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FileServe Manager 11MB for 64-bit systems
FileServe Manager

Your Ultimate All-in-One Download Tool.

FileServe Manager can accelerate your downloads by splitting the files up into smaller segments, thus improving the download speed. Easy management of all your download contents as FileServe Manager automatically categorizes everything! FileServe Manager presents all download information in concise and easy-to-read formats, always keeping you up-to-date with your downloads. FileServe Manager offers extensive setting options, allowing you t...

FileServe Manager 64bit

Internet Download Managers Freeware, On September 30, 2011 updated, downloaded 219 times.

VisiWave Site Survey 7MB for 64-bit systems
VisiWave Site Survey 4.0.7

Visualize Your Wireless Network.

VisiWave Site Survey 4.0.7 is a complete Wi-Fi site surveying solution. Site surveys are performed more simply and quickly than competing products and produce more informative views of your wireless coverage. The process of collecting site survey data is simplified by using a Windows laptop computer, a standard wireless network adapter, and an image of the survey area. You keep track of your location by clicking on the survey map image displaye...

VisiWave Site Survey 64bit

WiFi Shareware, On April 7, 2015 updated, downloaded 287 times.

Zotero 2.35MB for 64-bit systems
Zotero 3.0.8

See it. Save it. Sort it. Search it. Cite it.

Zotero 3.0.8 [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help youcollect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself. Collect information on books, journal articles, and other resources with a single click in your location bar. Archive entire web pages in your library.  Store related PDFs, files, images, and links in you...

Zotero MAC - Zotero 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On July 9, 2012 updated, downloaded 242 times.

SRWare Iron 13.2MB for 64-bit systems
SRWare Iron 29.0.1600.1

Based on the free Sourcecode "Chromium"

Google`s Web browser Chrome thrilled with an extremely fast site rendering, a sleek design and innovative features.  But it also gets critic from data protection specialists , for reasons such as creating a unique user ID or the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron 29.0.1600.1 is a real alternative. The browser is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome - but without the critical points tha...

SRWare Iron MAC - SRWare Iron 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On September 16, 2013 updated, downloaded 283 times.

Fix IE Utility 0.4MB for 64-bit systems

Repair Internet Explorer

This freeware portable utility re-registers all the concerned dll & ocx files required for the smooth operation of Internet Explorer. Simply extract the contents of the .zip file and run the  utility. If you face any problems while running IE, maybe after recovering from a malware attack, run this tool to re-register around 89 dll & ocx files, which are required for the smooth running of Interne...

Fix IE Utility 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On May 16, 2010 updated, downloaded 259 times.

OneSwarm 48.1MB for 64-bit systems
OneSwarm 0.7

OneSwarm is a new peer-to-peer tool.

OneSwarm 0.7 is a new peer-to-peer tool that provides users with explicit control over their privacy by letting them determine how data is shared. Instead of sharing data indiscriminately, data shared with OneSwarm 0.7 can be made public, it can be shared with friends, shared with some friends but not others, and so forth. We call this friend-to-friend (F2F) data sharing.

OneSwarm MAC - OneSwarm 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On August 19, 2010 updated, downloaded 271 times.

Simple Adblock 0.88MB for 64-bit systems
Simple Adblock 1.1.5

Ad blocker for Internet Explorer.

Simple Adblock 1.1.5 is a simple browser extension for Internet Explorer designed to make ad blocking easy. Simple Adblock 1.1.5 blocks all kinds of advertising from websites including flash ads, banner ads, rich media, slide-ins and fly-ins.

Simple Adblock 64bit

Browser Add-Ons Freeware, On September 28, 2012 updated, downloaded 376 times.

Widestream 0.3MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardWidestream

WideStream is a Download Manager

Widestream was created using .NET Framework 3.5 and runs on any version of Microsoft Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit) starting from Windows 2000. Widestream is an open source software released under Artistic License 2.0 - it means that its source code is available to public and you can always download a latest version of project code from Widestream SVN repository hosted by SourceForge.net. Also Widestream is totally freeware. However if you want to help project you can always make a donation to project team.

