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TriplePassMan 0.83MB for 64-bit systems
TriplePassMan 1.0.0

Save, Manage & Generate Password for Free

TriplePassMan 1.0.0 is a special utility designed to manage and keep track all kind of passwords, including web site access codes, software serial numbers and other secret numbers you may have. Using easy to use interface you can quickly and safely store, edit, search, create backup, print, or generate new password.

TriplePassMan 64bit

Password Managers Freeware, On March 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 36 times.

Clear History Easy 1MB for 64-bit systems
Clear History Easy

Clear all online and offline activity traces.

Clear History Easy could easily clear all Internet history and other computer activity tracks from your PC, offering you a clean and safe computer use environment. It could remove all traces of online and offline activity: browsing history, cache, cookies, stored passwords; recycle bin content, clipboard content, history of run programs, recently opened files and more. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows Media Player, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Clear History Easy 64bit

Other Shareware, On May 4, 2010 updated, downloaded 38 times.

Super Clear History 1.09MB for 64-bit systems
Super Clear History

Clear history of web browsing or computer use

Super Clear History could quickly and completely clear all history of your web browsing and other computer activities. It could remove all traces of your online and offline activities: wipe your browsing history, cache, cookies, and stored passwords; clear your clipboard content, history of run programs, recently opened files, empty your recycle bin, and more. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows Media Player, Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc.

Super Clear History 64bit

Other Shareware, On May 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 37 times.

GuardPlus 0.85MB for 64-bit systems
GuardPlus 1.00

Encrypt file, Version management,Info Safe.

GuardPlus 1.00 is a kind of infomation safe management software. It can encrypts any type of file and provides version management. You can export the any version that you want easily. GuardPlus 1.00 let you to work in safe environment.GuardPlus 1.00 has safety of encryption method.Only the correct user name and password to access the files in GuardPlus 1.00. Therefore, GuardPlus 1.00 is necessary in your work of information security tools.

GuardPlus 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On January 21, 2010 updated, downloaded 35 times.

Professional Mobile SafePatrol 2.32MB for 64-bit systems
Professional Mobile SafePatrol 5.2.2

AdvancedComputer Security. On-Line & Off-Line

Anti-Theft Data Protection that collects and stores evidence about who has been trying to break into your computer. Remotely alert you if a computer is under attack! Take a webcam picture of the intruder. Send a webcam image of the intruder to yourself by e-mail. Record sound from a lost computer's microphone. Sound anti-theft alarm when the power cord is unplugged or your laptop lid is closing. Off-line data protection. SMS and sound alerts.

Professional Mobile SafePatrol 64bit

Access Control Comercial, On March 31, 2010 updated, downloaded 73 times.

HSLAB Access Control NESB 51.25MB for 64-bit systems
HSLAB Access Control NESB 4.0.829.2010

Solution for the logging the working time

Access Control is a powerful and flexible system for the control of the staff working hours usage in a network or on a terminal servers. There are many of the software to solve a similar problem. Part from them - simply spyware programs intended first of all for capturing of user`s keystrokes, passwords and various messages.

HSLAB Access Control NESB 64bit

Access Control Freeware, On February 5, 2011 updated, downloaded 54 times.

uHook Enterprise Device Control 47.29MB for 64-bit systems
uHook Enterprise Device Control 4.4.1

network control of removable media devices

uHook Enterprise Device Control 4.4.1 lets you control and manage the access of removable media devices such as USB sticks, CDs, DVDs etc in your business network from one single place. uHook Enterprise is meant for businesses, where it is not possible to track who is copying business critical information on removable media devices.

uHook Enterprise Device Control 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On June 26, 2012 updated, downloaded 82 times.

Folder Protect 5.02MB for 64-bit systems
Folder Protect 2.0.6

Protect your data anyway you want.

