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Beauty 2.15MB for 64-bit systems
Beauty 1.0

Beauty is a good image processing software.

SteelSoft's Beauty 1.0 software is a very good image processing software. It can take your face photos to remove scars, acne, and make your face more white, more smooth. It has more than 10 filters, including lomo, oil paintings, haha mirror, etc., can make your photos better. It can also take pictures, and your photos for special effects.

Beauty 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On November 11, 2017 updated, downloaded 4 times.

XnView MP 384.14MB for 64-bit systems
XnView MP 0.87

Multi-format graphics viewer and converter

XnView is a fast multi-format graphics browser, viewer, and converter. It reads more than 400 file formats, e.g. gif, bmp, jpg, png, tiff, mpeg, avi, and many more. XnView has an Explorer-like viewer that allows quick browsing of directory contents in both thumbnail and preview views. Its features include contact sheets, twain support (scanner & digital cameras), batch conversion, image processing with many filters and effects, and slide sho

XnView MP 64bit

Photo Viewers Freeware, On September 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 17 times.

Passport Photo Workshop 22.2MB for 64-bit systems
Passport Photo Workshop 3.0.1

Professional Passport Photo Software

Passport Photo Workshop 3.0.1 is an all-in-one biometric passport photo software for home, business and organization users. It provides step-by-step wizard style user interface with informative tips, dozens of passport photo templates and layouts and powerful but easy to use editing tools, which enable users to create biometric passport photos, visa photos and other types of photo identification with in minutes without any special training!

Passport Photo Workshop 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On May 3, 2017 updated, downloaded 23 times.

FotoBeschriften 7.54MB for 64-bit systems

For the attractive labelling of photos

Professional labeling enriches each photo regarding color, design and statement. Useful for photos, which one would like to give away or to publish. 'FotoBeschriften' is customized. Also unskilled users achieve fast good results. Differently as with universal graphic programs graphic ideas do not only have to be developed and be realized with an oversized offer of functionality, and that usually difficult reproducible.

FotoBeschriften 64bit

Other Design Utils Shareware, On October 17, 2017 updated, downloaded 5 times.

Cheewoo Image Stitch 3.39MB for 64-bit systems
Cheewoo Image Stitch 2.1.1001.1002

Stitching two different images

Stitching two different pattern images with no image resizing and rotating operation. Automatically adjusting size and rotation direction to make a seamless picture if user set same reference points. Supporting crop function to remove useless area and saving feature as a new image. Runs with Windows 2000,XP,Vista,2003,7,8,8.1,10,RAM512 MB,10MB HDD.

Cheewoo Image Stitch 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On September 21, 2017 updated, downloaded 17 times.

Cheewoo Shape Tracer 4.94MB for 64-bit systems
Cheewoo Shape Tracer 2.8.1001.1003

rester to vector convert vectorizer

Converting raster image data file of a part / pattern into a vector shape file without manual digitizing. BMP,CUR,DIB,EMF,GIF,ICO,J2K,JP2,JPG,PBM,PCX,PGM,PPN,PNG,PSD,RLE,TIF,TGA,WBMP,WMF raster input. DXF,DWG,HPGL,SVG,EMF,WMF,BMP file output. Contains advanced image processing and vector processing features include vector simplify, vector smooth. Requires Windows2000 or above, RAM512 MB,10MB HDD or above.

Cheewoo Shape Tracer 64bit

Converting Picture Formats Shareware, On September 21, 2017 updated, downloaded 41 times.

FastImageView 5.2MB for 64-bit systems

Easy picture view,+36 format support

Easy picture view,+36 format support

FastImageView 64bit

Photo Viewers Freeware, On April 12, 2017 updated, downloaded 17 times.

Scan Navigator 41.62MB for 64-bit systems
Scan Navigator 1.2.4

Simple and powerful scanning software

This application software allows you to scan, save and print photos and documents. Save your scanned documents as PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG files. Create multi-page PDF documents and files in TIFF format. You can also edit images in Image Editor: crop, rotate, sharpen, remove red eyes, apply various image effects. Convert images to text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Scan Navigator 64bit

Other Design Utils Shareware, On July 11, 2017 updated, downloaded 33 times.