Widestream 64bit

Internet Download Managers Freeware, On October 11, 2009 updated, downloaded 309 times.

Maxthon 4.88MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardMaxthon Final

Powerful tabbed browser built for all users.

Tabbed Browsing, Anti-Freeze, Mouse Gestures, Super Drag&Drop, Maxthon Final Smart Acceleration, Undo List, Magic Fill, Feed Reader, URL Alias, Utilities, Ad Hunter, Web Sniffer, Online Favorites Service, Super Proxy, Web Bar, URL Key, Screen Capture

Maxthon 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On September 12, 2011 updated, downloaded 387 times.

StrongDC++ 3.42MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardStrongDC++ 2.42

Sharing files in Direct Connect network.

StrongDC++ 2.42 is a client for sharing files in Direct Connect network. Main benefits of StrongDC++ 2.42 : * Safe segmented downloading * Partial file sharing * Download/Upload speed limiter * Automatic slow downloads disconnecting * Customization

StrongDC++ 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On December 30, 2010 updated, downloaded 369 times.

BitComet 5.1MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardBitComet 1.40

A powerful BitTorrent Client

BitComet 1.40 is a BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download management software, which is powerful, fast, very easy-to-use, and completely FREE. It contains many advanced features for BitTorrent download and extends its leading BitTorrent technology to HTTP/FTP to accelerate downloading up to 5 - 10 times faster, or more.

BitComet 64bit

File Sharing Programs Open source, On November 12, 2015 updated, downloaded 582 times.

MyPublicWiFi 1.1MB for 64-bit systems
MyPublicWiFi 4.1

Turn your computer into a WiFi Access Point.

MyPublicWiFi 4.1 is an easy-to-use software that turns your laptop/PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing. This is also an ideal solution for setting up a temporary Access Point in a hotel room,meeting room,at home or the like. The MyPblicWiFi-Firewall can be used to restrict user access to specific servers. You can also prevent the use of certain Internet services (e.g. file sharin...

MyPublicWiFi 64bit

WiFi Freeware, On January 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 282 times.

qBittorrent 7.4MB for 64-bit systems
qBittorrent 3.2.0

Free Software alternative to µtorrent.

qBittorrent 3.2.0 v2 Features Polished µTorrent-like User Interface Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine Simultaneous search in most famous BitTorrent search sites Per-category-specific search requests (e.g. Books, Music, Movies) All Bittorrent extensions DHT, Peer Exchange, Full encryption, Magnet/BitComet URIs, ... Remote control through a Web user interface Nearly identical to the regular UI, all i...

qBittorrent MAC - qBittorrent OS2 - qBittorrent 64bit

File Sharing Programs Open source, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 307 times.

CoolNovo 16MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardCoolNovo

You can use ChromePlus to surf the internet.

ChromePlus has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has. More, ChromePlus added some useful features such as Mouse gesture, Super drag, IE tab, etc. Meanwhile, ChromePlus is free with no function limitation and you can use ChromePlus to surf the internet in any case. Guarantee! 1. No malware inside. 2. Removed Chrome background communications!

CoolNovo 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On August 29, 2013 updated, downloaded 2006 times.

RapidShare Downloader 3.2MB for 64-bit systems
RapidShare Downloader 4.26.10

Download files by using your PREMIUM account

Download files by using your PREMIUM account! If you have a PREMIUM account,  click on the Login button you can login to your PREMIUM account and then files can be download as PREMIUM user.Steps for Premium Users Login to your RapidShare Premium account by using "Internet Explorer".(You must use IE, not FireFox etc.) Run RapidShare Downloader 4.26.10. Click "Premium Login" button. You will see three buttons at "Premium Login" window. Click o...

RapidShare Downloader 64bit

Internet Download Managers Freeware, On March 5, 2011 updated, downloaded 271 times.

Microsoft Download Manager 1.1MB for 64-bit systems
Microsoft Download Manager 1.1

Download files from the Internet

The Microsoft Download Manager 1.1 enables you to download files from the Internet in a more reliable and faster way than using a browser alone. Using the Download Manager makes it easier to download large files such as an application or multimedia files. The Download Manager has been specifically designed to manage file downloads from supporting Microsoft Web sites in a secure and reliable way. Once started, the Download Manager displays a...

