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DownloadRoute excellent awardClassic FTP Plus File Transfer Software 2.38

Upload with this easy to use ftp client.

... Classic FTP is an easy to use ftp client that allows you to view, edit, upload, download ... or network for free. As its name suggests, Classic FTP has been specifically designed to look and feel ... typical ftp software client. Whilst offering all the same features as ...

Shareware | Sep 12, 2018 | downloaded 158 times | 0.29MB

Download Auto FTP Manager 7.05 for 64-bit systems
Auto FTP Manager 7.05

A powerful, automated FTP client

... powerful secure FTP client. Schedule FTP transfers to happen automatically. Create ... easy to use. Secure transfers are supported with FTPS/SSL and SFTP ... SSH. Auto FTP Manager is the perfect secure FTP client. ...

Shareware | Oct 13, 2018 | downloaded 176 times | 20.55MB

Download FTP Rush 2.1.8 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardFTP Rush 2.1.8

Free FTP client for smooth file transfer

... and allows experienced users to create their own FTP scripts speeding up the routine ...

Shareware | Nov 4, 2011 | downloaded 185 times | 3.91MB

Download FTP Navigator 8.03 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardFTP Navigator 8.03

Use this powerful FTP client

... Powerfull FTP client that allows to assign access permission to ... remote files, synchronize directories, resume interrupted file transfer. The program lets you upload and download data ... folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, ...

Shareware | Dec 12, 2010 | downloaded 149 times | 0.7MB

Download BulletProof FTP Server 2014.1.2.21 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardBulletProof FTP Server 2014.1.2.21

BPFTP Server is a powerful Windows FTP Server

... BPFTP Server is ... powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use. Both ... BPFTP Server has all RFC-959 features plus many other options, ... download, viewing server activity in real time, ban, kick, anti hammering, ...

Shareware | Apr 1, 2015 | downloaded 332 times | 14.27MB

Download SmartFTP 6.0.2094.0 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardSmartFTP 6.0.2094.0

SmartFTP - FTP Client.

... and Drop from Explorer, and Remote Directory caching. SmartFTP is ... solid FTP client that is constantly being improved. Take SmartFTP for ...

Shareware | Nov 13, 2014 | downloaded 651 times | 19.01MB

Download File Uploader 1.13 for 64-bit systems
File Uploader 1.13

Uploads files to a HTTP and FTP servers

... File Uploader is ... small command-line tool that allows you to upload one or more files ... to HTTP and FTP servers. It can be easily used in ... batch file or the Task Scheduler to automate resources uploads. ...

Shareware | Aug 29, 2013 | downloaded 150 times | 0.2MB

Download Bluetooth File Transfer for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardBluetooth File Transfer

File manager for Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer

... Manage files of your OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile ... Bluetooth connection. Download, upload, explore, delete and create files on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, and so ... Drop and background file transfers are both fully supported, so things become even ...

Freeware | Dec 24, 2010 | downloaded 312 times | 0.84MB

Download Auto FTP Premium 4.8 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardAuto FTP Premium 4.8

Automated ftp client with flexible scheduler.

... automated ftp client with flexible scheduler, transfer manager, zip ... unzip. FTP scheduler: define auto-recurring transfers for any data and time. ...

Shareware | Jan 17, 2008 | downloaded 240 times | 4.98MB

Download Null FTP Client Pro 1.0.7 for 64-bit systems
Null FTP Client Pro 1.0.7

FTP, SFTP (SSH), and FTPS client.

... Null FTP Client Pro ... and FTPS client. Skin support, transfer resuming, integrity checks, drag and ...

Comercial | Jan 16, 2010 | downloaded 87 times | 4.18MB

Download WebDrive 11.0 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardWebDrive 11.0

FTP client connects through a network drive.

... WebDrive integrates FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3 or FrontPage servers into the Windows desktop ... and save them directly to the server. The WebDrive client includes proxy server support and many advanced ...

Shareware | Oct 28, 2014 | downloaded 179 times | 9.04MB

Download WinSCP 5.9 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardWinSCP 5.9

Free SFTP, WebDAV and FTP client for Windows

WinSCP, a popular free SFTP and FTP client for Windows, copies files between a local and remote computer. It supports also FTPS, SCP and WebDAV. It offers easy to use GUI for all common file operations and a powerful automation with .NET assembly.

Freeware | Jul 22, 2016 | downloaded 388 times | 8.55MB

Download SecureFX 8.5.2 for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardSecureFX 8.5.2

Secure file transfer (SFTP,SCP,FTP/TLS,FTP)

... secure file transfer client for SFTP, FTP/TLS, SCP, and FTP. SecureFX combines an easy-to-use interface ... with advanced features like site synchronization, relentless file transfers, public-key, Kerberos v5 ... the desktop and remote servers, or perform unattended file transfers with SFXCL command-line utility. ...

Shareware | Nov 16, 2018 | downloaded 253 times | 22.1MB

Download WebDrive 2016 for 64-bit systems

Secure File Transfer Client - FTP, SFTP, DAV

... secure file transfer client that allows you to open and edit server-based ... device to access WebDAV, SFTP, FTP, and also cloud storages, including OneDrive for Business, ... SharePoint Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, and Box. ...

Shareware | May 17, 2016 | downloaded 28 times | 43.42MB

Download FTPGetter Professional for 64-bit systems
FTPGetter Professional

FTPGetter Professional saves hours.

... more efficient manner. The software lets users automate FTP and SFTP transfers by setting up tasks and ... the program easy to learn.FTPGetter Professional lets users automate FTP and SFTP transfers. Instead of manually moving and ...

