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Smarthide VPN Client 45.82MB for 64-bit systems
Smarthide VPN Client

Easy and comfortable Smarthide VPN Client

Easy and comfortable Smarthide VPN Client for secure Internet surfing. Unblock blocked sites, full Internet traffic encryption, hide your IP. Complete security and protection.

Smarthide VPN Client 64bit

Other Freeware, On May 23, 2017 updated, downloaded 30 times.

Ultraheal PC Security 7.94MB for 64-bit systems
Ultraheal PC Security 1.0

Fast and Complete PC Security Solution

Fast and Complete PC Security Solution that protects you, your family and business from Cyber Crime. Our solutions help individuals, organizations and agencies protect themselves, computers, mobiles device and businesses against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online.

Ultraheal PC Security 64bit

Antivirus Shareware, On June 30, 2016 updated, downloaded 14 times.

Simple Video Evidence Management 25.69MB for 64-bit systems
Simple Video Evidence Management

Simple Video Evidence Management software.

Simple Video Evidence Management software. Software for law enforcement agencies. Requirements: CPU: 2 GHz, RAM: 1 GB, minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels

Simple Video Evidence Management 64bit

Other Shareware, On June 28, 2016 updated, downloaded 14 times.

Grato 53.36MB for 64-bit systems
Grato 1.01

Adware Removal Tool for PC

Adware Removal, PC Optimization, Spyware Removal, Various pop-up ads Removal

Grato 64bit

AntiSpam & Anti-Spy Adware, On June 24, 2016 updated, downloaded 10 times.

SecureSafe Pro Password Manager 1.42MB for 64-bit systems
SecureSafe Pro Password Manager 3.5

SecureSafePro Password Manager for Windows

SecureSafe Pro Password Manager 3.5 is a unique software solution for storing confidential information (passwords, credit card numbers, confidential files) safely and securely in a secure file on your computer. It comes with military-grade encryption options, requires remembering only one access master password, has a built-in random password generator, and it is 100% FREE to try! Grab your copy now! Lifetime license! No annual payments!

SecureSafe Pro Password Manager 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On July 17, 2016 updated, downloaded 15 times.

MadBlock Ultra Adblocker 9.39MB for 64-bit systems
MadBlock Ultra Adblocker 1.0.2

MadBlock Ultra block thousands of ad networks

MadBlock Ultra block thousands of ad networks, system wide. Unlike browser based adblocking solutions, it blocks the connection to the ad network instead of simply permiting display of banners. The integrated blacklist contains about 15.000 domain names. Current anti-adblocking technics use variating, random subdomain names. Those are also being blocked by MadBlock Ultra.

MadBlock Ultra Adblocker 64bit

AntiSpam & Anti-Spy Freeware, On June 5, 2016 updated, downloaded 22 times.

AdvancedPasswordManager 5.23MB for 64-bit systems
AdvancedPasswordManager 3.0

Secure password with AdvancedPasswordManager.

AdvancedPasswordManager 3.0 is the best password management utility. AdvancedPasswordManager 3.0 deletes identity traces from your computer system after saving them to an encrypted vault secured by one master password. AdvancedPasswordManager 3.0 enables you to fill web forms automatically using your saved details. Advanced Password Manager securely locks your personal and financial information so that you can unlock them using your own master key.

AdvancedPasswordManager 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On May 23, 2016 updated, downloaded 12 times.

BlackBelt Privacy 22.64MB for 64-bit systems
BlackBelt Privacy 6.2016.05

A performance enhanced Tor with video calls

A performance enhanced Tor derivative. It helps to keep your browsing habits safe and secure and protects you against monitoring. Open source and free. Features include serverless & accountless PC to PC calling via MicroSip VoIP. It integrates seamlessly into an existing Firefox installation as a new profile and it's regularly updated - we ensure you get the best out of Tor

BlackBelt Privacy 64bit

Other Freeware, On May 23, 2016 updated, downloaded 23 times.

Metadefender Cloud Client 0MB for 64-bit systems
Metadefender Cloud Client

Scan with 40+ anti-malware engines for free

Metadefender Cloud Client is the most thorough free malware analysis tool available. Metadefender Cloud Client performs a deep endpoint forensic analysis for malware using several unique methods: memory module multi-scanning with 40+ anti-malware engines, local anti-malware log file analysis, and IP reputation analysis to identify potential threats. Look for threats and assess the security state of an endpoint if you think it may be compromised.

Metadefender Cloud Client 64bit

Antivirus Freeware, On December 1, 2017 updated, downloaded 28 times.

Password Recovery Shield 3MB for 64-bit systems
Password Recovery Shield 1.0.2

Password Recovery recovers lost passwords

Password Recovery Shield 1.0.2 works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge and can recover the username and password from more than 85% of the sites browsed!

Password Recovery Shield 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On May 31, 2016 updated, downloaded 15 times.

Spytector Lite 0.05MB for 64-bit systems
Spytector Lite

Spytector Lite Keylogger

Spytector Lite is the most stealth and undetectable keylogger available for Windows platform. Spytector Lite is an advanced monitoring program (keylogger) which is tracking all the activities of PC users (visited websites, all the keystrokes, opened windows, applications etc.) and delivers the logs to you via Email. Official website: www.spytector.com Spytector Lite keylogger is undetectable for the most used antivirus products!

