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WinPing 0.72MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardWinPing 1.6.4104

Ping program, very easy to use.

Ping program; useful to test your connection. Enter a web address or a valid host name, e.g. http://www.google.com or google.com, or a valid IP address, e.g. (IPv4) ,[2a00:1450:8006::93] (IPv6). The IP addresses are converted into host names and conversely. An empty input gives local IP address.

WinPing 64bit

Traceroute & Ping Tools Freeware, On March 28, 2011 updated, downloaded 159 times.

NBT Host Monitor 0.62MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardNBT Host Monitor 1.0

The unique NBT monitor tool in the world

As a unique NBT monitor tool in the world, NBT Host Monitor 1.0 is quite powerful and has graphic user interfaces . It could monitor thousands of windows machines simultaneously and scan host name , group name , user name , MAC address of machines in all IP segments in several seconds . It could learn the vendor of the network interface card, and learn the changes made by these machines to host name,group name,user name in several seconds.

NBT Host Monitor 64bit

Network Monitors Shareware, On March 25, 2014 updated, downloaded 237 times.

Supersonic Download Accelerator 1.72MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardSupersonic Download Accelerator 5.3.0

Supersonic Download Ac manages downloads

Supersonic Download Accelerator 5.3.0 is a simple and reliable download manager with excellent features like, segmented downloads for acceleration, simultaneous downloads, smart file management, multi-language support, full error recovery, resume capability and many more. Supersonic increase your download speed by finding multiple sources and allows you to preview downloads.

Supersonic Download Accelerator 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On April 18, 2014 updated, downloaded 232 times.

Artemis P2P 11.9MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardArtemis P2P 4.8.0

Artemis is a P2P filesharing application.

Artemis is a P2P file sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. You may now take advantage of the software's decentralized network to share, search for, and download about any file you want to. Artemis offers an intuitive user interface, fast resume, disk caching, very low CPU usage, speed limits, chatting, auto port mapping, and the ability to preview files while downloading.

Artemis P2P 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On September 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 240 times.

ABC Amber vCard Converter 1.33MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardABC Amber vCard Converter 1.14

Useful vCard converter to any document format

Useful tool that converts your VCF (vCard) files to many document formats (PDF, MS Word, HTML, RTF, TXT and others). All you have to do is select the contacts to convert, choose the desired document format and click a button to save the contact(s) in the new format. You can choose to convert and export single contacts, or multiple, combining them all into a single file.

ABC Amber vCard Converter 64bit

E-Mail User Agents Freeware, On August 30, 2009 updated, downloaded 260 times.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator 0.7MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardBitComet Ultra Accelerator 5.4.0

Plugin for BitComet P2P.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator 5.4.0 is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P. The program includes most modern technology that is used to increase speed of BitComet downloads. Also the number of your download sources will be improved - you can have more seeds available than normally revealed by your BitComet client.

BitComet Ultra Accelerator 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On April 8, 2016 updated, downloaded 294 times.

Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 1.93MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardAres Galaxy Turbo Booster 7.7.0

AGTB is a powerful plugin for Ares

Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 7.7.0(AGTB) is a powerful acceleration plugin for Ares file sharing program. State of the art software technology used by AGTB generates dramatically decreases of downloading time. The addon consumes very low resources from your computer and the nice and easy interface offers a great experience. AGTB is an essential accessory for any Ares user and is FREE.

Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 64bit

File Sharing Programs Shareware, On May 8, 2018 updated, downloaded 254 times.

Speedbit Video Accelerator 2.15MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardSpeedbit Video Accelerator

Free Video Accelerator 3.3

Speedbit Video Accelerator 3.3 lets you watch online web videos and HQ videos without the wait. Go premium to view HD videos without buffering problems, and get fast iTunes downloads. Speedbit Video Accelerator greatly reduces video buffering problems. It supports 165 major video sites such as Dailymotion, Facebook, and more. Now Available in 14 languages.