Folder Protect 2.0.6 is a new concept in Data Security. It lets you password protect and set different access rights to your files, folders, drives, installed programs and popular extensions. Folder Protect 2.0.6 goes beyond normal file locking and encryption by letting you decide whether to make files inaccessible, hidden, delete proof or write proof. Folder Protect 2.0.6 is Windows 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP compatible.

Folder Protect 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On October 5, 2018 updated, downloaded 150 times.

Safe Calculator 0.12MB for 64-bit systems
Safe Calculator 5.10

A very discreet safe in a Windows calculator

On your USB drive or your laptop, do not leave your confidential information more accessible.And what could be more banal than Windows calculator ! This calculator, clone fully operational, is a very discreet safe allowing you to move your IDs, passwords, ... without fear of consequences in case of loss or theft. After entering your PIN, it will encrypt and "swallows" the file you have chosen.

Safe Calculator 64bit

Protectors Freeware, On December 13, 2009 updated, downloaded 67 times.

Super Clear Cookies 1.13MB for 64-bit systems
Super Clear Cookies

Clear all your cookies with one click.

Super Clear Cookies could clear cookies from a single website or domain name, or wipe all your browser cookies completely from Internet Explorer or Firefox. With it, you can remove the cookies you want and keep the rest, or quickly delete all cookies of the browser, or get un-banned yourself on many websites, preventing websites from tracking your online activities and giving you super privacy protection, all with a simple click of a button.

Super Clear Cookies 64bit

Other Shareware, On May 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 54 times.

MobileWitch Pass Safe 1.27MB for 64-bit systems
MobileWitch Pass Safe 5.0.0

MobileWitch-Pass is a password manager.

MobileWitch-Pass-Safe-PC is a strong, innovative password manager software that also extends its utility over Pocket PCs or mobile phones providing highly encrypted passwords. Its purpose is to secure and store sensitive data and get that burden of large information off your shoulders. The application ensures full strength configuration on your mobile phone as it employs the same database format and same key features as desktop version.

MobileWitch Pass Safe 64bit

Password Managers Freeware, On October 23, 2018 updated, downloaded 125 times.

GiliSoft USB Encryption 9.97MB for 64-bit systems
GiliSoft USB Encryption 6.1.1

Best usb stick encryption software.

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is especially designed to create password protected USB memory sticks. It creates protected areas on the disk that is needed to enter password to see contents. Data on the protected areas are encypted by 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption. Protected USB stick is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer.

GiliSoft USB Encryption 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On September 7, 2017 updated, downloaded 195 times.

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption 2.19MB for 64-bit systems
Xlinksoft Picture Encryption

A professional picture encryption software.

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption is a professional picture encryption software which can encrypt all picture formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and ICO file, TIF file, etc. Perfect picture encryption function provides for you. It can encrypt and decrypt pictures within minimum time. It`s an easy-to-use picture encryption software. Changing the background color of interface is available. And setting the output path is also up to you.

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On January 8, 2010 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Keylogger Lite 3.21MB for 64-bit systems
Keylogger Lite 4.10

Keylogger Lite keyboard spy logs all on PC

Keylogger records all started applications in its Logfile, remembers Internet sites & search queries in search engines that is very useful for Keylogger usage by parents on home computers. It interacts with the clipboard. Keylogger Lite 4.10 remembers all keystrokes and used programs. Therefore visited internet sites, communication in social networks, messengers like ICQ, Skype, AOL, MSN, etc., including saving of logins and passwords.

Keylogger Lite 64bit

Keystroke Logging Shareware, On January 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 79 times.

Opera Password Recovery 1.04MB for 64-bit systems
Opera Password Recovery 2.0

Recover Opera passwords easily

Opera Password Recovery 2.0 is a simple yet powerful utility to recover logins and passwords cached by Opera browser, as well as passwords to all mail accounts configured in Opera Mail. Simply run this program, click on the "Start Recovery" button, all your Opera saved passwords will be decrypted and recovered instantly!

Opera Password Recovery 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On January 16, 2014 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Auto Clear History 1.03MB for 64-bit systems
Auto Clear History

Clear all computer evidence and web history.