MITCalc Gear rack design 5.01MB for 64-bit systems
MITCalc Gear rack design 1.11

Design and strength check of gear rack

Geometric design and strength check of gear rack with straight and helical toothing. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units. Is based on ANSI/AGMA and ISO/DIN standards and support many 2D and 3D CAD systems (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, ProgeCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo).

MITCalc Gear rack design 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On July 26, 2017 updated, downloaded 7 times.

XnConvert 384.14MB for 64-bit systems
XnConvert 1.74

XnConvert batch image-converter

XnConvert 1.74 is a cross-platform batch image-converter and resizer with a powerful and ease of use experience. All common picture and graphics formats are supported (i.e. JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, Camera RAW, JPEG2000, WebP, OpenEXR) as well as supporting over 500 other image formats.

XnConvert 64bit

Converting Picture Formats Freeware, On April 26, 2017 updated, downloaded 12 times.

Print2CAD 2017 0.35MB for 64-bit systems
Print2CAD 2017 8.0

Print2CAD coupon code

Print2CAD 2017 8.0 8th Generation quickly and precisely converts a raster or vector-based PDF to DWG or DXF with full OCR capability to create fully editable, AutoCAD and other CAD system ready files. Print2CAD 2017 8.0 8th Generation also converts DWG/DXF into PDF, TIFF/JPEG into DWG/DXF, DWF into DWG/DXF and HPGL into DWG/DXF. Works with 64 bit and 32 bit Windows Versions.

Print2CAD 2017 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On April 8, 2017 updated, downloaded 12 times.

Webcamera 22.28MB for 64-bit systems
Webcamera 1.0

Website Screenshot Generator

Webcamera 1.0 is a website screenshot generator that can screenshot webpages in batch. If you have bulk urls to capture their webpages automatically, Webcamera 1.0 can help you. You just need to put all urls in a txt file. Webcamera 1.0 will load the urls, grab their webpages, take screenshot of the webpages, and save them as images. This site screenshot tool captures webpage screenshot in 6 windows in parallel so the speed is fast.

Webcamera 64bit

Capturing Desktop Shareware, On March 27, 2017 updated, downloaded 12 times.

Edraw Infographic 152.87MB for 64-bit systems
Edraw Infographic 8.7

Easy infographic software with Free Templates

Edraw Infographic 8.7 is an intuitive, easy and smart graphic design software for infographic, flyer, poster, brochure, banner, card, presentions and ebook. Edraw Infographic 8.7 software lets you draw infographics offline. It doesn't take time to load symbols like the online programs. Also, it includes amazingly powerful functions for making highly personalized infographics. You can easily draw, edit, share and print infographics like professionals.

Edraw Infographic 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On June 26, 2017 updated, downloaded 15 times.

Yasisoft Image Editor 25.23MB for 64-bit systems
Yasisoft Image Editor

easy to use photo editor and graphics design

Yasisoft Image Editor is an easy-to-use photo editor and graphics design software. You'll find a complete set of tools in Yasisoft Image Editor Drawing shapes Tools, Transform Tool, Edit Path Tool, Text Tool, Brush Tool, Spray Tool and so on. All tools and effects are easy to understand and to use.

Yasisoft Image Editor 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On October 1, 2017 updated, downloaded 11 times.

Icons8 Lunacy 12.18MB for 64-bit systems
Icons8 Lunacy 0.92

Icons8 Lunacy is a Sketch viewer for Windows

Icons8 Lunacy 0.92 is a standalone Sketch viewer for Windows with handy features for HTML/CSS coding. It allows to open .sketch files, see CSS properties of any object and copy them, copy plain text for any text layer, and export all assets. It has symbol support, shadows / blur effect support, fonts autosearch at google fonts, and multiple elements selection. Works offline.

Icons8 Lunacy 64bit

Photo Viewers Freeware, On March 29, 2017 updated, downloaded 8 times.

jjxview 64bit 45.3MB for 64-bit systems
jjxview 64bit 1.12

view and edit images with much effects

JJXView is a freeware,support almost all image formats,view and edit images with abundant effects.it can adjust image brightness,contrast,gamma,color balance and much other image parameters.It can also cut,copy,paste,print images. it has a image files explorer.

jjxview 64bit 64bit

Photo Viewers Freeware, On May 31, 2017 updated, downloaded 9 times.