Speedbit Video Accelerator 64bit

Download Accelerators Shareware, On July 4, 2013 updated, downloaded 321 times.

GetGo Download Manager 3.7MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardGetGo Download Manager

Free Download Manager with YouTube Support

Free Complete Online Video, Music and File Download Manager with YouTube Download Support. Easy to use, Customizable GUI allows downloading of your favorite files with extreme acceleration. Seamless integration with web browsers allows easy "1-Click" downloading of YouTube, Facebook, Google, Metacafe, DailyMotion, iFilm/Spike, Vimeo, MegaVideo, Break.com and sites with FLV video. No banners, no spyware, no pop-up ads, and completely FREE.

GetGo Download Manager 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On February 13, 2016 updated, downloaded 493 times.

PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher 29.18MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute cool awardPRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher

Monitor and classify bandwidth/network usage

PRTG Traffic Grapher is an easy to use Windows application for monitoring and classifying bandwidth usage. It provides system administrators with live readings and long-term usage trends for their network devices. PRTG is mainly used for bandwidth usage monitoring, but may also be used to monitor many other aspects of a network such as memory and CPU utilization. The user receives detailed and comprehensive bandwidth and network usage data.

PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On May 21, 2009 updated, downloaded 193 times.

WirelessNetView 0.06MB for 64-bit systems
WirelessNetView 1.75

Monitor the activity of wireless networks

WirelessNetView 1.75 is a small utility that runs in the background, and monitor the activity of wireless networks around you. For each detected network, it displays the following information: SSID, Last Signal Quality, Average Signal Quality, Detection Counter, Authentication Algorithm, Cipher Algorithm, and more.

WirelessNetView 64bit

WiFi Freeware, On October 6, 2017 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Netman 2.93MB for 64-bit systems
Netman 6.41

Netman - PC Remote Access & Control Software

Netman 6.41 is free, LAN-Penetrated, Antivirus-approved, PC remote control software. By inputting counterpart’s IP and control password, you can easily collaborate with your partners or control a remote computer without the counterpart’s awareness. When the remote PC is connected, you can view and record the desktop, control counterpart's mouse and keyboard, transfer files between PCs, communicate via video and audio, offer remote support, etc.

Netman 64bit

Network Monitors Freeware, On June 3, 2011 updated, downloaded 267 times.

MP3 Downloader 10.3MB for 64-bit systems
MP3 Downloader 1.2

MP3 Downloader gets all music from all bands

MP3 Downloader 1.2 gets all music from all bands from the 50's - 2000's not only can you download but you can play right in the app before downloading. Super easy to use quick picks allow you to get the music you want quickly. All the super easy to use drop download lists do the searching for you if you don't want to type

MP3 Downloader 64bit

Download Accelerators Shareware, On May 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 100 times.

LemonWire 4.85MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardLemonWire 7.7.0

LemonWire is a Gnutella file-sharing client!

LemonWire 7.7.0 is a p2p client designed to deliver fast downloads without using torrent files. It offers a rich collection of great features to enable you to easily access and share movies, music, images, games, and documents using the Gnutella networks.

LemonWire 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On May 8, 2018 updated, downloaded 326 times.

Free Download Manager 4081.44MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardFree Download Manager 5.1.37

Modern download accelerator and organizer.

Free Download Manager 5.1.37 allows you to adjust traffic usage, organize downloads, control file priorities for torrents, efficiently download large files and resume broken downloads. FDM can boost all your downloads up to 10 times, process media files of various popular formats, drag&drop URLs right from a web browser as well as simultaneously download multiple files.

Free Download Manager 64bit

Internet Download Managers Freeware, On July 7, 2018 updated, downloaded 242 times.

Subtitles 0.59MB for 64-bit systems
Subtitles 1.1

The easiest and fastest way to find subtitles

Subtitles 1.1 is a very simple app that will find Subtitles 1.1 for your movies. All you need to do is right click on the movie file, choose a language from the selection and - you guessed it - just click. Your web browser will open up, displaying a perfect set of Subtitles 1.1 for you to download.