Shareware | Feb 27, 2018 | downloaded 76 times | 17.53MB

Download Tunngle Installer for 64-bit systems
Tunngle Installer

Free virtual private network (VPN) software

... Tunngle is free virtual private network (VPN) software and allows any interested parties to extend ... local network style of game play. Your LAN party options are no longer limited to the one ...

Shareware | Jan 14, 2015 | downloaded 45 times | 3.87MB

Download FTP Manager Lite 2.32 for 64-bit systems
FTP Manager Lite 2.32

Free fast FTP client with secure transfers

Free fast FTP client supports secure transfers and multiple connections. The file manager like interface is intuitive to get you started quickly. Transfer multiple files simultaneously to use your bandwidth efficiently.

Freeware | Nov 12, 2018 | downloaded 71 times | 14.66MB

Download Used Smart Car 1.5 for 64-bit systems
Used Smart Car 1.5

Have you ever heard television through Intern

Have you ever heard television through Internet access!!! it really sound to be wonderful!! So, now you may stay away from the issues and hassle which are faced for the reason of any intermediary. It is true that chances are quite bright if you are s

Freeware | Nov 24, 2013 | downloaded 74 times | 0.49MB

Download Low and Slow Brute Force FTP Scanner 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Low and Slow Brute Force FTP Scanner 1.0

Brute force sign-on vs. FTP/S or SFTP server.

... free utility that attempts low and slow brute force sign-ons against ... free utility that attempts low and slow brute force sign-ons against ... free utility that attempts low and slow brute force sign-ons against ...

Freeware | Feb 14, 2013 | downloaded 74 times | 0.16MB

Download JFTP 5.0.1 for 64-bit systems
JFTP 5.0.1

Open Source and Free FTP/FTPS Client software

... IP networks such as Internet. JFTP can connect to any system that has ... systems. JFTP integrates the most widely used and widely accepte... ...

Open source | Dec 30, 2012 | downloaded 100 times | 3.9MB

Download WatchFTP 3.4 for 64-bit systems
WatchFTP 3.4

Monitor FTP Sites with WatchFTP.

... local Windows folder. It can also run ... send email notification of the download. Some of WatchFTP`s powerful features Can run unattended as ...

Shareware | Jan 28, 2013 | downloaded 117 times | 9.7MB

Download edtFTPnet/Free 2.2.3 for 64-bit systems
edtFTPnet/Free 2.2.3

Open source FTP library for .NET

... world-beating open source FTP library for .NET. It is widely used throughout the ... binary and ASCII, and resuming of interrupted binary transfers.edtFTPnet/Free is ... world-beating open source FTP library for .NET. It is widely used throughout the ...

Freeware | Feb 11, 2013 | downloaded 68 times | 2.86MB

Download edtFTPj/Free 2.5.0 for 64-bit systems
edtFTPj/Free 2.5.0

Open source Java FTP library

... Open source Java FTP library widely used on thousands of projects. Supports active ... binary and ASCII modes, resuming of transfers, most FTP extensions. Very mature and stable. Under the LGPL ...

Freeware | Aug 7, 2016 | downloaded 77 times | 1.38MB

Download Vector File Storage 1.0 for 64-bit systems
Vector File Storage 1.0

File sharing between users using FTP accounts

... Vector File Storage application is the first product of ... Vector series which is focused on file sharing between users. This program is dedicated to handling ... FTP accounts and provides file sharing in an intuitive, reliable and fast way. The ...

Shareware | Sep 24, 2012 | downloaded 73 times | 0.52MB

Download edtFTPnet/PRO 9.1.1 for 64-bit systems
edtFTPnet/PRO 9.1.1

Secure FTP .NET component

... controls that make transferring files using the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and HTTP ... controls that make transferring files using the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and HTTP ...

Shareware | Apr 17, 2017 | downloaded 139 times | 2.17MB

Download Simple Free FTP 1.01 for 64-bit systems
Simple Free FTP 1.01

Simple Free FTP Client

... basic 100 percent free FTP client that can be used to transfer files to ... basic 100 percent free FTP client that can be used to transfer files to ...

Freeware | Sep 3, 2012 | downloaded 47 times | 1.86MB

Download Fling Free FTP Uploader Software 2.35 for 64-bit systems
Fling Free FTP Uploader Software 2.35

Free FTP Software for Windows

... Fling is free ftp software to help you automate uploading or transferring files. It is typically used to ... server or to automate backup of folders. The software supports both file transfer protocol ...

Freeware | Nov 11, 2013 | downloaded 62 times | 0.46MB

Download AshSofDev FTP Client for 64-bit systems
AshSofDev FTP Client

AshSofDev FTP Client is another FTP Client. Y

... AshSofDev FTP Client is another FTP Client. You can upload or download files from ... your web server via the FTP protocol. AshSofDev FTP Client also supports creating new directories, renaming files, ...

Freeware | May 2, 2012 | downloaded 44 times | 3.31MB

Download Classic FTP Free FTP Client 2.38 for 64-bit systems
Classic FTP Free FTP Client 2.38

Classic FTP free ftp client software

... Classic FTP is ... free FTP client that allows you to upload, download and ... risk of uploading to the wrong folder. Supports FTP via the Internet, local network and external hard ...

Freeware | Feb 7, 2014 | downloaded 93 times | 0.33MB

Download Cyberduck 4.3.1 for 64-bit systems
Cyberduck 4.3.1

FTP, SFTP, WebDAV & cloud storage browser.

... Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Docs, Windows Azure ... Amazon S3 browser for Mac and Windows. It features an easy to use interface with ... quickly accessible bookmarks. The browser allows to download, upload and move files using ...

Open source | May 13, 2013 | downloaded 87 times | 13.3MB

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