloaded 53 times.

WinLube 1.83MB for 64-bit systems
WinLube 2.06

Tune, clean and optimize Windows with WinLube

WinLube 2.06 is the lubricant for every Windows system. This tuning-tool optimizes, cleans and speeds-up your computer and increases its reliability and security. Features: Instant Tuning for fully automatic system optimization, cleanup harddrive and registry, free memory, optimize booting, manage autostart and services, repair broken shortcuts, customize Windows behavior and appearance, configure boot manager

WinLube 64bit

Registry Tools Shareware, On December 9, 2015 updated, downloaded 47 times.

7-PDF Maker 53.34MB for 64-bit systems
7-PDF Maker 1.5.2

7-PDF Maker is a very good PDF Creator.

More comfortable PDF Creation under Windows with 7-PDF Maker 1.5.2. The PDF Maker supports a wide range of file and graphic formats and is best known for doing conversions to PDF and PDF /A-1 without the usage of Ghostscript, or the installation of an pdf printer. The setup comes with a Command Line Version and a Windows-Explorer Integration. 7-PDF Maker 1.5.2 is fully freeware!

7-PDF Maker 64bit

PDF Software Freeware, On December 20, 2015 updated, downloaded 129 times.

Free RAR Extract Frog 1.09MB for 64-bit systems
Free RAR Extract Frog 7.00

Skinable free RAR extractor for RAR files.

Free RAR Extract Frog 7.00 is a skinable free RAR extractor tool for RAR files that supports spanned archives as well as the decompression of password protected files. It comes with short instructions in over 50 languages. Start the extraction of a RAR file by drag and drop, double click or shell integrated context menu. To speed the decompression process up, the app has the option to define a default output folder or a default password.

Free RAR Extract Frog 64bit

File Compression & Encoding Freeware, On October 28, 2015 updated, downloaded 148 times.

Start-Q 0.92MB for 64-bit systems
Start-Q 1.3

Startup manager which speeds up windows login

Start-Q 1.3 is a startup manager which main purpose is to make windows login FASTER. So you can get to work or be entertained much sooner. It helps improving your productivity by improving the login experience. Start-Q 1.3 also gives you the ability to fully control of the launching process, like skipping some items, or pausing the launching process. You can even make sure that important items get more priority from Windows and the CPU.

Start-Q 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Freeware, On January 26, 2011 updated, downloaded 106 times.

AnyFound Data Recovery Software 3.14MB for 64-bit systems
AnyFound Data Recovery Software 5.0

AnyFound Data Recovery Software.

AnyFound Data Recovery Software 5.0 is a secure, simple, fastest Partition Recovery Utility for Windows File System. It helps you to search, locate and recover your lost or deleted files, email, photo etc. Its unique features like advance search, enhanced photo, music, video recovery, file preview, Raw Recovery from hard drives, floppy disks, jazz drives and zip drivers, Disk Cloning, Email recovery from PST & DBX files.

AnyFound Data Recovery Software 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On August 14, 2010 updated, downloaded 36 times.

Classic Start Menu 6.2MB for 64-bit systems
Classic Start Menu 6.11

Classic Start Menu with Aero for Windows 7

Install Classic Start Menu 6.11 for Windows 7 with Aero interface Now. With this program you can get back the Classic Start Menu 6.11 interface in Windows 7 and try the power of new technology too. With the program you can search programs by name, change skins, use timer delay for power buttons, enjoy unique single-click launch features and many more new cool specialties. The program is safe to install since it doesn't change system files. Try it out!

Classic Start Menu 64bit

Launchers & Task Utils Shareware, On August 3, 2017 updated, downloaded 111 times.

Easy Computer Sync 9.8MB for 64-bit systems
Easy Computer Sync 2.0

Quickly synchronize data between computers

Easy Computer Sync 2.0 lets you quickly and easily synchronize data between two computers using a USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable. Designed specifically for Laptop users, it provides the highest possible transfer speeds for most Laptops and Tablets. Just plug in the Easy Transfer Cable, and go. There are no network settings, firewalls or passwords to deal with. The program also includes instructions on how to obtain an Easy Transfer Cable.

Easy Computer Sync 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On April 19, 2014 updated, downloaded 80 times.

Remote Registry Cleaner 1.93MB for 64-bit systems
Remote Registry Cleaner 1.7.700

Fixes network computers for registry errors.

RemoteRegistryCleaner scans a remote or local machine for Windows Registry errors and fixes them up for smoother running of the computer. RemoteRegistryCleaner also scans and list obsolete and unwanted Windows files and deletes them which results in faster performance of the computer. RemoteRegistryCleaner is the worlds first and one-and-only registry cleaner software that works for a local computer as well as for network computers.

Remote Registry Cleaner 64bit

Registry Tools Shareware, On August 3, 2011 updated, downloaded 69 times.

RAMRush Portable 0.31MB for 64-bit systems
RAMRush Portable

RAMRush Portable - A Cute Memory Optimizer

RAMRush Portable is a free memory management and optimization tool. It can efficiently optimize memory usages of your Windows system, free up physical RAM and make your system work better. RAMRush Portable uses an intelligent way to manage the physical memory and lets the RAM work in a better performance. It will help you to prevent system crashes, memory leaks and keep your computer running more efficiently. RAMRush is a FREEWARE, you

RAMRush Portable 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Freeware, On September 19, 2009 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Registryeasycleaner 0MB for 64-bit systems
Registryeasycleaner V5.1

Clean and repair the Windows registry

Registry EasyCleaner uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry EasyCleaner will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.

Registryeasycleaner 64bit

Registry Tools Shareware, On July 16, 2009 updated, downloaded 49 times.

Registry Convoy 1.33MB for 64-bit systems
Registry Convoy 2009

An award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner.

Registry Convoy 2009 is an award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner. With Registry Convoy 2009 you can safely clean the errors & invalid entries which cause system slowdown, freezing and crashing, and repair registry problems to speedup your PC performance. Improve your PC performance without expensive hardware upgrades!

Registry Convoy 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On July 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Ashampoo BackUp Pro 10 46.06MB for 64-bit systems
Ashampoo BackUp Pro 10 10.0

Convenient backup solution

Ashampoo BackUp Pro 10 10.0 is an application to backup and restore files and disk partitions. Backups are automatically kept up to date and can be created on all common storage devices or uploaded to various cloud services.

Ashampoo BackUp Pro 10 64bit

Backup & Recovery Shareware, On March 31, 2016 updated, downloaded 162 times.

GiliSoft Exe Lock 0.14MB for 64-bit systems
GiliSoft Exe Lock 5.2.1

Easily lock any programs on your system.

GiliSoft Exe Lock 5.2.1 can lock any executable programs on your local computer,a person can not run the locked programs without a password. If you do don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, you simply need to run this application.

GiliSoft Exe Lock 64bit

Operating System Maintenance Shareware, On September 7, 2017 updated, downloaded 177 times.

Ancysoft Data Recovery Scanner 0.38MB for 64-bit systems
Ancysoft Data Recovery Scanner 1.0

NTFS Drive Scanning, Finding Deleted Files

Data Recovery Scanner will scan your hard drive and build a list of deleted files on any logical drive of your computer with an NTFS file system. The scan process of Data Recovery Scanner uses the MFT to look for files, as well as the contents of the drive. Once the scanning is complete you can use report search functionality to find your deleted file if you remember at least one of the following: file name, size, creation date, modified date

Ancysoft Data Recovery Scanner 64bit

Disks & Files Manage Freeware, On May 7, 2011 updated, downloaded 37 times.

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