Subtitles 64bit

Searching Utils Freeware, On July 10, 2010 updated, downloaded 264 times.

CommView for WiFi 2.74MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardCommView for WiFi 6.5

Wireless network packet monitor and analyzer

CommView for WiFi 6.5 is a special edition of CommView designed for capturing and analyzing network packets on wireless 802.11a/b/g networks. It gathers information from the wireless adapter and decodes the analyzed data. With CommView for WiFi 6.5 you can see the list of network connections, IP statistics, and examine individual packets. Packets can be decrypted utilizing user-defined WEP or WPA-PSK keys and are decoded down to the lowest layer.

CommView for WiFi 64bit

WiFi Shareware, On April 10, 2013 updated, downloaded 289 times.

EagleGet 8.01MB for 64-bit systems

Free online video and file downloader.

Free universal download accelerator. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol. EagleGet uses multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads. You can download video, music, documents, applications in Chrome, IE, and Firefox with single click. Support YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, as well as many other web videos. Resume broken downloads and save your time. EagleGet is completely free without any additional conditions.

EagleGet 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On November 2, 2018 updated, downloaded 3055 times.

Internet Download Manager 4.05MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardInternet Download Manager 6.32.2

Accelerate, resume and schedule web downloads

Accelerate downloads by up to 5 times, schedule downloads, recover and resume downloads. IDM will increase your download speed by using smart dynamic file segmentation logic. IDM has an Internet Grabber to download all pictures from a web site, or complete web sites for offline browsing. IDM features unique integration into all browsers, Vista compatibility, speed limiter

Internet Download Manager 64bit

Internet Download Managers Shareware, On December 10, 2018 updated, downloaded 0 times.

Webcam and Screen Recorder 2.9MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardWebcam and Screen Recorder 8.0.234

Webcam and Screen Recorder

Records webcams, full screen or part of the screen to a video file such as AVI and WMV. You can also record sound with the video. Use our Fake webcam to play back those recorded videos on your instant messengers such as Yahoo and MSN. You can also create demos and presentation videos.

Webcam and Screen Recorder 64bit

WebCams Apps Shareware, On December 10, 2018 updated, downloaded 2158 times.

MyVideoIndex Viewer 0.1MB for 64-bit systems
MyVideoIndex Viewer

MyVideoIndex Viewer web browser

MyVideoIndex Viewer is a free two-in-one web browser and personal video management system. MyVideoIndex video viewer features are centralized around video catalogs. A video catalog contains a carefully selected set of videos focusing on a well defined subject. Using the 'Catalogs' menu of the MyVideoIndex.com website you can get access to a large number of free video catalogs and load them into your MyVideoIndex Viewer

MyVideoIndex Viewer 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On May 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 45 times.

Website Email Address Extractor 0.32MB for 64-bit systems
Website Email Address Extractor 1.1

It is a fast website email extractor software

Website Email Address Extractor 1.1 v1.1 is a fast web email extractor software to extract email addresses from website / URLS from internet. Website Email Extractor v1.1 extracts all email address from given list of website urls and all inner urls found upto nth level in urls recursively. It allows you to add websites to search email address from urls. Website's urls can also be added from txt,html,csv,xml files.

Website Email Address Extractor 64bit

Other Internet Tools Shareware, On July 5, 2015 updated, downloaded 62 times.

FSS Google Maps Downloader 0.71MB for 64-bit systems
FSS Google Maps Downloader

Free program for downloading Google Maps.

FSS Google Maps Downloader is a tool that can download the Google Maps images to your PC. It can save them to your hard disk, including the normal maps and satellite maps. After downloading, you can view the maps offline by any image viewer. If you want to make a map of your favorite place by yourself, it is very useful for you.

FSS Google Maps Downloader 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On April 25, 2016 updated, downloaded 180 times.

Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 8.87MB for 64-bit systems
Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 9.0

Thai lottery lucky numbers generator.

The first and actually the only Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 9.0 that picks lottery numbers with the most chances of winning, based on previous draws. Increase your chances by picking more possible numbers and combinations statistically generated. Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 9.0 is a useful and reliable application designed to stop you from making guesswork and get you into a more scientific approach of lottery draws.

Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator 64bit

Searching Utils Shareware, On December 3, 2014 updated, downloaded 193 times.

HD Audio Video Broadcaster 1.41MB for 64-bit systems
HD Audio Video Broadcaster 2.0

HD Audio Video Broadcaster for the Web

Our HD Audio Video Broadcaster 2.0 and Recorder web tool allows anyone to easily send an AV stream to any Mobile devices, Tablets or PCs that support HTML5 or Adobe Flash Player. Stream can be recorded in MP4 or FLV format. Supports 1080p and 720p HD. Feature includes, Live viewer count, Automatically detects local Camera and Microphone. Screen Capture drivers supported, Optimized settings for HD Video quality based on user bandwidth.

HD Audio Video Broadcaster MAC - HD Audio Video Broadcaster 64bit

WebCams Apps Shareware, On October 11, 2012 updated, downloaded 85 times.

YourTurboDownloadManager 16.59MB for 64-bit systems
YourTurboDownloadManager 2014/October/21

Fast metacafe, DailyMotion etc.. downloader

YourTurboDownloadManager 2014/October/21 is your 100% Free application, with a simple interface and ease of use, it helps you find direct Links for downloading video files from sites like metacafe, DailyMotion or several other video stream sites. You can save them on your PC and play them at any time. It is compatible with Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8. YourTurboDownloadManager 2014/October/21 DOES NOT require installing or updating .NET Framework.

YourTurboDownloadManager 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On October 21, 2014 updated, downloaded 100 times.

CheckSend 1.77MB for 64-bit systems
CheckSend 1.5

An addin to make you feel safe.

An addin for Microsoft Office Outlook(R) to make you feel safe.Checks outgoing emails, appointments,tasks etc. to prevent common mistakes.Checks your outgoing emails,appointments, meeting requests and tasks for potentially missing attachments, unwanted recipients and keywords. Simple setup, integrates in Microsoft Office Outlook(R).

CheckSend 64bit

Other Mail Tools Shareware, On July 17, 2012 updated, downloaded 73 times.

SYNCING.NET Free Edition 8.29MB for 64-bit systems
SYNCING.NET Free Edition 3.1.1

Sync Folder and Files between PCs

Sync files between all your PCs without a server. MP3, Videos, movies, docs, pdfs, images and all other files always in Sync... Its easy...

SYNCING.NET Free Edition 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On November 3, 2011 updated, downloaded 59 times.

IP Camera Viewer 18.97MB for 64-bit systems
IP Camera Viewer 4.07

Free IP Camera Software

Set up a FREE IP camera monitoring system within minutes! IP Camera Viewer 4.07 is an alternative to the flimsy software that is shipped with most network IP cameras. Keep an eye on your home, office, parking area or anywhere you have a IP camera. Multiple cameras can be viewed simultaneously. More than 1500 different IP camera models and all USB cameras are supported. Download this free software today!

IP Camera Viewer 64bit

WebCams Apps Freeware, On November 6, 2018 updated, downloaded 306 times.

Maxthon Browser 25.01MB for 64-bit systems
Maxthon Browser

Seize the web

Use a better browser Get a better web Maxthon 3 brings you unsurpassed speed and easy-to-use features you can't find anywhere else. Sync to access your Favorites, Notepad, History, and browsing settings, multi-threads Download Manager to download, Video and Image Downloader, Split Screen, Snap with Blur and Highlight, Mouse Gesture, URL Alias, Multi Search, Undo the tab, History Calendar. Customize skin, Avatar , and your browsing way!

Maxthon Browser 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On September 22, 2011 updated, downloaded 87 times.

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