Ez-Architect Tablet 12.65MB for 64-bit systems
Ez-Architect Tablet 9.0

Home design software for Windows

Home design software for PCs with Vista or Windows 7, 8, 10 and dual-boot Macs with Vista or Windows 7, 8, 10 installed; makes floor plans a real snap--very easy to use. Fractional Inches and Fractional Feet and Inches can now be selected as Drawing Units. New door tool opens walls so you can add doors or windows. Version 9 is touch screen compatible and works on Windows Surface and Windows Tablets.

Ez-Architect Tablet 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On March 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 17 times.

Usability Studio 18.29MB for 64-bit systems
Usability Studio 5.1.1709.2601

What do users feel when visiting your site?

Nobody wants incomprehensible websites and programs. Users experience difficulties when using them, and the developers bear financial losses. But these products were supposed to bring a lot of good to both. The solution is to run a usability testing. Usability Studio 5.1.1709.2601 is the tool that helps you do that high-quality and inexpensive.

Usability Studio 64bit

Capturing Desktop Shareware, On November 6, 2017 updated, downloaded 6 times.

ACDSee Photo Editor 1.48MB for 64-bit systems
ACDSee Photo Editor 10.0.46

Your creative environment...

Cut straight to the creative part with this dedicated image adjustment and layered editing software. ACDSee Photo Editor 10.0.46 10 boasts the 64-bit power to actualize the original graphics, polished photography, and compelling art imagery you've been envisioning. Enhance photos with pixel-based editing tools, precision targeting, hundreds of filters and adjustments, drawing elements, and much more.

ACDSee Photo Editor 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On February 22, 2017 updated, downloaded 9 times.

Kids Frames 10.86MB for 64-bit systems
Kids Frames 2.0

Kids frames - funny photo frames.

Kids Frames 2.0 - funny photo frames. Vidget- decoration for your desktop. Put a photo of your child on the computer screen. A lot of photo frames to choose from. Versatile, colorful, cartoon characters, flowers and many others. Run the widget, press the open button, select a photo of your child. And a photo of your child is automatically inserted in the photo frame. Select a photo frame that you like it. Flip through a photo frame.

Kids Frames 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On January 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 9 times.

TwistedBrush Tree Studio 40.09MB for 64-bit systems
TwistedBrush Tree Studio 1.14

2D tree creation

TwistedBrush Tree Studio 1.14 is a product born from TwistedBrush Pro Studio but with a focus on 2D tree creation with a simpler, streamlined interface. Internally the same great TwistedBrush brush engine is used but with a single focus of making it easy to create trees of specific types. Tree Studio has pairs of brushes for each tree type. One for the frame and one for the leaves.

TwistedBrush Tree Studio 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On January 3, 2017 updated, downloaded 7 times.

Blend4Web Community Edition 1298.26MB for 64-bit systems
Blend4Web Community Edition 17.08

Framework for creating 3D Web experience

Blend4Web is a business ready solution which allows you to create a wide range of 3D web applications with maximum efficiency whether you are involved in showcasing products, e-learning, game development, advertising or web design. The solution is recognized around the world and extensively used by the best brands such as NASA, Dassault, General Electric, Verison, Yandex and others.

Blend4Web Community Edition 64bit

Picture Editors Freeware, On September 11, 2017 updated, downloaded 26 times.

TwistedBrush Blob Studio 29.62MB for 64-bit systems
TwistedBrush Blob Studio 1.21

2.25D object creation

TwistedBrush Blob Studio 1.21 is a product born from TwistedBrush Pro Studio but with a focus on creation of individual objects that you might use in other Pro Studio or other art software and with a simpler, streamlined interface. The Blob brushes allow you to model and shape your objects and then paint them with the included brushes with the results being crisp lines you might see in illustration software but without the need to mask anything.

TwistedBrush Blob Studio 64bit

Picture Editors Shareware, On January 3, 2017 updated, downloaded 7 times.