Microsoft Download Manager 64bit

Download Accelerators Freeware, On May 28, 2010 updated, downloaded 246 times.

RapidShare Manager 0.02MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute good awardRapidShare Manager 2

The download manager for RS users.

The RapidShare Manager 2 (RSM) makes it easy to upload and allows multiple downloads at the same time. You can resume interrupted uploads and downloads and, as a Premium user, you can store files of up to 2,000 megabytes in size at RapidShare. Files that are larger than 200 megabytes can be downloaded only by Premium users, unless the owner of the file covers the cost of the download

RapidShare Manager 64bit

Internet Download Managers Freeware, On July 29, 2010 updated, downloaded 351 times.

Chrome 0.46MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardChrome 48.0.2564.10

An free web browser developed by Google

Google Chrome 48.0.2564.10 is an open source web browser developed by Google (named after the user interface frame of web browsers). Its software architecture was engineered from scratch (using components from other open source software including WebKit and Mozilla) to cater to the changing needs of users and acknowledging that today most web sites aren't web pages but web applications. Design goals include stability, speed, security and a clean. Features include: *Tabbed browsing where each tab gets its own process, leading to faster and more stable browsing. If one tab crashes, the whole browser doesn’t go down with it *A distinct user interface that places tabs on top of the browser window instead of right below the address bar *An “incognito” mode that lets you browse the web in complete privacy because it doesn’t record any of your activity *A new JavaScript engine built from the ground up for speed *Malware and phishing lists that automatically update themselves and warn you of bad websites *A default homepage that displays your most commonly used sites and other personalized information

Chrome 64bit

Browsers for Web Open source, On November 26, 2015 updated, downloaded 1071 times.

Google Toolbar for Firefox 1.24MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardGoogle Toolbar for Firefox 7.1.20101113

Keep the power of Google search

Keep the power of Google search close at hand. Google Toolbar puts a search box in your browser, making it easier than ever to find anything you want on the Web. * Popup Blocker: Make surfing the web easier by stopping annoying popups. * AutoFill: Automatically fill in a form with the click of a utton. * BlogThis: Create a weblog post pointing to the page you are visiting.

Google Toolbar for Firefox 64bit

Browser Toolbars Freeware, On November 24, 2010 updated, downloaded 286 times.

DualVR 3.9MB for 64-bit systems

Personal Security Monitoring System software

DualVR is a personal Security Monitoring System software and also have audio and video recording player software.It features:1.It also has a multi-split screen DV / DVR multi-function multimedia, security surveillance system software2.Supported Video Source:  *It supports DirectShow video devices, such as: web camera or video capture card.  *Support RTSP  *Support through http get ip camera in jpeg image data 3.When the softwar...

DualVR 64bit

WebCams Apps Freeware, On June 27, 2011 updated, downloaded 177 times.

Android Manager WiFi 17.7MB for 64-bit systems
Android Manager WiFi 2.1 Build 1010.846

Mobile content management of Android handsets

Handset Manager provides Mobile wireless web connectivity. This cellular phone management software allows user to download/upload and edit pictures, photos, wallpapers, messages, mp3, ring tones, and Java games between PC and the cellular phone.

Android Manager WiFi 64bit

WiFi Freeware, On October 20, 2010 updated, downloaded 776 times.

Aria2 3.8MB for 64-bit systems
Aria2 1.19.0

aria2 is cross platform download utility

There are other alternative applications. But Aria2 1.19.0 has 2 distinctive features: (1) Aria2 1.19.0 can download a file from several URIs(HTTP(S)/FTP/BitTorrent) and (2) If you give Aria2 1.19.0 a list of URIs, Aria2 1.19.0 downloads them concurrently. You don't have to wait for the current download queue to finish one file at a time anymore. Aria2 1.19.0 tries to utilize your maximum download bandwidth and downloads files quickly.

Aria2 MAC - Aria2 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On June 29, 2015 updated, downloaded 286 times.

Mini Browser 12.2MB for 64-bit systems
Mini Browser 4.0

Fast and simple internet browser.