Auto Clear History is an effective computer evidence and web history cleaning tool. It could quickly clean all history of your web browsing and computer use. It can wipe activity history of dozens of programs such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It could also empty your recycle bin, clear your clipboard or copy and paste feature, clean your history of run programs, recently opened files, and much more.

Auto Clear History 64bit

Other Shareware, On April 14, 2010 updated, downloaded 54 times.

SpyShelter 3.65MB for 64-bit systems
SpyShelter 2.0

Anti keylogger software. Protect your privacy

SpyShelter 2.0 can protect you against attacks that happen even when you do ordinary computer tasks like: typing into your computer, getting screenshots, opening files, and visiting sites. The SpyShelter 2.0 anti keylogger monitors vulnerable and weak spots in your computer system to ensure that even the most advanced keyloggers are shut down even before these can launch a single dangerous attack against your computer.

SpyShelter 64bit

AntiSpam & Anti-Spy Demo, On October 20, 2009 updated, downloaded 96 times.

LaptopSentry 1.04MB for 64-bit systems
LaptopSentry 1.10

LaptopSentry protects you from laptop theft.

LaptopSentry 1.10 is simple, you plug your power cord in and lock the computer, and any attempt to access or steal the computer or any peripheral (flash drive, smartphone, etc.) a loud, unmutable alarm that stops the would-be thief dead in their tracks. Upon alarm activation, you will receive an SMS text notifying you of the alarm’s activation, and files that you have identified as important will be immediately emailed to your inbox.

LaptopSentry 64bit

Other Demo, On November 4, 2009 updated, downloaded 50 times.

Auto Hide IP 2.32MB for 64-bit systems
Auto Hide IP

Hide your real IP to protect your privacy.

Hide your real IP to protect your privacy automatically on the Internet. Auto Hide IP enables you to surf anonymously and automatically change your IP address every few minutes. With it, you are able to conceal your identity online by showing them a fake IP, preventing identity theft and hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button. You can also select fake IP from different countries via Choose IP Country option and can Check IP directly.

Auto Hide IP 64bit

Other Shareware, On September 14, 2017 updated, downloaded 600 times.

Loaris Trojan Remover 58.58MB for 64-bit systems
Loaris Trojan Remover 2.0.33

Your computer will be clean

If your PC is infected with adware, spyware, spybot, trojans or another internet parasite - download the latest version of Loaris Trojan Remover 2.0.33 right now. You will be able to completely clean your computer of all these invasive threats! Your computer will be clean and will run alot faster - Your Privacy will be Protected!

Loaris Trojan Remover 64bit

Other Shareware, On January 19, 2017 updated, downloaded 750 times.

Ghost Surf Platinum 2.02MB for 64-bit systems
Ghost Surf Platinum 2013.42

100% anonymous surfing, Ghost Surf Platinum

Ghost Surf Platinum 2013.42 ensures your safety online by providing an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection, and Ghost Surf stops spyware, eliminates ads and erases your tracks. Ghost Surf lets you customize your privacy level in real-time to suit your anonymous surfing needs. A variety of options enable you to block personal information, mask your IP address, route your data through anonymous hubs and even encrypt your internet connection.

Ghost Surf Platinum 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On April 22, 2013 updated, downloaded 123 times.

File Lock Professional 1.91MB for 64-bit systems
File Lock Professional

Password protect files folders lock encrypt

File Lock PRO is a innovative file encryption software program that can password protect and hide files, lock and encrypt files, protect files located on your PC hard drive or any portable media such as USB drives. File Lock PRO supports all the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (64 bit & 32 bit). Perfect companion to any PC, laptop/notebook computer. It can also securely erase and delete files.

File Lock Professional 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On October 20, 2013 updated, downloaded 139 times.