CapturePlus 3.64MB for 64-bit systems
CapturePlus 1.1

Capture screenshots and edit images.

Easy-to-use screen capture tool that supports various capture and editing functions and compatible with Windows XP and above up to Windows 7, 8, 10 version, and supports 20+ image formats(png, jpg, gif, tif, psd, pdf, hdp) and dual monitor.

CapturePlus 64bit

Capturing Desktop Freeware, On January 25, 2017 updated, downloaded 8 times.

DeskCam Screen Recorder 4.02MB for 64-bit systems
DeskCam Screen Recorder 1.7

Full screen desktop video capture

Full screen desktop and window video capture makes high quality videos with sound from a microphone in WMV, Windows Media Video Format. Just plug in a microphone and start the program and click record. Easy to use with settings preconfigured to make recording desktop videos quickly and easily. Great for making WMV files that are accepted by YouTube. Makes 15 second video samples until a program key is entered that can be purchsed online.

DeskCam Screen Recorder 64bit

Capturing Desktop Shareware, On January 19, 2017 updated, downloaded 10 times.

Xara Web Designer Premium 90.14MB for 64-bit systems
Xara Web Designer Premium 12.6.2

Powerful WYSIWYG web design software.

Create your own website with this WYSIWYG web design software that gives you total design freedom, absolutely no HTML or JavaScript skills required. Create your own designs from scratch or simply choose one of the professionally designed page or site templates, customize it as required with easy drag and drop editing (text, graphics, photos, widgets, animations) and one-click theme color change, and upload to your site (free 2GB hosting included)

Xara Web Designer Premium 64bit

Graphics Extensions Shareware, On August 2, 2017 updated, downloaded 14 times.

BPT-Pro for Win 3.22MB for 64-bit systems
BPT-Pro for Win 4.512

2D-CAD plugin for Illustrator with 19 tools

Adobe Illustrator becomes a highly functional 2D-CAD program with 8 kinds and 19 different tools, all accessible through Illustrator tool box and a convenient information palette. You can easily draw dimensions of objects with free curved lines, and measure everything from a segment of an object, to the object itself, and even a group of objects. "Object numbering too", "commenting tool" and automatic updating function are newly added.

BPT-Pro for Win 64bit

CAD & Vector Graphics Shareware, On January 13, 2017 updated, downloaded 7 times.

Christmas Photo Frames 16.4MB for 64-bit systems
Christmas Photo Frames 2.0

Christmas photo frames - decoration desktop.

Christmas Photo Frames 2.0 - decoration desktop. When entering a new year, decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree, hang garland. To decorate your computer, you do not need to hang on his paper snowflakes. Widget for your desktop - Christmas Photo Frames 2.0 - will decorate your desktop. Just upload a photo of a loved one, choose a beautiful photo frame from the collection. In our program, more than 100 photo frames! For every taste!

Christmas Photo Frames 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On November 9, 2016 updated, downloaded 11 times.

Love Photo Frames 15.58MB for 64-bit systems
Love Photo Frames 2.0

Love photo frames - love in the frame.

Love Photo Frames 2.0 - love in the frame. Love Photo Frames 2.0 - widget for your desktop. Be on the desktop picture of a loved one in a beautiful design. Widget contains a variety of beautiful photo frames on the theme of love . (flower photo frames, wedding photo frames, photo frames for Valentine's Day) Specify your photo, select the photo frame and drag anywhere on the desktop. You can also choose the scale widget.

Love Photo Frames 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On November 4, 2016 updated, downloaded 10 times.

Cards Photo Frames 11.21MB for 64-bit systems
Cards Photo Frames 2.0

Cards Photo Frames - widget for decoration.

Cards Photo Frames 2.0 - widget for decoration. Who is your favorite person is like a jack of hearts? Put his picture on your desktop. In a beautiful card framed photo of your loved one will decorate your desktop. Select any photo frame - map - ranging from deuce of clubs, ending Ace of Hearts! Be anywhere in the desktop, adjust the scale, press the corresponding button on the menu. Now the widget will be run every time you turn on your computer.

Cards Photo Frames 64bit

Photo Organizers Freeware, On November 7, 2016 updated, downloaded 10 times.

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