Awesome online minimalist web browser that is particularly suitable for netbooks and users who do not require intensive tools. Even so, however, boasts a number of excellent tools and so most users will suffice. They are: support for bookmarks, Blocking popup windows integrated Google search and Google Translate, speed dial site YouTube and Facebook assembly used URLs Simple installation.

Mini Browser 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On October 11, 2010 updated, downloaded 259 times.

Virtual Router 1MB for 64-bit systems
Virtual Router 1.0

Open source software based router.

Virtual Router 1.0 is a free, open source software based router for PCs running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Using Virtual Router 1.0, users can wirelessly share any internet connection (Wifi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, Cellular, etc.) with any Wifi device (Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc.) These devices connect to Virtual Router 1.0 just like any other access point, and th...

Virtual Router 64bit

Other Network Tools Open source, On February 28, 2013 updated, downloaded 154 times.

TeamDrive Free 29MB for 64-bit systems
TeamDrive Free 3.1.2 (538)

Sync your data fast &secure.

Synchronisation With TeamDrive you can keep your data synchronised between various computers simply and automatically. It’s child’s play to share music, images, documents or folders of any sort with friends, family or work colleagues. TeamDrive is available for all standard operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux.   Collaboration TeamDrive makes it possible to create teams easily to work together on documents (onlin...

TeamDrive Free MAC - TeamDrive Free 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On October 30, 2013 updated, downloaded 194 times.

Chromium 834MB for 64-bit systems
Chromium 18.0.1025.3

Open-source browser project.

Chromium 18.0.1025.3 is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all users to experience the web.  The Chromium 18.0.1025.3 codebase consists of hundreds of thousands of files, which means that a checkout straight from the Subversion (SVN) repository can take ...

Chromium 64bit

Browsers for Web Open source, On February 3, 2012 updated, downloaded 155 times.

Google Toolbar for IE 1.24MB for 64-bit systems
DownloadRoute excellent awardGoogle Toolbar for IE 7.2

Keep the power of Google search

Keep the power of Google search close at hand. Google Toolbar puts a search box in your browser, making it easier than ever to find anything you want on the Web. * Popup Blocker: Make surfing the web easier by stopping annoying popups. * AutoFill: Automatically fill in a form with the click of a utton. * BlogThis: Create a weblog post pointing to the page you are visiting.

Google Toolbar for IE 64bit

Browser Toolbars Freeware, On November 5, 2011 updated, downloaded 340 times.

Waterfox (64bit Firefox) 15.1MB for 64-bit systems
Waterfox (64bit Firefox) 30.0

The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox.

Waterfox is basically a 64-Bit version of Firefox. The Firefox source code is taken and compiled to run specifically for 64-Bit Windows computers. To make Waterfox stand out a bit more, it’s compiled with optimizations so that it will run more efficiently and faster than just compiling Firefox as a 64-Bit program. Having been compiled specifically for this type of system, its performance is better than the standard version of Firefox...

Waterfox (64bit Firefox) 64bit

Browsers for Web Freeware, On July 24, 2014 updated, downloaded 235 times.

imollo 1.4MB for 64-bit systems
imollo 1.9

imollo is a free file transfer software

Makes file sending as simple as possible Send files to online and offline contacts  Send instant messages in a professional way   Send large files to imollo 1.9 users or by email* imollo 1.9 is a new App to send files and communicate. Just add your friends, office mates or colleagues and enjoy the experience of sending files with imollo 1.9!

imollo 64bit

File Sharing Programs Freeware, On September 27, 2011 updated, downloaded 150 times.

inSSIDer 1.96MB for 64-bit systems

Visualize your wireless landscape.

inSSIDer is FREE, open-source Wi-Fi scanning software. And yet you want to know more. Wow. you truly are our type of geek. Take a look at the features below to see what makes inSSIDer special. What’s Unique about inSSIDer Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit) Uses the Native Wi-Fi API and your current Wireless network card Sort results by Mac Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI and "Time Last Seen" Compatible with mos...

inSSIDer 64bit

WiFi Open source, On April 5, 2013 updated, downloaded 308 times.

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