Spytector Lite 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On November 16, 2018 updated, downloaded 51 times.

USB Lock 3.66MB for 64-bit systems
USB Lock 1.2.0

USB Lock | Lock & Password Protect USB Drives

USB Lock 1.2.0 is the application to lock USB drives with all types of Portable drives including flash drives, hard drives, memory cards & external drives. USB Lock 1.2.0 allows you to password protect and secure USB drives, External drives, Memory cards, SD cards and all other types of external storage devices. It use the most advanced techniques of data leak prevention to safeguard your data.

USB Lock 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On April 18, 2016 updated, downloaded 26 times.

Heimdal FREE 0.74MB for 64-bit systems
Heimdal FREE 2.2.185

Keep your software up to date automatically.

Heimdal FREE 2.2.185 scans your computer every 2h for outdated software. You can choose from a list of the most used software apps in the world. When it spots an outdated application, it immediately updates it for you. Software vulnerabilities are blocked faster than cyber criminals can exploit them. The updates are installed automatically, in the background. You can also install new apps directly and safely, through Heimdal FREE 2.2.185, with just one click.

Heimdal FREE 64bit

Other Freeware, On October 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 43 times.

Shield Antivirus 17.19MB for 64-bit systems
Shield Antivirus 2.0.5

Shield Antivirus - Advanced Virus Protection!

Shield Antivirus 2.0.5 offers protection from all to-date viruses, trojans, and spyware. Shield Antivirus 2.0.5 offers active protection from threats and is set to monitor, block, and alert whenever a threat is detected. The light installation process makes it easy to install and will only takes minutes after downloading until the computer is fully protected.

Shield Antivirus 64bit

Antivirus Shareware, On April 28, 2016 updated, downloaded 19 times.

SterJo Edge Passwords 0.89MB for 64-bit systems
SterJo Edge Passwords 1.2

Recover Microsoft Edge Passwords

SterJo Edge Passwords 1.2 is a small utility which will recover all your forgotten login details stored by the new Microsoft Edge browser. It would also display the URL, including the username and password for each entry.

SterJo Edge Passwords 64bit

Password Managers Freeware, On May 16, 2017 updated, downloaded 27 times.

SpyAgent 2.59MB for 64-bit systems
SpyAgent 10.11.18

Powerful Computer Monitoring and Spy Software

Spytech SpyAgent 10.11.18 is powerful spy software that allows you to monitor EVERYTHING users do on your computer - in total STEALTH. SpyAgent 10.11.18 provides essential computer monitoring features, as well as website and application content filtering, chat client blocking, lockdown scheduling, and remote delivery of logs via email. SpyAgent 10.11.18's advanced, easy to use feature-set is unmatched, and provides the ultimate all-in-one computer monitoring solution.

SpyAgent 64bit

Keystroke Logging Shareware, On October 19, 2018 updated, downloaded 24 times.

Quick File Locker 13.17MB for 64-bit systems
Quick File Locker 1.0

Lock, encrypt and protect private files.

Do you want to protect private pictures, hide sensitive videos or lockdown documents ? Do you want to ensure your privacy by locking, hiding and encrypting sensitive data ? Then this free application is for you.Quick File Locker 1.0 will quickly lock, hide and encrypt files, folders or USB drives to ensure your privacy. It is very easy to use.Lock files with a simple drag and drop or with a right click on them in Windows Explorer. Multilingual.

Quick File Locker 64bit

Encryption Adware, On April 6, 2016 updated, downloaded 27 times.

Free VPN 0.38MB for 64-bit systems
Free VPN 3.2

Free VPN access software

Unblock sites and surf anonymously using Free VPN 3.2 service. Free VPN 3.2 has fast VPN servers and allows complete internet privacy. Free VPN 3.2 works everwhere in the world.

Free VPN 64bit

Other Freeware, On April 15, 2016 updated, downloaded 27 times.

PC CCTV software 13.03MB for 64-bit systems
PC CCTV software

Monitor recording by DVR or NVR

Monitoring and recording the screen of Windows computer by CCTV surveillance DVR or NVR

PC CCTV software 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On May 17, 2016 updated, downloaded 16 times.

CertWatch 0.11MB for 64-bit systems
CertWatch 1.0

Alerts to the add/delete of sys certificates

Blaser CertWatch 1.0 is an automated system certificate store checking for Windows workstation and server. Alerts users to the addition and removal of system certificates. This free utility will monitor any changes made to the Windows Certificate Stores on your system. Certificates can bed added or removed to your system for a variety of reasons - Windows Updates, new software packages, etc. can make alterations to the certificate store.

CertWatch 64bit

Other Freeware, On April 30, 2016 updated, downloaded 9 times.

Toms Hash Explorer 17.44MB for 64-bit systems
Toms Hash Explorer 1.2

Cryptographic hash calculation suite

Toms Hash Explorer 1.2 is a fast multi-threaded cryptographic hash calculation suite with an innovative Explorer-like user interface. This free Windows utility allows you to easily calculate cryptographic hash values for single files or entire folders to verify file integrity. Supports the most popular hashing algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-2 including SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.