Transporter 0.75MB for 64-bit systems
Transporter 1.4

Lightweight classes to let you encrypt/sign

The Transporter 1.4 acts like an electronic secure courier to deliver your data and documents in encrypted form safe from prying eyes or those who would tamper with them. It Encrypts, digitally signs and armours to send sensitive information over the Internet without SSL. Typically you would embed it in your own Internet applications.

Transporter MAC - Transporter 64bit

Encryption Freeware, On August 5, 2009 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Ez Content Control 2.86MB for 64-bit systems
Ez Content Control 4.5.4

Best Parental Control. Manage Internet and PC

Ez Parental Control blocks Website Urls And Programs from running on yours, your child's or employee's computer. Features: Blocks Website Urls, Blocks Programs, Shows Running Process Details, View Detailed History Report, Stealth (invisible) Mode support, Hot keys support.

Ez Content Control 64bit

Protectors Shareware, On January 19, 2012 updated, downloaded 0 times.

ProtectStar Data Shredder Freeware 6.91MB for 64-bit systems
ProtectStar Data Shredder Freeware

Data shredder Freeware for secure erase data

The Award-wining ProtectStar Data Shredder 2.2 Freeware ushers in an intelligent generation of solutions for secure deletion of sensitive data. This compact and user friendly software was designed with the data deletion needs of both business and private users, and allows all data to be deleted in such a way that it is completely beyond recovery, even for experts and government agencies.

ProtectStar Data Shredder Freeware 64bit

Other Freeware, On February 17, 2012 updated, downloaded 57 times.

Steel USB Sentry 2.23MB for 64-bit systems
Steel USB Sentry 2.0

Control and prevent usage of USB drives

Steel USB Sentry 2.0 offers an simple yet effective control of portable media usage in the corporate network. It helps in preventing data theft and cyber crime possibilities through misuse of corporate data. Steel USB Sentry 2.0 effectively keeps a tight control of the portable media usage by preventing the users from copying confidential data from their workstations. Steel USB Sentry 2.0 prevents users from using portable media in the workstations

Steel USB Sentry 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On March 3, 2010 updated, downloaded 111 times.

WinTweakz PasswordSafe 3.91MB for 64-bit systems
WinTweakz PasswordSafe 2.1

Password Manager,Password safety

WinTweakz PasswordSafe 2.1 stores all your passwords and access codes on one digital key ring. You just need to remember a single password to access all this informaton.

WinTweakz PasswordSafe 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On July 29, 2009 updated, downloaded 48 times.

GiliSoft File Lock 0.14MB for 64-bit systems
GiliSoft File Lock 11.0

Best folder lock and best file lock software.

GiliSoft File Lock 11.0 is designed for protecting your sensitive files,folder and drives on your local computer.In factly, it protects but does not encrypt the protected files and folders, so it will never have the chance to destroy your data and nobody can access or destroy your private data without password.

GiliSoft File Lock 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On December 21, 2017 updated, downloaded 232 times.

PassMem 1.12MB for 64-bit systems
PassMem 4.5.0

PassMem is a proficient password manager.

PassMem 4.5.0 is one of the latest solutions created for secure password storage and a reliable and easy way of safely managing passwords, sensitive data, access codes, crucial dates, figures, numbers, and more. This application is the perfect tool to manage your passwords, secret IDs, PINs, TANs, etc. PassMem 4.5.0 stores your passwords in a strongly encrypted local database consisting of a single file allowing easy transfer from one device to another.

PassMem 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On May 15, 2015 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Schema Detective - Orbium Software 5.34MB for 64-bit systems
Schema Detective - Orbium Software 1.0.9

Schema Detective - Find sensitive Data

Schema Detective is an innovative tool for finding sensitive data and referential relations within the database.Simple to use, yet powerful, it enables the detection of data across the entire database instance (server), utilizing various search patterns. In addition, it allows the identification of application referential relations - even in the lack of database foreign-keys.

Schema Detective - Orbium Software 64bit

Other Shareware, On August 22, 2009 updated, downloaded 47 times.

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