Toms Hash Explorer 64bit

Other Freeware, On August 23, 2016 updated, downloaded 19 times.

cliEN 47.68MB for 64-bit systems

File encryption tool with password protection

cliEN 1.0 is a modern command prompt encryption / decryption tool that provides very high password protection. The encryption has been tested by various decoders and is still secure

cliEN 64bit

Encryption Freeware, On March 19, 2016 updated, downloaded 10 times.

Windows Password Reset Pro 0.35MB for 64-bit systems
Windows Password Reset Pro

Windows Password Reset - 100% recovery rate

Spower Windows Password Reset Pro is an all-in-one Windows password reset software that can reset windows password for destop PC and laptop fast and safely. If you forgot winows password, Windows Password Reset Tool can help you create a CD/DVD or USB windows password reset boot disk to reset forgotten password with old password. For more info: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com

Windows Password Reset Pro 64bit

Password Managers Shareware, On March 13, 2016 updated, downloaded 12 times.

Bitcoin Find and Recover 52.45MB for 64-bit systems
Bitcoin Find and Recover 1.5

Bitcoin wallet recovery tool

Bitcoin Find & Recover is a crypto currency recovery tool that helps the user restore access to their funds. Supports desktop and mobile wallets. Automatizes searching for wallets on the disk, both deleted and existing and guides the user in the recovery process. Allows the user to create a password list from whatever fragments he or she remembers, to try to regain access with a lost password. The recovered passwords are saved encrypted.

Bitcoin Find and Recover 64bit

Other Freeware, On May 9, 2016 updated, downloaded 24 times.

ZPN - Free VPN 1091.07MB for 64-bit systems
ZPN - Free VPN 2.0.1

Reliable, Fast and Free VPN for everyone

Reliable, Fast and Free VPN for everyone. Free accounts monthly quota is 10GB. Unblock Internet Censorship Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, ITV Player, BBC, Skype, Pandora and more blocked sites in your school, workplace/office or geografic regions with VPN. Protects Your Anonymity Hide your ip with ZPN and create barrier between you and visited pages. Your location and informations hidden from the trackers. free vpn: visit o

ZPN - Free VPN 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On February 19, 2016 updated, downloaded 26 times.

idoo Usb Encryption 3.42MB for 64-bit systems
idoo Usb Encryption 4.4

It protect your data in USB memories.

USB Encryption is quite a useful tool that can effectively protect the data stored on your USB memories. It allows you to create a secure and a public area on the storage devices, whose sizes can be easily adjusted according to your own needs. The secure area can only be accessed by inputting a correct password, while the public area need not. The encrypted USB memories can be used on any PC, and you need not to install any other program at all.

idoo Usb Encryption 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On February 18, 2016 updated, downloaded 9 times.

Smart Privacy Cleaner 2.35MB for 64-bit systems
Smart Privacy Cleaner 3.4

Smart Privacy Cleaner removes privacy risks

It's very easy for anybody with access to your computer to find a list of all the web sites you visited, any photos or music that you downloaded, read though your chat conversations and even easily recover deleted files. If you don't want your private information to become public knowledge you need Smart Privacy Cleaner 3.4. With just one click Smart Privacy Cleaner 3.4 finds and removes all traces of your online and offline activities.

Smart Privacy Cleaner 64bit

Access Control Shareware, On February 18, 2016 updated, downloaded 8 times.

idoo Secure Disc Creator 4.23MB for 64-bit systems
idoo Secure Disc Creator 5.0

idoo Secure Disc Creator tools download.

idoo Secure Disc Creator 5.0 software adopts the federal security standards and the latest AES256 algorithm, which will fully protect the data on your DVD disk. With this software, you may create a secure area and a public area on you disk. The secure area cannot be accessed without the correct password, while the public area is readable just as normal disk.

idoo Secure Disc Creator 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On February 17, 2016 updated, downloaded 19 times.

idoo Full Disk Encryption 2.18MB for 64-bit systems
idoo Full Disk Encryption 1.4

It offers encryption for all hard disks

At present, idoo Full Disk Encryption 1.4 may be the best solution to the problem of data security on computer. It provides the pre-boot user identity authentication, which simply means the user must input the correct password to login the operating system. It adopts the US federal AES256 algorithm, which will convert all plain-text on disk into digital gibberish to secure the data stored on removable device and HDD.

idoo Full Disk Encryption 64bit

Encryption Shareware, On February 17, 2016 updated, downloaded 9 times.

Power Spy x64 3.38MB for 64-bit systems
Power Spy x64 12.50

Logs all Facebook, PC & internet activities.

Power Spy x64 12.50 secretly logs all Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, web cam images, user names, passwords, searches, microphone and more. It supports Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and other IMs. It sends log reports to your email or ftp. You can check logs on another PC or your cell phone. Perfect for catching cheaters, monitoring employees, children and spouse and even investigating crimes.

Power Spy x64 64bit

Covert Surveillance Shareware, On November 26, 2018 updated, downloaded 132 times.

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